[H-Rp] The Coven seeks members.

Who are we?
We are The Coven. We are a group authorized by the Horde and the Undercity. We are magical researcher, seekers of artifacts for the Forsaken, and the Horde. The Coven have magical users some other groups might not approve, such as Warlocks and Death knights. We do say though, we are not evil, we just use different methods. You are not required to use magic though, we can also use none-magic users in the Coven. Here are the different ranks:
Initiates, are those who are new and yet needs to prove themselves.
Heart keepers, they are the healers and protectors of the Coven members, not to be udnerestimated though.
Spellseekers, they are those who scry, research, find and know all things magical.
Felseer, is Gravkra at the moment. He oversees all the others and is the one to discipline.
Lady Heart, is the leader of the Coven, this is Evelyn Rosemary at the moment.

Who are you?
You are a roleplayer. New or veteran. We are under the watchfull eyes of the Horde, we take all races in as long as you are Horde. You can be needed to know a bit of lore, if not you can always ask. We do not actually take evil characters in, but characters with minor mental or shady personality traits are welcome. Keep and open mind OOC and be kind ^^
In short: we accept all Horde races and classes and are looking for mature RPers who are looking to find a new home up in Northrend with us!

Brief History
Founded by Lord Simili and Grand Master warlock Xorax Fenrox, the Coven started out years ago as a place for people with similar interests to gather and share knowledge. Though operating mainly from within the Undercity, it’s always been open to everyone in search of knowledge, no matter the race. After assisting in driving Garrosh’ Kor’kron out of the Undercity,The Coven has become a faction to be reckoned with within the Banshee Queen’s ranks. As a reward for their members’ assistance in Draenor, the Coven has received its own plot of land in Venomspite, Dragonblight, from which they will operates normally. The Coven has since made the are safe for its living members and is ready to welcome more of them into their ranks. and now Evelyn Rosemary has taken the reins and are leading the Coven.

How to apply?
Send Evelýnn-Moonglade or Gravkra-Moonglade an in game mail, we are quite often on those characters and we will try and whisper you if you are online or send a reply for an interveiw deal!

We are currently on Zuldazar, and doing our campaign here. It’s easy to get here though, and get in contact with the Coven if you wish to see how our Rp is and maybe get recruited!

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That is me btw, I do not know why it showed my character Chin Lin

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Our Nazmir campaign is done, we will be holding a break from events because of Christmas from the 15’th December ,and will be back in the new year! If you want to be recruited before that, now is a really good chance!

  • Evelyn
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We have stopped our events for a time, so people ca nenjoy their christmas time! We are resuming event fro mthe 5’th of January, you are welcome to be recruited in the meantime tohugh, we are just not as active in christmas time!

The Coven is up and running again with events and Rp once more!

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We’re about to start on our Vol’dun campaign, still open for anyone interested!

Coven on a small break, but we will return at some point.

when is the break over ? some of us fellow warlocks have warlock stuff to warlock abaut you know ?!

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The break is now officially over. We are currently using most of our time with the Beastmaw Warband, but wil lat some point also do our own stuff, which they are welcome to join if they want to.

We are now also recruiting again, best way to get notified is to send an in game letter to Evelýnn-Moonglade

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Evelyn has gone missing. But we’re still recruiting! Now Gravkra is in control!

Coven moving back home to Venomspite, another great chance for recruitment! We’ll be there for about 2-3 weeks.

Bumping for Team Nerds. :sparkling_heart:


Currently solving a fun puzzle/riddle tome, hopefully leading up to an even more fun mini campaign!

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Hello Evelynn! Make sure you and your guild joins the forsaken rp discord and advertise your event there!


We are going on winter/christmass break in mid december, so if you wish to join before that ,now is a good time!

A little bumpety bump

We’re now on a short break, we will be back in the new year!


Bump or die.

but mostly bump.

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We’re back from the break and at it again!

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