[H] M+ non toxic pushing community


Since I haven’t found any really active M+ push community (I know only one, and that is on Ally side), I decided to make one. It is still “in the making” so not many people have joined, but I hope that will change in time.
The main goal is to push keys without being toxic, elitist jerk or rage quitter. Since it is pushing community I would like for people to have at least 1000-1100 rating but that is not strictly enforced. Goal is also to do only 15+ keys, but for start it is +12-+13 keys (there is a section for lower keys, so people can advertise their lower keys there).

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Hello Draak,
I am a 1.2k rio tank and I am interrested. You can contact me on my Btag: Lacenaire#1874



Ye, sure. And in the meantime feel free to join by using link on my original post :slight_smile: