(H) <Infestation> (Draenor ) 12/12H / 3/12M Recruiting

Infestation is recruiting for Shadowlands
Looking for loyal, skilled players to move as far as possible into mythic, to form a solid raid team in preparation for shadowlands.

Current Raid
Ny’alotha, The Waking City 12/12H / 3/12M

Past Raid
The Eternal Palace - 8/8HC 3/8M

Classes looking for

If you`re class is not above but think you have something to bring to the table please still feel free to apply

Raid Days
Wednesday 8pm – 11pm CET
Sunday 8pm – 11pm CET

About Us – Infestation is collaboration of like-minded people, some of whom have been friends & raided together for years who wanted to raid and game in a friendly, mature(ish), fun and non-toxic environment. The guild consists of different ages and nationalities, we welcome anyone who shares the enjoyment of wow weather you are a veteran of the game or a newcomer, avid raider or a social altoholic. Please be aware we are an over 18’s guild only.

What we are looking for from raiders-

· You should be a mature friendly individual with a sense of humour and the ability to take constructive criticism and guidance.

· Be able to dedicate enough time for raiding 85% attendance and sign up on a calendar.

· Knowledge and understanding of your main spec is a must, ability of having a playable offspec is a high bonus.

· Being able to communicate on discord is a must.

· Able to research and understand boss tactics (Heroic and mythic).

· Be appropriately geared for raiding including gems and enchants.

we are looking for like-minded people who share our commitment to progressing as far as we can and having fun while doing current content. Cutting Edge is something we will be striving for in up and coming raids.`

What we offer as a guild-

· Friendly and non-toxic guild environment suitable for raiders and socials

· Active discord comms outside of raid time all are welcome to join for a chat & a few laughs

· M+ runs for mains and alts, pushing a key or trying to get a trinket for someone’s alt.

· Occasional hot pvp action…random BG’s for honorable kills.

· Mount & Achievement runs, not always a regular thing but if you need a hand just ask, as most of the old content can be soloed.

If you have any questions about raiding with us or the guild in general please feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Guild Master- yourfate#2404

Officer- Tehya#2187

Very welcoming to all including socials and Alts

Looking for a few more raiders for 8.3

We are currently trying to expand our social side to the guild we do a weekly heroic run and socials are more than welcome just add me or a officer above on bnet if you are looking for a new home

currently recruiting for 8.3 socials and mythic+players more than welcome

Still looking for certain players to fill our roster

Always welcome socials and M+ players, last few dps trial raid spots open for 8.3

still looking for a few more to fill our roster

Hi there,

I’ve added the three of you in-game. Would love to have chat about possibly joining Infestation.

Hello all,

I would love to join as a social member (and my alts if possible :slight_smile: ).

Used to be hardcore raider few years ago (Nax times… as main tank and Dragon Soul as ench Shaman) but nowadays I mostly enjoy logging doing casual stuff.
I do not have any issue with my current guild but most of the times (99%) I’m the only one online.
Would be nice to go to an active guild before I start chatting with myself in guild chat :joy:.

Thank you.

hey you are more than welcome to join as a social just add yourfate#2404 on bnet

looking for last few to fill the roster

we still have spaces open for certain classes below to fill the roster

Holy Paladin
(Paladin Retribution)
(Shaman) High Dps with Healer off spec (preferred)

Still recruiting
Looking For

Mage Fire
Hunter BM
Ret Pally
DH Havoc
Rogue Assa
Priest DD
Monk WW
Druid Balance
Warrior DD

We are looking for these last classes to strengthen our roster

Classes looking for

Mage Fire (Very High)
Hunter BM (Very High)
DK (High)
Ret Pally (High)
DH Havoc (High)
Priest DD (High)
Druid Balance (High)
Resto Shaman (High)

Looking for more Ranged DPS if you think you would be suited to our guild to push mythic raids add one of us above on bnet

We are now making a Team B for heroic read above for more info

Raid spot has become available in mythic team, preferably ranged

Currently Recruiting for the mythic team look above in team A for what we are looking for

Currently looking to bolster our amazing roster come and be part of something more than just a guild be part of a community

Holy Pally (Very High)
Resto Shaman (very High)
Mage Fire (Very High)
Hunter BM (Very High)
DK (High)
Priest DD (High)
Druid Balance (High)
Resto Shaman (High)