[H-RP] The Hand of Menethil - Lordaeron Endures 🎗

Those four words haunt us to this day. Sylvanas Windrunner had not only been our leader, she had been a saviour when the world would have gladly Forsaken us.

But to her, we were nothing. Our people, our way of life had been naught but arrows in her quiver. Our true princess, Calia Menethil, tried to save us once before, and was cast down for daring to care for us. Daring to give us hope…

We are forced to look back at what we have become under the rule of Sylvanas Windrunner. But we are not alone. Princess Menethil walks beside us risen as a bright, shining beacon against the Darkness she left for us in our ruined kingdom.

We, the men and women of Lordaeron dedicate ourselves, to our Princess and to the Throne once again!

For the Bright Lady…


Greetings forum,

The Hand of Menethil officially has claimed it’s own little spot on here in order to advertise itself to the good people of Argent Dawn.

We are a militia of men and women of Lordaeron who refuse to surrender hope and work towards building a brighter future for the Forsaken. Following the teachings of Faol and Church of the Holy Light as well as standing behind the risen Princess and her eventual claim to the throne.

If you’re interested in roleplay or meeting please contact: Saintjonas

Our only rules are:

  1. Never ever ERP ever simple as.

  2. No OOC drama

  3. Be cool man

This thread will be used to show off some of our adventures and as a spot to ask questions. We look forwards to meeting you all!


The guild is awesome, I’ve loved being a part of it! Now where did I leave Harold…

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Today the Hand of Menethil departed Deathknell and started their journey towards Hinterlands in preperation of our participation in our first campaign! The journey wasn’t easy on the forsaken as they had to deal with Scarlets, Worgen, and what to do when faced with a human woman with a runaway child. Now the hand is safe at camp and prepare for a week full of new adventures.


We forgot our tongues, but good seeing some undead roaming the north.

(Definitely not going to burn your villages)


Please visit Hearthglen again, this is such an efficient way to out the zombie haters.

now if you could also stop shilling Calia-

Good guy zombie? Light worship? Get thrown into ogre slaughter and other good deeds? This is the place!


This guild is very enjoyable, our recent events in the north have really been great, interacting with all kinds of different guilds and characters Forsaken, human and otherwise!
It’s lovely and chill and a great place for Forsaken RP that leans on the more morally good, Light-lovin side of the forsaken coin, perfect if you’re tired of blighting orphans and whatnot!


Love this concept. What are your view on fel/shadow magic? (though I play lock for gameplay reasons I haven’t decided yet how she’ll be IC) I haven’t played Horde for years and am going to lvl up before joining anything but this really peaked my interest :relaxed:

Edit: made the wrong smiley


Another group of misguided Forsaken that need to be “liberated”?

Welcome to the civil war!


Hey! Thanks for asking, unfortunately we’re not fans of Fel or Shadow given our guiding force being a benevolent light user.

Graves is very pro-reform and has already banished a member for using Warlockery underhandedly. If you’re interested in playing a warlock who delves into that sort of thing I’d recommend a guild like Requiem of Sorrow who are a more traditional forsaken archetype. Good luck with your character!


Thanks for the reply :slightly_smiling_face: I play lock for gameplay reasons so haven’t really decided what she’ll be IC yet, if I’ll go with lock or mage IC or maybe something more of a civilian type :relaxed: but then I know where you stand in the matter!


These pesky undead claim to worship the light, a heresy of the highest order! Surely they are in kahoot with the lion and his banshee lover!

But fear not good people of Lordaeron! We will purge these fiends from our lands! They may have won the battle tonight and made a group of our most holy knights into Martyrs, But the scarlet crusade will not stop our righteous onslaught!

Your time of reckoning has come undeads! Your insurgency against Lordaeron ends here!



Posters galore in Lordaeron as the Hand of Menethil attempt a propaganda war with the remnants of Sylvanas’ regime.

Relations taxed as the well intended reformist Forsaken attempt to fight for legitimacy against the corrupt establishment.

Battles against alliance aggressors trying to take their homes from them…

And much much more happening with the Hand of Menethil. Leadership change is a hard job, but someone has to do it.


The hand of Menethil will be going to an argent tournament tonight! What?! An Argent tournament, at this time of year, this time of day, housed entirely in the confines of the Western plaguelands? Yes. And you may see it, but only if you promise to not burn anything down.


Man, I wish I could see this lot. May the Light be with you all, brothers and sisters!


The Hand of Menethil has taken refuge at Alonsus Chapel for the night as they sing prayers to the Holy Light in preparation for another few days of grueling warfare to protect their home.

Peace is a noble aspiration, the Father thought, though one that cannot be won by merely standing around asking for it.


We’re around Andorhal if you’d ever like to visit! Failing that we’re often all around Lordaeron doing bits and bobs.


The conflict in Lordaeron is over, and much sorrow was inflicted on the refugees there, but the faithful of the Hand of Menethil still stand! Now we’re determined to work with the Argent Crusade in the area to help the forsaken refugees recover from the conflict, and to safeguard Lordaeron from threats within and without!


The hand of Menethil goes strong still! We were forced to protect our chruch from invaders but managed to fight them of, and we are working on ways to protect ourselves from thoose who’s faith in the light has been twisted and forgotten the worth of the three tenants.

The ascension of the bright lady to the throne of Lordaeron draws near, my brothers and sisters in the forsaken to thee I say: The bright lady will lead us back to glory, join us. For Lordaeron!


Absolutely love to see another band of dudes and dudettes loving our Holy Light and and the Chapel of Alonsus. Just a shame that they’re undead lol

(Very cool dudes, check them out if undead RP is your thing)


What kind of crazy and fun adventures do the Hand of Menethil get up to?

Why not ask our member Yarricke here:


“Alright alright so get this – there was this creepy blood barrier, right? And then, guess what we did. We LEGGED it. Okay, first Private Durane suggested we drink it. Then we fought it. And then we legged it.”