[H-RP] Kosh'harg Festival, Spring 2019

Kosh'harg Festival, Spring 2019

The long night of Winter is slowly coming to an end, bringing with it the dawn of a new Spring. Will it be the beginning of another year of death and glory? Or will the winds change course and cast a new light upon our future? With every year comes a new beginning, and just as the annual cycle begins anew, so too do our commitments to our people.

For eight consecutive days, the sanctity of Garadar will play host to a plethora of activities and celebrations that will bring together not only orcs, but all like-minded friends and allies as well! Never again will a Kosh’harg be forgotten in the face of adversity and war! For those of you who value unity and concord in the Horde, join us in inducting a new and prosperous year to come!


When 18 - 25 March
Where Garadar, Nagrand (Outlands)
Who Horde
Argent Archives https://www.argentarchives.org/node/221637

The time has come once more to celebrate tradition and unity! The Horde and the Alliance may be at each other’s throats, but twice a year, the orcish clans continue to lay down their arms to set aside all differences in order to honour the hallowed ancestors instead. In this time of fire and death, traditions must perhaps be treasured and remembered more than ever before. After all, it were these very things that once led to the negligence of revered traditions such as the Kosh’harg. Be you orc, troll, tauren or otherwise, the Kosh’harg is nowadays open to all people of the Horde who wish to take a moment - however brief - to lay down their weapons and to unwind in the sanctity of the Land of Winds, Nagrand.

Due to the nature of the event, it goes without saying that - as always - any who choose to attend this event are requested to be at their best behaviour. Being a festival of peace and concord, there will be no place for petty disputes, warmongering, political agendas, sudden demon attacks or whatever else that might disrupt the theme of the event. A lot of time has been put into organizing all of the events that are on offer and your fellow participants have all come here to have a good time, so for all of our sakes, please keep this in mind if you choose to pay a visit to this lighthearted occasion.


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Monday, 18th of March

20:00: Opening ceremony
The official opening of the first Kosh’harg of the new year! Guests will be welcomed and a short ritual will bless the festival and its visitors.

Hosted by Kozgugore

21:00: Remembrance of the Dead
Those that wish to make an offering to the honored dead will embark on a pilgrimage to Oshu’gun. Though headed by the Red Blade Clan’s spiritualists, visitors will be welcome to host their own ceremonies as they see fit and will be invited to leave offerings of their own.

Hosted by Nar’thak

22:00: Date Auction
New to the festival and looking for someone to spend your time with for the coming week? Or simply out for a new and exciting adventure in the name of love? Come place your bids on those who have made themselves available! Or better yet, volunteer yourself to be put on display and see who is willing to place the highest bid on you!

Hosted by Vraxxar

Tuesday, 19th of March

20:00: Iron-Blood Competition
Various iron man-esque events in true orcish spirit! What kind of discipline will you excel in and be made champion of? Be you strong, agile, swift or simply determined, come test your mettle in one of the greatest competitions of Draenor!

Hosted by Okiba

22:00: Drink & Games Night
After a long and gruelling Iron-Blood Competition, what better way to relax than to drink and play some simple games around the main fire? Come and join in for some more light-hearted fun!

Hosted by Razaron

Wednesday, 20th of March

20:00: Om’riggor
A traditional rite of adulthood among the orcish people, the Om’riggor offers a chance for younglings who have not yet earned a name for themselves to take their first step upon the path to glory!

Hosted by Kozgugore

21:30: Lorewalking
Nar’thak Strongarm of the Red Blades will be offering Kosh’harg goers a chance to taste some of the Pandaren Lorewalkers’ ‘Dream Brew’: a brew known for taking its imbibers on a bit of a trip. What might it show us all this time, I wonder?

Note: Orgrimmar portal access to Pandaria is recommended, as is setting your Hearthstone to Garadar for an easy return.

Hosted by Nar’thak

23:00: Ritual of the Pale Lady
We must look not only to the past for our strength, but to the future as well. The Ritual of the Pale Lady is an ancient rite that will help promote fertility in the clans and to grant all mothers and daughters of Draenor protection for the coming year.

