[H-RP] Keepers of Antiquity - Adventuring and Exploration Await!

You just gotta watch out for the bone Troll.

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Can a guild legally have more than one goblin?


Absolutely! We’ll just… hide the papers. It’s all Bugs wanted for Christmas and alas, it has yet to come true! :frowning:

We do indeed have a Troll who deems himself the Prophet of Bones… We accept no responsibility on any inaccurate prophecies!

Yes, but don’t let the Ministry of RP know I told you that. It’s an open secret.

Love the concept! :smiley:

Hope to go tomb raiding with you in the wild sometime !

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Thank you Kaitylinn! I see a Devils’ Keeper arc in our future! :eyes:

In other news, I would like to welcome our latest addition, Arcanist Faelyssra! Our first of the noble Shal’dorei was immediately swept up in some riddle solving alongside some of our Blood Elven members. All in preparation for a Shaman’s ritual to discern the true purpose of that strange totem!

The Keepers remain at Desolation Hold in the Southern Barrens and are hard at work finishing up their riddle solving and collecting what they think they might need for the Shaman’s ritual. Just for fun, here are the clues the elemental gifted them with solving around the Barrens. Any ideas?

Old hatreds sparked into flame… Who was innocent and who was to blame?

The land still bears these fearsome scars… Ash from the flames still lingers not too far.

A place of refuge on the road… For travellers to lighten their load…

A vicious plot and a dark turn… Saw this place fall and burn…

Searching this place that was once for rest… Is where you’ll find the answer to this test.

Ash of hate and ash of lies. When both combine, the truth will arise.

A barren land full of strife, yet even here are signs of life.

The land and water share a bond, with river, lake and even pond.

Some say this is the Earth Mother’s tear, some are far yet this one is near.

The Earth Mother’s children did once live… Until an attack they could not forgive.

Souls and homes all left behind… Yet where the air spins, her sorrow you will find.

A tear of nurture and a tear of sorrow… These are the two we will need to borrow.

Agamaggan’s children rage and fight… A fierce force from day to night…

They snare and trap, fuelled by hunger and lust… Nothing is safe, not even a gust…

Free my kin from the tangle and their woeful fate… A gift it will grant you, if you are not too late…

Stalwart people once made of stone… In the mountains here built a home…

Beside it lies a chasm of lore… Their people dug to seek out more…

Find the pillar that to the sky ascends… For the tablet atop it is where your search ends.

Wind of protection and wind of old. A sample from each, we must hold.

For the time being, recruitment remains open for a couple more active characters rather than alts. We’ll be looking to close our doors again shortly while our new faces get settled in so do reach out if you’re interested!


Things have progressed nicely and we’re nearing the end of our first expedition arc! Soon we’ll have a decision ahead about where to set our sights for our second long-term adventure… but before that we’ll hopefully get some rest in Orgrimmar!

That’s still in the future, however, as we’re only just about to enter the final leg of our journey - Dustwallow Marsh!

With their hunt around the Southern Barrens for the solution to their riddles concluded, the Keepers succeeded in aiding the local Shaman with a second ritual.

By offering ashes found at the remnants of a battle site and the burned down Shady Rest Inn, the spirit within the totem accepted The Keepers’ offering of fire.

After a mishap with some soup offered by Serad’muhn, Steelbreaker stepped forth to offer water from a nearby pond and from the ruins of Taurajo. The spirit accepted these drops as their offering of water.

Finally, Aendor offered two feathers - one grey and old and the other coated in blood from a fierce battle of freeing a flying creature from the Quillboar’s grasp. This served as their offering of wind, which was accepted by the spirit as well.

The Shaman provided the offering of earth which was promptly accepted and four elementals rose from the totem. They were similar in appearance to the fierce, affinity-shifting elemental that the Keepers had faced, only they were much smaller. The Shaman revealed that these elemental spirits had been bound against their will to the totem and forced to try and prevent a group of travellers from making it to Desolation Hold by a Dwarven woman.

It is unknown if this woman practises Dark Shamanism or something else… Nor is it clear if The Keepers are the group she sought to hinder. Either way, both the Shaman and the elementals bid The Keepers to take care with the final leg of their expedition.

