(H) <Freeze> new guild recruiting

Hi Freeze is a new guild run by a group of friends that have played together for a number of years. We have all mythic raiding experience in the past. We are looking to build a guild that likes to have a laugh whilst raiding but also get down to it and clear content efficiently.

Our aim is to clear heroic and get as far into mythic as we can when we have a stable team

Raid days will be Thursday / Sunday 20:30-23:00st

We expect raiders to have almost 100% attendance as it is only a 5 hour a week raid schedule, obviously real life crops up some times which is fine just let us know on our discord ect.

we are currently recruiting 1 tank most dps classes and healers.
We also like to try and push keys a few nights a week so mythic+ players also welcome.

If this sounds like the place for you get in touch on discord joHn#3141
Bnet dognoah29#2879 thanks.

Still looking for a tank and ranged dps starting to raid thursday

Still looking for some ranged dps and a demon hunter and 1 paladin or priest healer

Team almost full now still need a dh and a mage or lock

still recruiting in need of a tank also now hc raiding starts tomorow

still recruiting some decent dps melee or ranged

are you guys still looking for a dh tank? 207 vengeance dh with 4/10 hc and 10/10 normal

10/10 Mythic NYA BM Hunter and 10/10 HC and 2/10 Mythic BM Hunter for Nathria. Rerolled to a druid but can offer both classes as both are geared. Would be dragging my fellow friend who is a DH Tank or Ele/Enchance Sham depending on raid needs. Both of us have extensive and long raiding backgrounds and are looking for a forever home. Added you on BNET please get back to us <3

hi guys yes we can fit you guys all in. sorry needlefire resend your friend request i think i deleted it by mistake