[H] [Ragnaros] 377 arms warrior/377 havoc dh looking for semi-casual raiding guild for BoD



As the title mentions, I am looking for a guild to raid the latest tier.
I am not fussed about the experience level of the guild, and am definitely happy to help a guild grow and train players, possibly including myself x). I’m looking for a guild that has a stable and relaxed environment and is equal parts fun outside and inside raid. Additionally, would prefer players to be english speaking as am from London myself, and (big shock) can’t speak european languages
Experience wise, I begun raiding in SoO as a tank, then transitioned into DPS in WoD, playing fury warrior and marksman hunter. I took a large break from the game after blackrock foundry, returning briefly to clear Heroic nighthold, and then again quitting until the release of BoA. This expansion, I have 8/8 hc and 2/8m (uldir) with 1% attempts on zekvoz back when I raided - the guild I raided with from the start unfortunately became very inactive around november due to the state of the game and so I didn’t progress much further outside of pugs.
Thanks for reading my essay of a forum post and feel free to hit me with a pm direct for warcraftlogs of each character !

BNET: aCryingWhale#2597


no clue why it posted from dotshot, should have been this char

(Shaddel) #3

hey dude were interested, take a look at this post and let me know, via battleswag or through the recruitment form

(Tyrien) #4

Hey! As a fellow Londoner, I think you would really enjoy our guild , sounds like just what you are after. And we are especially keen on recruiting a warrior/DH.

We are a chilled, 2/8M guild, been around since the end of MoP on Magtheridon (Horde). Our guild is a healthy mixture of top bants and focus when needed. Currently recruiting for Dazar Alor.

I added you on battle net for a little chat but in the meantime, you might be interested to check out our website - www.mutinyeu.com

And we also have a recruitment video! - www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVDlIkX6lps

Here is our other recruitment post - https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-mutiny-be-our-next-mutineer/6982

(Webby) #5

Hey dude,
We’re looking for a warrior dps, add me if you’re interested - Webb#1499


Hey man! If you are willing to transfer to another server we have a guild that is looking for dps atm to our raiding core to the new content. We are pushing m+ together, 2 days a week raiding etc etc. Add me on battlenet if it sounds good