In exchange for helping free them from their binds, the elementals offered their aid to The Keepers through the use of the totem. It would, however, mean sacrificing their freedom to the totem once more in order to be called upon in a time of need. Though the elementals were willing to do this for their new-found friends, The Keepers opted instead to sever their ties to the totem and free them from it, instead allowing them to return to the local land.

The Shaman thanked the group for their work in assisting the elementals with their troubles and warned them once more of the danger they may face. With their investigation concluded, The Keepers now have their sights set on finally making it to Dustwallow Marsh and acquiring Onyxia’s Talon at last.

Once we’ve wrapped up our efforts in the search of Onyxia’s Talon, we’ll start brainstorming our next adventure! Will we be headed elsewhere on Kalimdor? Or perhaps this adventure will take us across the seas? Northrend, Pandaria, The Eastern Kingdoms, Zandalar… Even the Dragon Isles! We could be going anywhere and we’re still eager for some active characters to join us for the journey! :slight_smile:


Our adventure continued this evening as we finally set off for Dustwallow Marsh, accompanied by our latest two additions! Big welcomes to Nalashaa and Kurosai, we’re so glad to have you both along for our adventures!

Setting off from Desolation Hold in the early evening, The Keepers soon descended into the humid and sticky Dustwallow Marsh. Their destination was the Ogre village of Brackenwall which would, hopefully, serve as their final stop in their search for Onyxia’s Talon.

Overwhelmed by the rotten stench of the swamp, The Keepers made their way down the dirty, sticky side path towards Brackenwall, noticing a rather surprising amount of cobweb littering the trees and path ahead. Soon enough, they found themselves descended upon by three overgrown spiders hiding in the treetops.

A swift and precise battle took place with The Keepers dispatching the arachnids with ease. Combining blade, staff, claw, magic and even plague, the spiders fell before the adventuring group and they were free to continue on, being harshly greeted by some of the village’s guards.

After convincing the Ogre duo Durk and Gurk to allow them entry, The Keepers found themselves having a very similar conversation with the Ogre duo Turk and Burk. Deja vu, anyone?

Once Ogres had been convinced of the group’s efforts, they were allowed entry into the village and have set up camp once more. Now they look to seek out clues on the location of Onyxia’s Talon so they can retrieve the blade once and for all.

Will they seek out a Goblin that went missing during the study of overgrown spiders to the north? Apparently he was boasting of a draconic discovery just days before…

Or will they seek out the mythical Witch of the Swamp, a woman who apparently knows all there is to know within the Marsh?

Or perhaps they will investigate rumours of a certain Dwarven woman colluding with the Grimtotem in Blackhoof Village. Could it be the same woman who tried to foil their efforts in The Barrens?

Once their path has been chosen, their hunt for the Talon continues!

Recruitment remains open for a few more active characters before we will close our doors once more! Our first expedition has nearly come to an end. Who knows where we will set off to next? Come along with us!


Our time in Dustwallow has already proven to be a busy period. A new recruit sought out The Keepers and joined them in their hunt for the fabled Witch of the Marsh.

After meeting the Tauren Sonnatea who opted to pledge herself to The Keeper’s cause, the evening saw Luhk, Isara, Kurosai, Rae’theas, Aendor and the new recruit head north into the marsh in search of the mysterious Witch.

Their search seemed to be fruitless until, somehow, she was peering over their shoulders from behind. After confirming that the muck-covered Troll with rotten teeth was indeed the Witch, The Keepers asked for her aid with finding Onyxia’s Talon after discovering she had already aided a certain Dwarven woman.

Reluctant at first, she decided to agree to their request in exchange for offerings for the Marsh. From Rae’theas, she requested locks of his golden hair. From Isara, the cold breath of death. From Aendor, the Farstrider’s sharpest arrow. Finally, from Kurosai and Sonnatea, she requested their spit and blood.

With the offerings collected, she claimed the marsh had guided The Keepers and her work was done. Feeling as though they wasted their evening, The Keepers returned to Brackenwall Village to think of their next step.

During the night, however, those who had given an offering and had been dubbed a ‘Child of the Marsh’ found themselves having a rather poor experience. Suffering from fever-like symptoms and horrid nightmares of dragon fire and screaming ogres, perhaps there was more to the Witch’s words than they originally thought.

Now The Keepers look to discuss their next steps around the campfire. Are these nightmares some kind of guidance?

