[H] LF M Raiding Guild

Hi there me and some friends are looking for a guild preferably with Mythic raiding progression we’re all currently 2/10M and have some experience on M Hungering Destroyer

Blood DK
Resto Shammy
Holy/Ret Pala
BM Hunter

You can Contact me on Discord: Moshingfox#7561

Hi Benn!

So we are at the same progression as you pretty much identically and we have some spaces, Fitting in a tank and 3 healers into a mythic group is never going to be easy. However we do have space for 1 Healer Plus 2 Flex Healer/DPS and one Flex DPS/Tank and ofcourse you on your hunter we also have space for.

If your interested hit me back and we can chat more about it.

P.s. I will also message you on discord.


Hi all of you :slight_smile:

Would love to speak with you more.

Please have a read of our guild post and let us know if it interests you.
My battletag is Psykick06#2401


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