Hosted by Drakora

Thursday, 21st of March

20:00: Costume Contest
The Kosh’harg Festival is the epitome of a traditional orcish festival. Though nowadays accessible to all allies of the orcish race, some may still have a bit of trouble blending in. The Costume Contest is an excellent way to find inspiration for your very own traditional orcish garb! Or perhaps you wish to show off what you have come up with yourself? Three judges will rate the finest costumes to set foot in Garadar and will hand out prizes to the victors!

Hosted by Vraxxar

21:00: Challenge of the Wyvern
A traditional competition with riddles and tasks that will take the contestants all over Draenor. Do you have the knowledge and speed required to finish first and to be granted the title of victors of the Challenge of the Wyvern?

Hosted by Nosh’marak

22:30: Last Drinker Standing
Kran will be giving his special drinks to the attendants. The last man standing wins a weekly supply of his brew!

Hosted by Kran

Friday, 22nd of March

20:00: Grand Market
Though visitors are welcome to peddle their wares throughout the entire Kosh’harg week, this day will mark the opening of the Grand Market in which the finest of wares may be found! From simple trade goods to the most exquisite wares you will not find anywhere else at any other time, come and buy the finest items, or sell your own!

Hosted by Vraxxar

21:00: Drunken Backwards Race
The infamous Drunken Backwards Race may not be for everyone, but it's the perfect way to impress your rival drinking buddies! Only few can chug down some of the strongest brew in Azeroth, provided by none other than Brewmaster Revax Hellbrew, and manage to race to the finish line first… backwards! The winner gets a hug and a bursting headache.

Hosted by Hellbrew

22:00: Dance & Song
Led by none other than the renowned orc bard Mi'jaggor, the Rolling Thunders make a special appearance on the Kosh'harg! Come and dance underneath the pale light of the stars and the moon so that even the ancestors themselves will bask in the merriment of the festival!

Note: A live playlist will be provided for those that would like to have immersive tunes backing up their roleplay, performed in-game by the Rolling Thunders. Tune in between 22:00 and 23:00 here: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/koshharg

Hosted by Kozgugore

Saturday, 23rd of March

19:00: Shaman Meeting
A gathering of shamans to discuss the present state of the world and all matters related to the elements and the spirits.

Hosted by Rogmasha

20:00: The Great Clefthoof Hunt
In preparation of the grand feast, the traditional Clefthoof Hunt will be held to offer everyone a chance at a truly authentic clefthoof hunting experience! Come and experience what the hunt in Nagrand used to be like in the days of yore!

Note: This is an DMed event. Any who wish to hunt on their own accord are very much encouraged to do so as well!

Hosted by Nar’thak & Okiba

21:00: Foot Race
Taking contestants through both the fields of Nagrand as well as the bogs of Zangarmarsh, the Foot Race will require not only swiftness, but stamina as well! Do you have what it takes to be the ultimate marathon man?

Hosted by Vraxxar

22:00: Cook-Off & Grand Feast
With all the game that’s been gathered throughout the festival, the attendees may as well put it to good use! Those who claim to have the finest culinary skills or are simply master artists at chopping meat will compete against one another to be crowned the Master Chef of the Festival! With, of course, a Grand Feast to follow, for it would be a waste to leave all that cuisine lying about!

Note: Sign-ups for the Cook-Off will be open from 21:30 to 22:00.

Hosted by Kozgugore

Sunday, 24th of March

19:00: Brawl’gar
No weapons, no armor, no spells. Just as nature intended it! This is a contest of pure brawn and tenacity, as contestants fight one another until one of them surrenders or gets knocked out.

Hosted by Throgan

20:00: Closing Ceremony
As the Kosh’harg Festival draws to a close, a final ceremony will be hosted to thank all visitors for joining in on the celebrations and to give any final offerings to the revered ancestors.

Hosted by Kogra

21:00: Blessings of the Traveler
With a long and no doubt trying year ahead, Nar'thak Strongarm will host a small ritual to the spirits and the elements for the protection of those soon to be homeward bound.