They will need to discuss them swiftly, however, as something seems to have angered the Marsh… And it seems to be turning against them.

Excitement awaits as we build towards the finale of our first expedition! What is the goal of this mysterious Dwarven woman who keeps cropping up? Why has the Marsh suddenly turned against The Keepers…? And, of course, will they finally succeed in acquiring Onyxia’s Talon?


Luhk doesn’t want me to tell you this, but we don’t actually ever rp. It’s just one of Bugs’ hallucinations again.

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Shh! Don’t let the masses know!

…Funnily enough, speaking of hallucinations, The Keepers’ seemed to have shared a hallucination after their visit to the Witch of the Marsh.

Speaking around the campfire at Brackenwall, the group noticed that the Marsh seemed far quieter and darker than before. In fact, it was… oddly dark beyond the walls of the village. Pitch black and silent, as if the darkness wasn’t just a lack of light but a lack of… well, everything.

As their discussions continued, a vile smelling gust whipped around the camp and brought the laughter of the Witch along with it. She claimed that The Keepers had betrayed her and now the Marsh was going to punish them.

The inky blackness surrounding the village began to encroach upon the place. Ogres were disappearing into it, their panicked cries vanishing just as fast as their bodies as it drew closer and closer… and it brought threats that sought to end The Keepers!

A gigantic, red, vicious spider struck at The Keepers from the eastern gate while, soon after, a huge crocolisk joined its efforts from the western gate, pinning the adventurers in the middle.

The battle saw Bugs, Sonnatea, Nalashaa, Isara and Kurosai face off against the Crocolisk, using a mixture of nature, elemental, arcane and good old fashioned physical violence.

On the opposite side of the village, Omo Proudshot and Aendor fought valiantly to keep the giant spider at bay, leaning on their mastery of their weapons and the power of An’she.

After a hard-fought battle, the creatures were swallowed by the encroaching darkness once more. Still, despite their best efforts, it came closer and closer as Serad’muhn revealed that he had killed the Witch and this was her seeking vengeance.

One by one, The Keepers were swallowed by that inky blackness, finding themselves unable to see, hear, feel or smell anything. Lost in a blackened void, was this the end of the group…?

Serad’muhn had other plans, however, and by using the skull of the slain Witch, he called upon her spirit and forced it within the skull, trapping the vengeful woman inside.

With the Witch safely contained, The Keepers all found themselves blinking and standing around the fire once more. There was no sign of the battle that had taken place… Nor of any missing Ogres. Other than the fact Serad held a skull and the group were a little sweatier than before, it was as if the evening’s events didn’t take place at all…

Now, The Keepers have opted to pursue a concrete lead instead of relying on the Witch and her twisted ways. They seek to leave Brackenwall Village behind and head to Mudsprocket to question a Goblin about their Dwarven rival. Their travels bring them closer to Onyxia’s Talon as they head to the final stretch of their journey… Wyrmbog.

We’ve been having a lot of smelly fun in Dustwallow Marsh but our time here is drawing to a close! As we now approach the ‘finale’ of our expedition, our recruitment doors are closing for a time to give our first campaign a grand send-off. It’s been over a month, where does the time go!?

Once we are back to civilisation, we’ll look at potentially opening our doors once more for some fresh faces. That said, if you do find yourself in Dustwallow and bumping into us, don’t be shy! We don’t bite too much!

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Things grew a little hectic with our journey down to Mudsprocket. The Keepers found the corpse of their mysterious Dwarven rival, a dark stone etched with an odd symbol and massacred remnants of corrupted black drakonids. Trying to communicate with the sole survivor proved fruitless as it descended further into madness and tried to end the group with a lot of fire. So. Much. Fire.

The recovered stone seems to be of some import, considering the Dwarven woman was carrying it. Will it somehow serve them in their quest for Onyxia’s Talon?

The expedition comes to an end this weekend! Will The Keepers succeed with their first goal? At the very least, it will be nice to relax some back in Orgrimmar and The Crossroads from next week - and hopefully meet some potential new faces!

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The Keepers of Antiquity are back in Orgrimmar with the conclusion of our first expedition! We are now also open for recruitment once more and eager to get a few more active players within our ranks. We are open to all races and classes currently (except Death Knights due to our number). That said, we only intend for one or two additional Blood Elven members and would much prefer some of the other races that make up the Horde. We do love variety!

