[H] Endurance looking for more! 6/8H Eternal Palace

Our previous thread is here if you want to get more context: [H] Endurance is recruiting!

The short of it is: we are around, we are planning on clearing Eternal Palace on heroic for the curve, and we are looking for more to join us. We are a little thin on the ground at the moment - Crucible chased many people away from the game - but we have been clearing all previous tiers fairly efficiently, so I wouldn’t expect this to go any different. We’ve cleared first 6 on normal this Wednesday, so if you join us before Monday you still get a chance to see Azshara, before diving into heroic.

If you’re still playing Horde, on LB/Maz, give us a shout.

Bump, we are still looking for moar, currently on 7/8 HC with some nice try’s on the Queen. Come fight with us and get your Curve.

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