[H] [EU] [Tarren-Mill] - <Arrival> 9/9HC, 5/9m - LF Mage, healer, Rogue, DK. (3% Pull on Zskarn)

stell looking for healer

We are now 1/8M (5% pull on Council!)

We are still recruiting the following classes:

Disc/Holy Priest,
Unholy/Frost Deathknight

We are now 2/8M. Please message if you are interested =)

Still looking for a disc priest ? :slight_smile:

We certainly are yes! You can find the discord link above - join that and I’ll give you a message :slight_smile:

We have now paused recruitment as our roster is full, thanks =)

We are now recruiting the following classes:

Tank (offtank).

In addition to the above, we are also recruiting an exceptional healer. Please get in touch =)

Heyo im a tank player who would like to get in touch with you guys!

Disc: a4papier#3255

Hi mate, unfortunately our 3rd tank spot has now been taken but happy to have a chat regardless. Upto you =)

We are now 3/8M and are still considering exceptional players.

We are looking for a Warlock currently =)

any chance for a 414 DH havoc?

Hey I´m a 410 Warlock, would love to get in touch with you guys :slight_smile:

Character Name is: Lockimoz-Tarren Mill

Discord: Decimo Z#5204

Unfortunately not, we have 4 havoc dhs already unfortunately.

we will be in touch :slight_smile:

We are now recruiting a second preservation evoker for our roster. If you feel you would be a good fit get in touch.

We are still requiring a healer for our main team. 7% pull on Sennarth - will most likely be 4/8m on Monday =)

We are now 4/8m. Get in touch if you are interested.

We are after a new shiny Shadow priest =). Please also get in touch if you think you are an exceptional player.