[H-Rp] The Coven seeks members.

Bump! Bumpington!

We’re ending our current campaign this saturday, then we’re in a good position to recruit once more!

Bumpy bump

Dark things stirs on Azeroth, we’re still here!

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Must be a great time for the Coven right now! So many secrets of the Void, ripe for the harvest. Ancient secrets to uncover. And the promise of further darkness to come!


It is great! But we’re also having great problems with our shadow priests!


Bump! Bumpington of bumps!

Lots of things are happening! Exciting!


If yet you look for people,I be lookin to join mon. I’ll hit you up

If you want to join our Discord server, where we are more active during the day time. You can add Eligoon#4718 (me) and I can invite you ^^

Back to the top with you, shady nerds!

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Pfft shady nerds.

Our Void campaign is now over! and we’re about to go on holiday IC , we deserve it!

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Join the Coven! They have the biggest crystal balls around.

someone said crystals?

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Thank you very much for bumping, I was having trouble bumping it myself, I couldn’t get to pick a character or reply at all!

should try and bump more into the coven soon again, so much to tell and talk abaut thise days!

Shadowlands is going to be a very good time to be a Coven member.

…I’m joking. It’s always a very good time to be a Coven member. :sunglasses:

Haha. we’re going to have the best front seat view when the sky shatters at least!


Shadowlands will arrive soon! I wonder what shenanigans our dark friends will get up to…

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Here to bump, we’re soon going to have the greatest outdoors sky moment