[H-RP] The Tauwahe tribe, Tauren Kodo tamers of the Horde

OOC: The tribe is a tauren guild focused around taming, hunting, using and selling Kodos to the Horde. As part of the Horde we are sometimes involved in the bigger schemes but mainly we focus on our own growth and survival. Tho we mainly are around our maincamp in the Dry Hills of the Barrens, we travel alot around Kalimdor during Spring and Autumn.

We will bring the common and safe space for RPers willing to find some social RP. Alts are welcomed but if you want to really find a great place to do some quality rather then quantity then this will be your place.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover:History: :notebook_with_decorative_cover:
Early ages

The Tauwahe tribe dates back years, though much like the rest of their kin, they did not document their history, or at least not to the extent of humans or elves. What is known has been passed through word of mouth, and what is known about about the tribe and which individuals have led it’s people through times of strife, is not significant. Even so the chieftains staff wich is marked by each individual chieftain is passed down to the comming chief along with the tribes familyname. And thrue it, remeberance and honor is given to the ancestors of the tribe, the Thunderhoofs. The name is given upon any tribesmember who is deemed worthy after a series of trials and events. A Thunderhoof, is a much highly regarded member of the Tauwahe. That being said, what is and can be confirmed about this particular tribe of tauren is that it is, and always has been a hunters tribe, focused on tuning with the Kodos and animals. Like all tribes represented by High Chief Baine Bloodhoof, the Tauwahe is no different, and has contributed many a seer, brave and hunter to the Horde over the years. Though during the tribe’s nomadic period, before it had even joined the Horde, it is said the Thunderhoof originally wandered the plains of Kalimdor and then settled in the region of Feralas, just south of Mulgore. It is there they continued their traditions and lived their lives in relative peace, though often clashed with the ogres of the region.

Current events:

Once the Orcish Horde arrived on Kalimdor and approached the tauren offering aid, the Tauwahe Tribe returned to assist in the re-taking of it’s people’s ancestral homelands, driving the centaur out and constructing a mighty tauren city. Once Thunderbluff was built and the new Horde was established, the Tauwahe re-located for a time out of a sense of unity, before settling back in a new camp in the Dry hills a few years later. The Tauwahe tribe, albeit small, was determined to prove that the tauren’s good nature was not to be abused and that they too had what it took to assert themselves. They had previously sworn allegiance to the new Horde alongside their kin and the Tauwahe had championed it’s cause ever since, assisting in almost all of it’s campaigns, all the while fighting for the interests of the tribe. In recent years the tribe have taken upon themselfs to raise, train and provide other tribes aswell as the Horde with the great Kodo´s for riding. The tribes ancestoral heritage of nomads and riding comming into the current spirit aswell.

Currently we got:


Rainbow, Owner: Chaveyo Thunderhoof
Cibarius, Owner: Kwaan Longhorn
Hasani, Owner: Awenasa Sunhide
Istas, Owner: Aayashe Thunderhoof
Moonshine, Owner: Elliow Stoneclaw. Female, adult.
Sunbeam Owner: Pakuna Autumnrider. Male, prime age.


Shroudear, Owner: None . Adult. Female.
Little Horn, Owner: None. Young just in Prime age, small Female.
Phaya, Owner: None . Female, young.
Tashunka, Owner: None. Female, Adult.
Cloudeye, Owner: None. Female, Young. Specialtrait - Small and hairy.
Hanhu, Owner: None. Male, Young. Specialtrait - big as a house!
Wapasha, Owner: None. Male, Adult.
Noname, Owner: None. Female, Old.


Nanaofoot Owner: Spiritwalker of the Stampede.
Sootface, Owner: Borahdak of the Grimfang .
Niyati, Owner: Hau of the Grimfang.

PS OOC: We accept Shu´halo and highmountain. A good and growthinspiring rankingsystem aswell as good social chat combined with weekly events.

Website on Argent dawn for more info:
www.argentarchives. org/node/249648

Or GM discord at:


This is a really dope concept, I wish you all the best with the guild!


Awesome initiative, hope it works out for ya friend! The training / taming / trading of beast is often overlooked as a RP avenue, all the best from a few feathered folk across the pond!


Thank you all, appreciate the support <3

Now what have the tribe been up to the latest week?
We are slowly growing and now we are about to start with the kodohunting for the spring and taming for the new members. Anyone who wishes to come on by the Dry Hills to start their purchase or ordering of a Kodo is welcomed to drop me a IC or OOC letter/pm.

“As the tribe elders prepared for the Storynights of the tribe, many younger taurens entered the village. Willing to seek new adventures aswell as their roots. All over from the world they have come. And from all parts of life. Some from peace, some from war. But they gathered to hear the stories of the forfathers and ancestors. The night was as one would think. Many stories traded and listened too. As the night and darkness covered them all, only the flickering bonfire in the sacred hills was visible. But the laughter, and talks went on long into the night.”


This’ll be amazing!

We’ll be along to ask for help and then join in with your Kodo Hunting when we’re back :smiley:


We´ve been steadily growing and yesterday we managed to start our first trainingevent for hunting as a tribe. Was a nice and well rounded night. Even managed to snag a new tribesmember as he saw us Rping.

As we break in some new kodos for the herd, we will start travelling around and pitch for others to aquire one Icly.


Great people to RP with, would highly recommend if you are looking for some quality Tauren RP.


I love to Roleplay in this Guild. Sometimes I arrive with not so good mood because of irl stuff, but then I roleplay here and my mood gets immediately better. Great people here and I can only look forward to everything that will happen rp wise. Can’t wait for the next Event to happen!


