[H-RP] The Wayward Vagrants

“The Wayward Vagrants. Never have I fought alongside a band less disciplined, or one more prone to insubordination and disorder. Never have I encountered such chaos whenever order was being sought. And yet, never have I felt the embers of my past, living self burning as strongly and vividly as I have while being amongst them, rekindling the long-lost flames of who I once was. They have reminded me that there can be more to life as well as undeath other than duty and service - to remain compassionate and kind even in the face of demise and devoted not only to the cause but also one another." ~ Korhal Rimesteel, Knight of the Ebon Blade

“I’ve been with them about a year and a half and I have yet to hear them say a job is too big. Of course that doesn’t mean I haven’t been required to heal some serious injuries doing said jobs.
They’re reasonably democratic but Aiyvah has the veto, what with her being the boss lady and all. They all have personality disorders but I dare anyone to say we aren’t all a bit screwed in the head with the world as it is. We seem to specialize in finding things, quite often that seems to be people… They really should stop getting bloody lost! Also recovering stolen property… and recovering property that hasn’t been stolen. Helping the helpless, the clueless, which sometimes means each other!
Look if you don’t mind pirates, spooky shadow ladies, rambling holy Undead, randy trolls, rogues, thieves, an ex-Knight, rangers, grumpy bloody orcs, shy vulpera that can throw you into next week, a Nightborne who can negotiate your pants off, some Ebons that may or may not want your body parts, a couple of guys that will slap you with fel so hard your ancestors will weep if you tick them off and you have a job needs doing then the Waygrants are your people." ~ Artrel Dawnlight, Medic & Master Jeweller

Who We Are:

During the peak of Sylvanas’ reign, the Wayward Vagrants emerged from the seedy underground as an assortment of misfits; mercenaries, petty criminals and adrenaline junkies seeking a bunk to lay their heads, earn petty gold and partake in grizzly exploration. Following their dubious political involvement in the Fourth War and dangerous escapades beyond the veil, this versatile group has faced a familial shift in dynamic, carving a path of karmic justice to any deemed a worthy threat and for the most part - worth a hefty coin, all with their own individual goals in mind.

Whether a vulgar cutthroat, a reckless treasure hunter, a primp and proper knowledge-seeking arcanist or a shady entrepreneur, all manner of quirky faces can find themselves tangled within their anti-political webwork.

What We Can Offer:

The Vagrants offer a triumvirate benefit of shelter, gold and companionship to fellow adventurers and waysided outcasts, as well as opportunities for exploration, adventure, combat and too much alcohol for one mercenary to handle alone.

Following the destruction of their base from the more recent Scourge invasion after the shattering of the Helm of Domination, the Vagrants are prone to camping during their many excursions and tavern sailing, though it’s far from uncommon to find themselves aboard the Guile Vindicator airship during times of respite. As such, provisions, rations and armor repairs are also offered during their vast travels.

OOC Info:

The Wayward Vagrants is a heavy roleplay guild for characters who might not quite fit in with other groups for various reasons, no matter what race, class or background they are, though OOCly we are Horde exclusive. Our goal is to provide a variety of different kinds of RP, including a healthy mix of short expeditions featuring mercenary work, adventuring and social gatherings, to lengthy campaigns focusing extensively on in-depth plot and detailed storytelling with opportunities for plenty of interpersonal progression between members.

We run two events a week on Fridays and Sundays evenings with the rest of the week free for spontaneous or organised social RP between members. We use a simple D100 system incorporated with the use of the Dicemaster addon to support immersion in our storytelling and RP.

We also have a guild Discord that we use primarily for out-of-game communication and a guild website, featuring character profiles, art, stories, event summaries, combat system and much more. From time to time, we will often group up for other playable content such as PvP, old raids, questing or even playing other games with the use of our voice chat.

Requirements & Expectations:

We’re a small but close knit guild that prioritize fun through RP and the formation of positive relationships before all else, as such there is absolutely zero tolerance for bullying, discrimination and drama between guild members. We are, however, not a politically correct inclined guild and those wishing to join us are best doing so with a broad sense of humour!

Due to the nature and language of some of the content provided, we require our members to be at least 18 years of age.

If you have questions or are interested in joining, please contact Aiyvah-Moonglade or Malcoris-Moonglade, though any of our members are free to approach and happy to help if the aforementioned are unavailable.

Points of Interest:
Our website: waywardvagrants.shivtr.com/
Our old thread: eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/h-rp-wayward-vagrants-are-hiring/9071


3 years since it’s making, Wayward Vagrants has never been more alive with a dynamic between characters that ebbs and flows with the various storylines we find ourselves a part of where friendships and rivalries are constantly tested and evolving, but we couldn’t have any of that without our devoted hosts and tight-knit dedication both IC and OOC.

