(H) Resto druid LF latenight Guild 21:00+

Resto druid with experience on multiple healer characters since vanilla LF late night guild (21:00+) as I have a young child. Currently on Kazzak, but would transfer for the right guild, have raided with CE guild but had to step away due to early raid timings. Happy to talk and link logs to any potential suitors. Speak soon.

Hello there,
Nocturnal Supremacy is a very late night raiding guild. Raiding 1am-4am 3 times a week. Guild as active most days from 9pm onwards

Hey Pebrd! :slight_smile:

Maybe see if TheNightShift is a good fit for you?

Feel free at add me on B-net to chat or if you would rather chat on discord that can be arranged too! I look forward to hearing from you!