[H] [EU] [Tarren-Mill] - <Arrival> 9/9HC, 5/9m - LF Mage, healer, Rogue, DK. (3% Pull on Zskarn)

Hi all,

Arrival is a mythic raid team who achieved 7/8m in 10.0. We’re looking to bolster our roster in 10.1! We’re currently 9/9HC, 4/9m.

Could u fit in a ambitious tank?

We have no tank spots available unfortunately - sorry!

For anyone wondering - our recruitment has a priority on a Disc priest and Enhancement shaman currently.


I am a 371 evoker healer looking for a guild to raid with. I got cuting edge in castle natria and sanctum of domination and got 10/12m in selpucher. If you are still looking for a healer I would like to raid in your guild.

For sure we’d love to speak to you! You can join our discord here - discord.gg/6t9METvz6V. We will be in touch :slight_smile:

LF a Fury/Arms Warrior? Alot of great past experience in Legion and BfA and great logs.

Great guild, highly recommend! Been great at helping me gear through pre-season!

Heya :relaxed:

I’ve been raiding ever since 2004, had my dose of mythic raiding incl. 12/12M Ny’alotha which was my last full clear tier (almost got Sylvanas in 9.1 but for reasons beyond my understanding, that group decided to give up while being 1% away).

Now I intend on sticking by my 376 MM hunter through thick and thin, defying the meta and showing that it can be viable. Would you like to give me (and my puns) an Aimed shot?

If you’d like to chat first:

Are you still looking for dps? I’m a Havoc DH with mythic raid experience from Vanilla till BfA, recently returned and looking for a guild

Hi mate, unfortunately not sorry - our melee team is mostly full now.

We are now only recruiting healers - if you are interested, let us know!

Arrival is still recruiting. We are recruiting healers, so do let us know if you are interested!

We’re now 2/8 HC and still require a healer or two and RDPS.

Hi mate! Hows a spot for a holy paladin looking? Currently 382 ilvl 7/8N 1/8HC

Hey! Yep we need Hpalas for sure, if you join our discord -discord.gg/6t9METvz6V we can have a chat with you sometime today :slight_smile:

Sounds great!

Still looking for a heal spot? Can play most healers optimally 90+ parses. Currently maining an evoker. 7/8 normal 1/8 hc

Hey mate, yes we are as we need to flesh out our Mythic healing team, the more the merrier. If you also join that discord above - we can have a chat at some point today.

Discord is here: discord.gg/6t9METvz6V