Hosted by Nar’thak

Monday, 25th of March

19:00: Tournament of Honor
With the Kosh’harg having been officially concluded, blood can be spilled once more! The Tournament of Honor is the ultimate tournament to show off your fighting finesse and the single occasion where the brandishing of weapons will be tolerated in the name of fair and honorable competition!

Note: Sign-ups start at 18:00, so be sure to apply for the tournament in time!

Hosted by Kargnar & Sergroth

Droof's Catering

Regulars to Droof's catering are already all too familiar with the orc peon's famous cooking, and the Kosh'harg will be yet another opportunity to try out his extravagant cuisine! Throughout the week, Droof will be serving some of his most beloved recipes, ranging from classic orcish dishes such as roasted clefthoof, boar ribs and raptor sausage as well as newer delicacies such as meat-between-two-bread, horse parts and FISH. Expect new specialties every night!


Frequently Asked Questions

What about guards?
Considering every other community festival functions just fine without a host of guards attempting to keep the peace, we would rather steer clear of any authority figures for this Kosh’harg as well. Should any not keep into account the aforementioned disclaimer regarding the peace of the festival, we look to those attending the event (including but not restricted to guild officers) to remind their fellow participants to be on their best behaviour. Bear in mind that any negative experience do little more but to reflect poorly on you and those you represent, so there’s nothing gained from promoting antagonism during a festival of peace!
Can I host my own activities?
Anyone is more than welcome to host their own activities in addition to those on the ‘official’ schedule! You may either do so at your own leisure, or contact Kozgugore as well in case you would like to have your activity promoted in the main post. We’ll gladly help you out wherever we can if you would like help setting something up as well!
A festival of peace during a war?
While the irony is quite obvious, the Kosh’harg Festival has become a bi-annual tradition on Argent Dawn that we feel should not be neglected because of the current IC state of affairs. We are certainly not going to claim that the war stops in its tracks while we are celebrating either, but it is fair to assume that those who choose to attend a festival such as this despite the ongoing war already do not have an incredibly vested interest in being at the frontlines 24/7 anyway. Besides, there is more than enough reason for some within the Horde to believe a festival that brings the people of the Horde back together is something that might be sorely needed right now!

Kosh’harg Champions Spring 2019

First Place Second Place Third Place
Iron-Blood Competition Dolomite Luciouz Alassaitor
Costume Contest Nakobu Luciouz Saul
Challenge of the Wyvern The Badger Bunch Razaron’s Riddle Resolvers Vixxee’s Dream Team
Drunken Backwards Race Rashka Vulture Yodelspine
Foot Race Droof Caverat Vulture
Cook-Off Alassatior Tzee’kari Prudence
Braw’gar Kargnar Kragga Kragara/Zitani
Tournament of Honor Razaron Vladimir Vixxee

That’s quite a span of events, but it’s all looking good to me. Lok’tar Horde!


Did… did somebody say Date Auction…?



I’d be happy to host a Shaman’s meet or something similar, as we’ve done at some of the other Kosh’hargs!

19:00 on the Saturday works for me, at least.


OH MY GOSH! It’s the time of the year again!


I wish this the best of luck!


Even better!


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Definitely coming for this one, have to win another grand prize of soap on a rope!


Now this sounds like a good reason to powerlevel one of my characters if I ever saw one!

How’s the view on new, job-less Mag’har taking a break from the fighting to join the festivites?


Is this the first MU Kosh’harg for the AU orcs :thinking:?


Mag’har are fully welcome ofc! Job-less or not!

And this is the second MU Kosh’harg for AU orcs. We had some last time.


If the events themselves are as good as OP’s format they’ll be the best ever!


How’s the view on new, job-less Mag’har taking a break from the fighting to join the festivites?

Considering Kosh’harg is a holy period for all orc-kind (even the savage ones!), it’ll probably be fine. Expect some snide remarks about being lazy, though. :wink:


Work work!

Suppose I best get planning my iron blood trials!


Aktush Division shall attend, we behave I promise.


Looking forward to this years Kosh’harg.


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If there’s free-for-all dance included, this Troll shall come rock the floor again. Hopefully with other tusky friends!