[H-RP] The Tauwahe tribe, Tauren Kodo tamers of the Horde

We do our best. Tonight we are riding true the barrens down south towards the Thousand needles. If you are around toss us a hello :wink:

“The honorable tribe travel southwards as the spirits guide them thrue the Chieftains visions. What does it mean? Where is the ancestors leading them and why? The questions are many and the plot thickens…”


You guys around any this weekend? I got a gobin in need of some merchents from Mulgore if you´re able.


We just might be dude. I´ll poke my nose arund, or mule, or you know that sort. :wink: Probs sunday is the best chance to find any of us around.

See ya there <3

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“Moving along the dry and barren lands outside the Crossroads- a distant horn could be heard. Some of the wild kodos aswell as some of the local residents would lift their heads in aknowledgement of the sound. The sound the locals would explain is the Tauwahes call for the ride, the autumns hunt had begun.”

The tribe is moving out from the summercamp in the Dry hills and are moving on further south this weekend. See you out there <3