The Keepers set off from Mudsprocket with a spring in their step, eager to finally acquire their first artefact. Guided by the stone they found on the Dwarven woman’s corpse, the group was led on a small journey through the Wyrmbog. Finding themselves in the eastern reaches of the place, things started to take a turn when the ground beneath them gave way and they found themselves in a hidden, underground cavern.

The Keepers continued on but soon an air of paranoia took over. They pressed on, following a faint purple glow that seemed to guide them deeper and deeper. With each step through the underground cavern, however, the air became colder and things just felt… wrong.

Whispers began to echo in their ears and their minds. At first, The Keepers managed to shrug them off but things began to escalate as they made their way deeper into the dark depths.

Finally, they came across an altar and, resting atop it was their goal. A rather small blade, barely deserving of the title of sword, sat atop the pillar of stone. It was a blade of pitch black metal that pulsed with an eery, purple glow. Oddly enough, though it seemed to emit a light, the metal of the blade itself didn’t seem to reflect any. It was as if all light aimed towards it simply vanished.

Finding themselves before the blade, the whispering voice began to double its efforts. Before long, the group started to turn on each other as the unknown voice played on their individual minds and weaknesses. Some were reminded of their pasts that they would sooner forget. Others were tormented and mocked about their unknown future. A flurry of whispers of betrayal, torture and misery built up more and more and, soon enough, proved to become too much for some of The Keepers.

Allies momentarily became enemies as the influence of Onyxia’s Talon took hold. What started off as an argument soon devolved into full-blown fighting. Weapons were drawn, demons were summoned and wounds were inflicted as The Keepers turned on one another in the dimly lit cavern, the group even drawing blood from their allies.

In the end, one of them managed to claim the cursed blade which, with an expulsion of purple light and a harrowing scream, seemed to remove the corrupting influence that had taken hold of them… Though it didn’t undo their actions or take back their rage-fuelled words.

Onyxia’s Talon has been secured… But at what cost?

The finale saw The Keepers struggling with the corrupting influence of Onyxia’s Talon but they managed to persevere and claim the ancient relic. Now they have returned to Orgrimmar to see it sealed in a vault so that it’s dark power can never be used again… or until it can be cleansed of its corruption. A technical victory for the group but one that has come with some scarring!

For the time being, we’ll be around Orgrimmar and The Crossroads as we rest, recover and begin preparations for our next expedition. It’s a great time to get involved while we focus on tackling some local problems for extra coin, building up to the launch of our second chapter!

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The Keepers’ Expedition has officially concluded. Onyxia’s Talon is safely stored in a secure vault and the group appear to have survived its corruption!

The events of their expedition weigh heavily on the heart and mind of their leader, however, and after some thought Luhk Kinspeaker has declared he is no longer to fit the adventuring group, instead looking to serve as the group’s researcher and caretaker.

In his place, the Horde have arranged for a replacement! Though judging by the letter he has sent them to all, he isn’t quite what they were expecting or hoping for…

Lok’tar brothers and sisters of the Horde!

Long have I heard tales of your bravery and honour. Of your incredible conquests and accomplishments!

The Horde have sent word that your honourable leader, Lucky Pinpeeker, has stepped down from his position of leader.

It is with great honour that I rise to the occasion! As a loyal son of the Horde, I will do all in my power to uphold the great reputation of the Collectors of Antiques. I look forward to having you all work!

-SGT Pebblepinch

An IC leadership change aside, we are still in Orgrimmar for a time as we get to work on readying for our second expedition. We are still very eager to welcome some new faces, especially with some spaces opening up after our first expedition has come to an end. I’m happy to say that we currently have NO recruitment limits on classes or races, so whatever your concept might be to get involved, now’s a great time to let us know!

As always, if you see us out and about while RPing, please feel free to jump on in! We’ll hopefully see you all around Orgrimmar and the Crossroads!

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A big welcome to our latest members, Falyssra and Kiera! Having Nightborne named Faelyssra and Falyssra isn’t going to be confusing at all, I’m sure!

Meanwhile, several of The Keepers have met their newest leader and their initial reactions… uh, vary. In time, I’m sure they’ll all become a brilliant, solid team once more! Absolutely!

