[H-RP] The Tauwahe tribe, Tauren Kodo tamers of the Horde

Hi and ofc mate, glad you found us. Just let us know if you want a introduction, we are haveing several things going down this comming week, all for good fun :wink: Hope to hear from you soon.


This is a great guild. Brilliant RP but also very friendly take to it.


Tonight we are comming to the Mu´sha celebrations of Mulgore. All taurens are welcomed to come and get some facial paintings and or (attempt) to ride kodos.

We also got our newest additions to the herd updated, see the Chieftains OP to see what we offer :wink:
See you tonight.


Great night last night, had a blast hanging with so many taurens at the Mu´sha marking. We managed to sell yet another pair of kodos and we are now moving on towards the north. Stonetalon here we come!


Another day of lovely RP ends. I can’t explain how much fun the RP is here, just truly amazing. I can only recommend it to everyone. Even just taking a peek will be more then enough.
If you miss out a day or part of an event, you will be welcomed back warmly and be introduced on what has happened. Being complete part of the next event you attend then is just natural. Everyone gets involved and every action will have a meaning in the current situation.
I am just having so much fun in this Guild. Keep it up Chieftain! We believe in you!


The Chieftain laughed with a loud and low base of his voice as he embraced Niraku Cloudhorn in a hug, his own belly and cloth drenched as Niraku just came from the lake. The Chieftain smiled and looked towards the crowd watching. “For the Tauwahe. For Niraku!” The crowd cheered and the old bull smiled, his heart and mind was in what they had done the last months. From nothing he had grasped his tribe from the claws of death and nothingness. But the Chieftains thoughts were interrupted by a hand.
A lonely hand in the crowd was raised, it was Maanh the Hunter who also wished to participate in a Test of Loyalty. Chaveyo Thunderhoof smiled dissappered as he accepted Maanh to approach. It was not because he did not like Maanh, but instead he felt it was necessary to have the same look no matter who approached him during the trial. This was the face he had met on his own test. And this was the face all would meet. A serious, a calm, a stern gaze. It was as much apart of the test as the need for the offering.
As he watched Maanh, passing the test and walk into the lake aswell for a swim, he started to reminisce again. About the wars, the latest years of war that had depleted his tribe They now had made a first successful Kodo drive from Desolace to Stonetalon. Such a thing had not been done in many years. He was so utterly proud of them. All of them, for without the members, the tribe would´ve been lost.

Thank you for the kind words Bokan <3.
But yes yesterday was a great event aswell! We managed to push a herd of kodos from Desolace towards Stonetalon so they get better grass and food. And not only that we almost trampled two wanderers, but lo-and-behold they were not angry but instead asked to join us.

But the night- did it end there? Nope… Two of our unsworn took the dredded Test of Loyalty and passed!

On Sunday we will start to drove the Herd back towards the east and the Barrens once more. Hope to see even more Taurens then :wink:


So what we´ve been up to? After the weekends in Stonetalon mountains, pushing the magnificent herd over to better lands.

Then we had some training in hand to hand combat by the tribe Braves.

But then our Chieftain got himself into a pickle, he went before the rest and got himself kidnapped. We tried to track him down but he was gone! The tribe tought up a plan and we are gonna find and save him on tuesday!

Hope to see more people come on and help us out, might get nasty :wink: !


Here I am again. I just can’t let go.

I can recommend everyone to try it out. The Events are great, the people are great, IC and OOC, and what is most important is, that you will be able to learn so much about tauren lore and history. All of that while progressing and working on your own character. Even RP between the events is given.

If you ever want to create a new character, think about us. Give us a chance to prove ourselves and make you see that everything that is written here, is true.
Because we believe in us and most importantly, in YOU. We are Tauwahe.



We had good time during the weekends Recruitmentfaire as we found several new members and ALOT of new friends. Now the tribe is back home in the Dry Hills to recoup before we embark on a new adventure. If you and/or your guild wants to buy a kodo this is the best time to come by.

Give us a poke here on ingame, or over discord and we´ll arrange the details :slight_smile:


Had a nice meeting with some friends yesterday, and soon we are heading out again.

We got four kodos for sale (specifics in the OP)! Come and seek us out while you can.


Hi, I’m in this Guild. I had really fun tonight!

-Bokan, Brave of the Tauwahe Tribe


Absolutely delightful people to interact with, qualitative RP and very welcoming to strangers (such as me)!


The elder nodded as he took the small forkshaped needle from Bokans slightly bleeding arm, the red tattoo was finished and the elder peered at his work. He nodded to himself as the line was unusually straight between the two dots. As he was just about to ask the new Brave for the story of the trial, the chieftain noticed a number of guests arriving to the camp from the Frozen Paw clan. As the night kept on several guests came and went and a feast was set up for them all to share. The elder looked around their campfire and smiled. Two new members of the tribe. He had been given offerings of hooves from Cason Moonrun and a pandaren knife from Elliow Stoneclaw. His Brave Bokan Grimwalk had returned. And tho there was surely trouble brewing somewhere in the world. Right now, right here, the chieftain was happy.

Thank you Jeraiell and Bokan for the kind words. We have indeed been growing and talking alot to others. And the comming weeks we are embarking on another adventure to see that a herd of Kodos are safetly transported to the Eastern kingdoms. Hope to see more and others soon :slight_smile: :heart:


As most of the tribe now sets of into another nomadic travel towards the Eastern kingdoms, the Brave Kwaan remains with some of the tribe in the Dry hills.

The tribe is currently on the move thrue the Eastern kingdoms, but some of us remain in the ancestral crib of the barrens/stonetalon. Come and talk to any part of the tribe, whereever you might be. We love to talk to others :smiley:


Always nice to meet you guys, met some in the Valley last night. Good people all around.


I also met this this guys today. Great crew. hope to see more.


Adventure, Action and most important: the UNEXPECTED.
This is how you can describe every Tauwahe event the best.

Stay tuned for the next update of: “The Tauwahe”

-Bokan, Survivor of two explosions


Stranded in Westfall since our transport over the sea was blown to pieces by pirates!

Real fun event lately and we are still growing even tho we are away from our mainhub for now.

Currently the tribe is in majority in the Eastern kingdoms for a week. Let us know if you want to meet up <3


Heard rumours of you guys being stranded? Are there corpses for free picking? Asking for a friend.


No… Noone died, but bokan was damn close I hear.

But we are travelleing up towards teh Twilight grove this weekend if anyone wants to say hello. Not sure if its still a RP hub as it was a year back?

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