[H] Lux Aeterna - Deathwing (connected realm) is looking for more

We are Lux Aeterna, a horde guild on Deathwing (connected realm).

Keywords: non-toxic, non-elitist, fun, comfortable place for everyone no matter how they play the game or how often. We are a social, leveling, dungeon (all sorts of but a lot of keys) and in the near future raiding guild.

Most of us experience the game getting more and more toxic and elitist, leaving people out that want to play the game to their own wishes or at their own pace. Not everyone has the time or opportunity to go hardcore since some have real lives, school, work, kids etc. This is insane and it should not be like that.

We aim to be that guild that feels safe for everyone. There are experienced raiders and keyrunners among us, myself included, who are able to help anyone on their way IF that is their wish. All in a safe setting without foul name calling and shaming. We run lower and higher keys. Do we make it in time? Wonderful, did we miss the timer? So what? We had fun. Next time better luck. That’s how we roll.

The same feeling we want to create for our future raids. Everyone should be able to raid. Learn your class, get help learning it and the rest will come by itself.

Don’t feel insecure, less than another, in doubt that maybe you can’t play everyday, just hook me up for a chat and I’m sure we can be the right place for you. As long as you handle a good gaming etiquette and behavior all will be fine.

You can find me on discord: Ishy#9200

As for today: may the vault-gods be in favor of you and all your alts :slight_smile:

“I have been sent this link to reply to & also sent you a discord request”


Im 32 Male from South UK.

I am a long time returning player from Vanilla around 10 years ago.

I have never got to end game, but am mostly looking to complete most of the quest acheivements & learn lore. Gearing up & raiding will come I guess.
Looking for a mature guild that appreciates not everyone is a great player straight out the box!

Have not roleplayed, but would be interested if it was something the guild required.

I am thinking to level a tank main as well as a holy priest, so can be a good help in raids in future.

Can do discord, but not always able to be on mic, due to baby, but can arrange if raiding/dungeons etc.


Hello :).

You would be most welcome to our place. We don’t have many requirements. Play the game the way you have fun out of it and have a good gaming etiquette. We are a lovely group of people who are always game for some fun etc.

If you have more questions add me on discord. We can type so your baby doesn’t wake up from us. Oh, and we like babies :D.

Cheers, Ishy