Planning for the second expedition is currently underway which will see The Keepers make their way north to the chilling lands of Northrend! With interests in Vrykul rune magic, Titan artefacts and even potential magical items left behind by powerful ranks within the Scourge, there is lots for them to pursure and explore up there.

Somehow, the coffers aren’t adding up and it seems, despite receiving their official funding, that The Keepers once more need to earn some coin to secure their supplies and travels for the adventures that await.

The next couple of weeks will see us remain around Orgrimmar (and The Crossroads at times) while we get ourselves the coin we need. Please do come and RP with us! We don’t bite, I promise! :slight_smile:

We’re also still looking for active characters who wish to join us on our adventures! Who knows what dangers await us in Northrend? We’re going to need all the help we can get!


This is a message from our new, but still green, leader. Brought to you by, well, me.

Yesterday evening saw The Keepers spending a relaxing tourist trip to Suramar, courtesy of Isara Mournflame’s coffers of coin.

Taking in the Shal’dorei finery, the group enjoyed a visit to the menagerie and the
vineyards before retiring to a small, private overlook that Lady Mournflame had booked for the evening.

An enjoyable evening was had by all (well, most) of the Keepers as they made their way around the city! It is uncertain if the same could be said for the Shal’dorei who live there, however.

Rumours have began to spread of a sickly looking Trolls stumbling into the animal enclosures, walking corpses stabbing knives into kegs of wine, sentient bears feasting upon the finest of foods, Sin’dorei with golden locks stumbling around in a drunken haze and an uncouth green child causing havoc wherever he goes.

At least they serve as bedtime stories to scare children to sleep.

Seriously, though. What do you expect when a ragtag band of the Horde head to quite possibly the fanciest place on Azeroth?

For the time being, we are still open for recruitment though we have had a few new faces join us in preparation for our second expedition. We’re ideally looking for active characters to help us spruce up our social/downtime RP outside of events, especially when we’re out up North! Campfires, side quests and team building-esque nights await!


My forum profile has finally fixed itself and I can reveal my true face at last!

I’d like to give a big welcome to our latest members, Lythidriel, Kohawi and Janec! It’s great to have the three of you with us. For the time being, we are still in Orgrimmar and intend to remain until next week. We have plans to visit The Crossroads, especially for their upcoming market, so you might see us out and about over the next week!

With an influx of new faces, the perfect opportunity for introductions to be made presented itself when a realisation about the coffers came to light. Sure, The Keepers had some gold to their name now - but it was nowhere near enough for their expedition to Northrend!

The Keepers had opted to assist Hughy with some kind of diving plan rather than getting into scraps with the Venture Company. Eyebrows were raised when a note suggesting they bring swimwear arrived from the Goblin, however.

Soon enough, the ragtag band were making their way down towards Thunder Ridge in Durotar. It had been some time since the place had been flooded with murky river water but according to ‘reliable’ sources, there were definitely treasures of value to be found down there!

After a very short safety talk about the corpses of Thunder Lizards still managing to discharge electrical currents (even twelve years later we guess), The Keepers utilised potions to extend their breath and dived down into the murky depths, seeing what they could find.

Overall, their evening of diving and digging proved to be a success, with the recovery of some jewellery, a golden tooth, a mysterious glowing gem, some axes with traditional Orcish engravings on the hilts and, of course, a shiny limited edition Thrall card from the Hearthstone TCG ™ that was thankfully preserved in some kind of plastic lining.

With the evening a success and the group proving they can (somewhat) work together, Pebblepinch now prepares a training exercise for them to see how well they can rely on each other in the midst of battle!

It is time… For KEEPERS KOMBAT!

We will now be closing our recruitment doors to allow our latest members to get settled in and for us to get a better idea of our rough member average for event and system planning!

Our doors may open part-way through our second expedition, depending on how activity goes so do keep your eyes on the thread if we’re of interest to you! As always, you’re more than welcome to come and join us for RP even if you aren’t in the guild. Come and say hello!

First off, a big welcome to Kenzari who I forgot to welcome in the last post because I am terrible! Our second Vulpera to join our ranks and, considering the wounds some suffered last night, a handy mender to have along for our future escapades.

Three fierce battles and some injuries later and The Keepers have found themselves succeeding in the fearsome WARSONG WARRIORS underground blood sport!

