[H-RP]: <The Far Reach> - Artefact Hunting Horde Military Expedition ⛰

“As promised.”, the Nightborne spoke and started unveiling the missing piece of the tablet, laying it gingerly on the empty table flanked by two tall candles. He smirked, seeming proud of his work and acquisition as he presented the fruit of his labour towards the undead. “We found some strange crystals too, which we have already taken to the Quartermaster.”

“Good. Well done, Pathfinder.”, she assured him, even if her attention was already on the prized possession. Behind her, a group of other scholars gathered and peered curiously at the artefact.

The flames began to flicker a little, taking their attention away from the stone tablet and towards their surroundings. Worried glances were exchanged.

“Are the wards…?”, the undead leader asked, receiving a firm nod from one of the other magi.

“I’ll get the Chaplain.”, an elf suggested and saw themselves out with hurried steps, away from the artefact that was no longer protected by the enchanted cloth it had been kept in. As the door shut behind him, one of the candles went out, which on its own, would be no reason for worry. Yet, as one of the magi weaved her hand to light anew, it refused; making everyone’s frowns deepen.

Before the elf returned with the Chaplain, a Vulpera walked back in through the door, waving her arms and drawing attention to herself. “The wards! The wards! They are… Melting?”, she shouted, having her sword and shield in hand already. “I can tell -something- is coming! Hurry!”

Delegation orders were quickly dispatched, splitting a few magi into protective and defensive duties over the tablet, while the rest went out to battle; ready to defend the Nest. Shadows and other eldritch beings were unwelcome in their home. Salutes between the ranks and formalities would be exchanged later – every Reachman knew their position well and what their task entailed. Guns were loaded, arcane shimmers gathered between the casters fingers, prayers were spoken and blades drawn. Duty called, and these sons and daughters of the Horde answered.

Are you ready to join them in battle?


The Twentieth Expeditionary Company, or commonly referred to as its nickname ‘The Far Reach’ is a military auxiliary unit attached to the Horde army. The unit is currently settled in a base in northern Dustwallow Marsh named ‘The Wyvern’s Nest’.
From there, the Reach strikes out on missions across Azeroth and beyond. The unit is currently led by Centurion Simetra Shadowshot.


  • Study and survey crypts, tombs, temples and ruins.
  • Find, secure and catalogue magickal artefacts
  • Serve the Horde, ensure its people are defended and its values are maintained


The unit is broken up into five unique ‘Branches’ made to specialise and further enhance the Reach’s roster. Each branch has an individual leader, and an Overseer. Every member is asked to choose a path they wish to follow upon reaching the rank of Reachman.

The Watchmen (Order of Soldiers)

Leader: Tharendys Dawnflight, Watchmaster

When the sword strikes, the Watchmen are there to shield from the blow. Made up of frontline warriors and combatants, they are the first into conflict, and the last ones out. They are the wall that breaks the tide and the armour that shatters blades.

The Pathfinders (Order of Scouts)

Leader: Seeker - Vacant

Trackers with the sharpest eyes, the scouts and hunters of the unit. Be it the scouting of enemy bases, infiltration of camps or mastering the art of setting up or dismantling traps, the Pathfinders are the masters of it.

The Examiners (Order of Scholars)

Leader: Aethian Suncore, High Examiner

Researchers of the keenest mind, the mages and scholars of the Examiners dig deep into forgotten and hidden lore to find the truths buried within. The backbone of the magickal part of the Reach, tasked with the handling of the artefacts found by the expedition.

The Mystics (Order of Spiritualists)

Leader: Aaillish Solaris, Chaplain

The keepers of wisdom, the Mystic wields the might of nature, the elements and faith in both their skills and their gods, in the defence and mending of the Reach and Azeroth as a whole. Specialised in facing the more esoteric threats of the world, these men and women help guide and teach their compatriots about the darkness around them.

The Artisans (Order of Crafters)

Leader: Tavahka Grimblade, Quartermaster

No army marches empty-handed, and no one knows that better than the Artisans. Made up of skilled craftsmen, logisticians and merchants, it is the Artisans’ efforts that ensure the Reach is well supplied in its endeavours, both in the field and off of it.

If interested in recruit and/or collaboration, contact:

  • Aethian - dc: zamolxxis
  • Tharendys - dc: joximm
  • Aaillish - dc: pocketgenderinc
  • Tavahka - dc: zhentri

Cannot recommend these guys enough!

Far Reach and myself go back a fair while since they was just founded and I can say that the team that you’ll find here in TFR are a great and welcoming community!

If you’re looking for some good military with a slice of adventuring and dungeon diving then this group is for you!


Paid Leave for the Reach has now come to an end, and the soldiers rally once again in order to face whatever upcoming challenges which might present itself!

Looking forward to see you guys out there. <3


Good roleplay, chill peeps. Best group I’ve been with for a while.


Thank you for the wonderful two day event. It was great working along side you guys and hope we can have fun events going forward!


Thank you for giving us this sweet two day mini campaign.

Good to be back and get guild to guild rp adventures!


Even trough I was only on the second day, it was great, thanks!


Was a great Event with the Far Reach together! Friendly people OOC as well!
Looking forward to work together in the future!

Ashes to Ashes!


Joined on both events, and it really was a BLAST!!! REALLY! A great bunch of people, great DM’s! Great NPC’s! Fun story-line! Great characters! I had so much fun! Thank you everyone in The Far Reach! :purple_heart:


Finna cry. These dead people make me feel feels. Thank you sm <3 was a pleasure to bully you with my necromancer-elf-banshee-person NPC.


We had a great time with the Veilbound Vigil!

The Reach will stay in Quel’thalas for a few more days till their next deployment back in Kalimdor. More adventures await!


It was amazing having you guys around!

10/10, would hang again. <3