(H) Noted 4/10M Recruiting for core roster

Noted is a semi-Hardcore guild thats recruiting dedicated and Loyal raiders for our core roster

We are a guild with high expectations that is aiming to progress through current content.We are looking for dedicated, reliable and skilled players to make our raid-team as strong as possible.

We are a friendly and welcoming Guild and we do understand that mistakes happen in raids, as such verbal abuse of any kind to a fellow guild member will not be tolerated.

Raid times (Realm Time):
Wednesday - 20:00-23:00(After progress it will only be the 2 days below for reclear)
Thursday- 20:00-23:00 (hc/mythic main progress day)
Monday - 20:00-23:00 (hc/mythic main progress day)

Currently recruiting:

We do not accept trials without Cutting Edge.

Currently open for all class applications for Shadowlands

Even if your class/spec is not listed above will still welcome all applications.

Requirements for Joining:
-95 % attendance
-English speaking
-Have a mic and be vocal
-A healthy attitude towards gearing/improving your character and knowledge towards your class and current raid

We are looking for players who can, more often than not, raid all three regular raid days (real life happens, we get it). Also, if you can’t handle being sat as part of a fair raiding rotation or for very specific comp reasons on progress kills, then we aren’t the right guild for you.

Contact us:
https://-guildsofwow.com/noted (remove the - )

GM: Wïtkind

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Progress Update 5/12m Still in need of main tanks and dps/healers

Progress update 6/12m

Progress update 7/12m

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Progress update 8/12m; First night on ra-den and kill within 28 pulls (including resets) good job + 30% Drest’agath on 2nd pull in progression

Carapace will soon be licking the floor!

Highly in need of a Resto shaman for N’zoth progress, Please only apply if you know you can make the healing cut for end raid tier progress!

With the N’zoth kill around the corner we are reopening our application to the guild for all classes/spec! Currently looking for Dedicated and loyal players that can make our raid days and times without any issues causing them to be gone for a month or more (Ofc live issues dont count Live before wow)

Please make use of our application system on Guilds of wow, you can find the link on wowprogress or above on the first post.

Currently for N’zoth we are still open for a Disc/Rshaman


if you guys are Looking for a healer for SL feel free to Pop me a DM. Puza#2495
Mained resto Shaman this Expansion, would like to continue as it, I also have a Hpala and a Rdruid as back up.
9/12 mythic Progression before the Guild stopped raiding.

ignore that haha - ill apply via website posted im on a diff server


Thank you for all the applications you guys made! Just wanna let you guys know here as well that the reviewing of your application might take abit longer because of the mass amount of apps we got.


If you’re still looking for capable mates, you might want to check us out?

Please add me in Discord for a chat! Contact info in my own post.


Still recruting?

Bump: Progress update

Looking for some big DK/Hunter pumpers (Other classes still considered)

Progress update

Recruitment update

Applications open for all roles and classes

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