[H] Endurance looking for more

Here’s our previous thread if you want to find out a bit more about the guild.

The short of it is: We have been clearing heroics thorough this expansion (in about 5 resets on average), repeating the final boss kill couple more times, then taking a break until the next tier is out. The game has become very seasonal, and very little progress carries over between patches, so it’s hard to justify staying subscribed continuously, but we still enjoy the challenge and the thrill of a new raid. While the patch is fresh, we’ll group up together for some M+ and other group content, to help ourselves get the leg up. Once the patch is less fresh, we’ll head off to play some other games instead. If that matches how you’d like to play the game, get in touch with myself, via Pjotroos#2222, or Mindy#2281.

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