After their work together diving and treasure hunting to secure coin, The Keepers’ latest leader decided it was time for them to try working together in combat. Assuring the group that he would set up a ‘training exercise’, The Keepers agreed to make their way up to the Warsong Lumber Camp to show that they had what it takes for the upcoming expedition.

With a group including an Orcish Warrior, Vulpera Menders, a fearsome Blood Knight, a Grimtotem Shaman and those raised into Undeath, The Keepers were an odd band that caused some excited chatter to echo across the Lumber Camp.

It quickly became apparent that this was no training exercise, at least not in the traditional sense. It appeared that their Goblin Benefactor had signed them up to take part in an underground blood sport.

The rules were simple. With battle taking place atop large tree stumps, the objective was to put down their opponent or knock them off the stump - without the same being done to them.

They first faced Gorath the Gigantic - a hulking brute of an Orc who some claimed was an Ogre painted green! Equipped with a hammer the size of a Human and a chain littered with meat hooks, Gorath aimed to best The Keepers with physical might alone. Yet, despite being the underdogs and suffering several cuts and bruises, the group managed to persevere and blind the hulking Orc before knocking him clean from the stump!

Their second fight saw them against the unknown Alesandria the Alluring. Many thought it would be an Elven woman… But no! It was a Goblin! Who decided to fight in high heels! Protected by a magical barrier and using some kind of necklace to ‘charm’ some of the group (namely their clearly inappropriately appointed leader), Alesandria sought to turn the group against each other. The majority of The Keepers proved immune to her charm, however, and brought the barrier down before Kenzari sent the Goblin woman hurtling from the stump with a dazzling duo of spells.

This saw The Keepers make it through to the final round. The mystery opponent that had been designed by watching their tactics in battle. The destructive and fiercesome Keeper Extreme Killing Machine of Destruction, colloquially known as the K.E.K.M.O.D.

Utilising fearsome tactics such as the ‘Janec Protocol’ where it flung rocks at deadly speeds in all directions, the ‘Serad Protocol’ where it unleashed an ear-shattering scream to stun the group and the ‘Kenzari Protocol’ where it sought to burn the group with searing light, the machine was designed to utilise The Keepers’ own tactics against them!

The battle was fierce and saw Hughy knocked from the stump and Lady Lythidriel knocked unconscious from her wounds… But, with many cuts, slices, scratches, bruises and bangs later, The Keepers succeeded in claiming victory by shutting down the K.E.K.M.O.D.! Victory was claimed by the persevering Janec, Kohawi, Serad’muhn, Etzir, Kenzari and Isara!

Given the title of the latest Warsong Warriors, The Keepers are now legends! To the roughly fifteen Grunts who bother watching the underground fight, anyway.

Now, taking some time to rest and recuperate, they have plans to attend the Vulpera Market on the 16th before finally setting off on their expedition to Northrend. What awaits them in the frozen reaches of Azeroth, other than adventure and danger?

The Keepers will be around Orgrimmar for one more week before we shoot off - with some of us licking our wounds from being thrust into some rather ridiculous battles! We’re looking forward to The Vulpera Market at The Crossroads on Thursday to help us stock up on supplies for our expedition.

Some rumours say we may even be teaming up with some others in Northrend… Some Devils one might find in Dusty places, in fact! :shushing_face:

As always, if you see us about, do come say hello. Whether it’s in Orgrimmar or out in the wild, we’d love to RP with you. Don’t be shy!

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What could Hugy have meant by this?!


We’ve had a nice week in Orgrimmar as we finalise our plans to set sail to the north!

Tuesday saw some of The Keepers enjoying themselves with a chocolate and wine picnic in Orgrimmar. The chocolates were well received and the wine was potentially 40% rocket fuel but it went down well enough for the group! There was even a reading of an excerpt from a Noah Scribeson story… Steamy!

Tonight we went along to The Vulpera Market at The Crossroads and enjoyed ourselves greatly. A big thank you to the organisers! A lovely evening was had by all of us and it was nice to see so many different stalls and chat to so many different characters. We’re already looking forward to the (hopefully) next one!

Saturday will see us set off for the frozen norths in search of a Vrykul Rune Magic relic… Wish us luck! Hopefully we all make it back unscathed. Well, I suppose we need to see if we make it -there- unharmed first!

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