Currently we are away from the Dry Hills camp, as we have taken on a nomad, hunting after a herd of mighty kodos towards the south. The tribe is currently in Bloodhoof village, were we ended up saving a travelling caravan from the Far Delvers as it was assulted just outside Thunder bluff!


Only met these guys as a passers by but they are truelly a clas act. Good Rp whereever.


Stumbled upon them myself in Orgrimmar. Might want to buy a kodo soon :laughing: :+1:


In the south of Mulgore: The darkness around them was something the chieftain had never seen before. He shivvered in his saddle as the Dark Harpy Queen laughed and cawed at the Tauwahes predicament. Surrounded by undead gnolls and goblins, he felt a brief moment of tiredness. As if his age had finally caught up to him, in the most dire of moments. All seemed lost but luckily his tribe was not as concerned with the scenery as the Chieftain was. Maburo for some reason… Started to dance, and as Bokan began taunting the harpy Queen aswell, their misdirection gave Kahuli the oppertunity to get a few arrows straight into her wings. Taking away her ability of flight, and their kodos and battering was relentless, she did not stand a chance of the uncomming stampede. Within seconds they had broken loose and managed to escape to Bloodhoof.

In the north of Mulgore: They managed to climb out of one hell only to fall into another. They had barely dismounted in Bloodhoof, when they heard the warcries and calls for aid in the north. The chieftain felt none of his lack of streangth, or age this time, but only fury as someone was attacking around the entire realm of Mulgore. The Tauwahe charged mounted towards Thunder bluff. By the roadside, not far ahead they saw two shadowy figures fighting a group of travelling vulperas. None in the tribe hesitated, not for a moment. And as the giant kodos clashed into battle, the mighty Tauwahe riding them, the chieftain felt pride. Tho he had never seen his tribe in a fight like this before. He was now made confident that they were as strong as they ever needed to fight of any threat.
The two banshees were swiftly trampled and crushed between the tribe and the caravan. The chieftain offered his services to the vulperas. As they went back into the village, he heard the most disturbing news. This night was not the first time the undead, or dead had awoken in Mulgore. Many of the braves had been scattered around the area to fight them off. The peaceful plains of Mulgore, was now a inferno of undead, zombies, or awakened vile creatures whatever their name and masters origin. The chieftain pondered long and hard that night. His mind not able to rest.


A bond of friendship and trade was made today. Friendship, and kodo’s.

Thanks for the neat little RP!


I enjoyed RP. Guild share experience and support. Looking forward for next events. That is what I was looking for!


The Chieftain smiled as the other tauren, handled the situation. Tho the kodo, named Nanaofoot, was abit of a rascal, she was seemingly calmer by the presence of the Spiritwalker. The Chieftain nodded towards the sky and embraced the spirits acceptance, the two would be companions. He did however frown upon his own realisation that he was not able to simple give the mighty kodo to the male of the Stampede.
So he cleared his throat and said: “I must of course. Ask for a trade, as I do not have so much wealth in my tribe to give her to you Spiritwalker.”. “There is a time for transaction indeed to be done” - Spiritwalker replied.
The chieftain nodded and moved his hand and arm towards the camps great tent in a welcoming gesture. His voice low and gentle, a great calm swept over his chest and spirit: “Come let us talk not over her, but over a bite to eat with the others.”

Or first real trade with another tribe went down last night and we are on the edge of our seats by excitment. Hope to have more tribes/ allies meet up soon and trade more. And a thank you to the Stampede and the Vulpera Zee who came by aswell. Was a great night.

If you, YES, YOU , points at you- the player- by the computer, wants to get some tauren rp or to get your warkodo for any character, make sure to swing us by or leave a comment below :wink:


Tonight will be another night of fun events. Last time some members in the tribe found out that some pouchers were doing some nasty buisness in Desolace, and the tracks trailed west towards the sea. What will come of this? If u are interested in joining up, come on by and seek us out. Taurens that are still outsiders will also have a chance to get into the tribe abit more.

Tonight will start with a fighttraining session and maybe- just maybe end up in a track and kill operation. For nature- for the wild lands- For the Tauwahe!


And not only that there was a great hunt-kill event tonight. As a bonus I hear we also captured no less then three new kodos from a stinking poucher and a goblin!

The herd will soon be updated as soon as we have settled on their names :wink:


Cool to see, hope to see you lads sometime to smack you from above :wink: From one clan of tamers to another.


The elder looked upon the younger tauren Tayee Stonehoof with a stern face and listened. Tayee held forth his offering, he first huntingbow, and spoke with- what the chieftain took as- a clear and confident voice. "We are taught to make ourself a bow when we are young, to master the hunt we must learn every curve and splinter."
Chieftain Chaveyo did not smile, tho he was very happy. He always had this serious face whenever a ceremony was to be done. For it was a part of the test, to continue even tho the elder was not his usual happy and smiling self. To remain loyal even in doubt. Tayee however showed no doubt in his request to join the tribe. This pleased the old tauren, and he would embrace the hunter with open arms to the family. Chaveyo Thunderhoof acccepted the offering, and gave his own mark to the new tribesmember, the Tatanka. The young Tayee walked into the lake, and dipped his head into the fresh water and reemerged as a newborn to the tribe, Chaveyo smiled. For yet another member was now part of his tribe.

Yet another member to our growing tribe was given the first trial yesterday and passed! We hope that even more will find their way to us soon. If you have a tauren or are intrested in the classical way of RP, please give us a poke and seek us out. Also a shoutout to the vulpera Wulu and pandaren Blightbear for attending. <3


This seems like a cool concept and is something that has got my interest. I hope to chat to you soon about it.