(H) Rdruid wants a home

TL:DR - Old school ilvl215 resto druid (30+) looking for a heroic guild to get AoTC and must have a good M+ community for KSM. NOT going to play boomkin, I hate DPSing.

Alright if you’re still here, hello!
As i’ve kinda said above i’m looking for a new home for my druid. I re-rolled from a disc priest this expansion due to really not liking the attonement mechanic any more, bring back shield spam! Aaaaanyway, i’m looking for a horde guild where I can be part of a chill raiding group, hopefully one that’s friendly too :wink: I’ve been playing since the launch of TBC, having gone from high end hardcore raiding to a much more casual approach.

I’m looking for to get AoTC (currently 9/10hc) and KSM this season again. Pugging M+ is an absolutely disgusting experience in general so I avoid it like the plague.

If your guild is in need of a quality resto druid, and also does M+ on the side, please leave me a message


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Hey there.Add Fao#21189 for a chat ingame.Got some questions for you.

Thanks, i’ll add you when i get home from work tomorrow :smiley:


Give us a look and if you’re interested add me on bnet


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Hey bud, thanks for posting. I’ll add you tomorrow for a chat, take care.

Hi there. If you’re still looking please check us out as I think we’d be a good fit for you, although on a different server from you :frowning:

Would love to have a chat with you, either through battle.net or Discord (Nerz#2932)