[H] [EU] [Draenor] Suffering From Success - Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild

Founded towards the end of 2021, Suffering From Success is a Normal/Heroic raiding Guild that have been raiding since patch 9.1.5. We achieved SOD Normal 10/10 when the Guild was founded and have completed SOTFO Heroic 11/11. We plan to continue our raiding in season 4 and onwards into Dragonflight.

We do all levels of Mythic+ throughout the week to gear our current and new members of the Guild. We have a active Discord and expect our members to be on voice chat during raids. Raiders and socials from all backgrounds are more than welcome to join us. At the moment we are looking for ilvl 260+ Healers and DPS to fill in our raid spots.

Our raid nights and times are the same each week being SUN/TUES at 20:00 ST. Once this seasons Heroic FOS have been achieved we have further plans to keep the Guild active. If you have any questions please feel free to get in contact on Discord: Eliwood#8771 or /w Eliwood-Draenor in-game for more information.

Hey ho =) The Discord search fails on your nickname =(

Whoops sorry wrong character =)

Hey, cant find you with the discord tag, but me and my 2 friends (dps,dps,healer) would be interested in joining you guys. Will try and whisper you in game when youre online!

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