Recently we held a prize competition that involved our members submitting character quotes about the guild. We saw an overwhelming amount of effort and quality that we had a difficult time choosing 2 winners. The results can be found at the top of the Recruitment Thread, in order. Didn’t they do an excellent job?! - Well maybe you’ll have to join us and judge for yourselves! :wink:


Y’know, there’s plenty of worse people to be lumped with on what could be a one-way trip to hell. Most of 'em got roasted by Deathwing, but that’s besides the point.


“Look, before I died and was risen anew, I thought the Horde was all about this whole Honor and Glory kinda deal, yeah? Turns out, that most of it is propaganda! They’re as corrupt and degenerate as the Alliance, and the Vagrants are the prime example of all the good and bad things the Horde has to offer.”
-Sarah Langley


Hmm, so they tell me they need us to go mine some Maldracite crystals. “Great!” I think that’s my happy place, just swinging my pick. Well that sure didn’t go to plan. I hadn’t expected I’d need to heal just for a couple hours mining. Well exploding crystals, baby flayedwing theives, a ghost, followed up with more exploding crystals and a devouring mites that pop through a vortex rift and I’m having call up holy energies just so I can keep breathing. Hmm maybe the new husky voice will suit me. If your looking for work, got some skills (hitting stuff hard always needed) then look the Vagrants up…


It’s been several months since we’ve been in Shadowlands… There was a place where rain smelled like blood, a place with lots of worms, a place with cute baby stewards, and now we’re in some Felwood-smelling place! As a blind Pandaren, I get to feel the smell more… But at least we have each other to keep company and share tea and food over a campfire!


You’d think a mercenary company would attract a certain kind of people, but you’d probably struggle to find a wider variety of personalities and skills in this line of work than this bunch.

… And even more so to find mercenaries more prone to putting their necks on the line -helping- people.


“While not always adhering to the code of blood and honor that we orcs of the Old Horde are still trying to preserve, this band of mercenaries is, in a way, a great example of what Thrall’s New Horde is supposed to be about: Strength. Diversity. Camaraderie. Kindness."

— Tarnakh Rageaxe


Let me tell ye a story of a mercenary band
Ya may’ve heard of 'em, they’re always in demand.

Ye’ll ne’er, e’er hear them say a job is too big
Ye shake the right amount of coin, 'tis but another gig.

The leader, a wee but deadly elf, curvy, drunken and blonde
Her guild - a jolly, misfit bunch, all share a long-lastin’ bond.

Just keep this in mind, lest ye should forget…
Nay, how much ye willin’ to wager? Lemme make ye all a bet!

Ye won’t e’er stumble upon a gang more rowdy, yet kind
There’s no way on Azeroth ye can change me mind!

If ye do get lucky and somehow manage to buck the odds
I’ll eat me own harp, I swear to ye by the gods!

Now scram, ye rascals, gotta make ready for the show
The name’s Wayward Vagrants, in case ye didn’t know.

Aye, the name’s Wayward Vagrants, in case ye didn’t know.

— An Unknown Minstrel


Spooky rituals, arena battling and befriending the local Aranakk population, Maldraxxus has been full of grim and gruesome surprises at every corner thus far has kept the group busy as the Vagrants continue their search for any and every Nathrezim lead in the dire hope to rescue a Venthyr ally.

The Vagrants are almost approaching the tailend of their Maldraxxian excursion with possibly their riskiest mission yet during their time beyond the veil, with the intention of ransacking the tower of Dame Xarxa, a malevolent puppeteer with a penchant for perfection and suturing rumoured to be in cahoots with the invasive Nathrezim, creating vile constructions and perfect meat-suits for their army of homuncli!

Whether they will make it out alive, however, remains to be seen…

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Working together and standing as one, the Vagrants have through great effort finally made it into Dame Xarxa’s tower. With many new perils ahead and unforeseen horrors that lurk shrouded within, it is the ultimate test of strength, wits and willpower - for each individual, as well as the band as a whole.

Can the Vagrants truly do it? Do they have what it takes to face the final challenge of Maldraxxus? Or will the brutal, warlike realm of unending battle and conflict finally claim their souls?

Time will tell. They never cease to surprise - those around them as well as themselves.

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Tower invasion is going well. Not really. Sort of. <.<

We’re alive. Ish. Mostly. <.<

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The tower invasion is drawing to it’s climax, but everyone is tired, beaten, mentally drained, and they have yet to face their biggest challenge. But these hard times has brought everyone together in one way or another - teamwork has improved and surprising acts of selflessness has brought the overall morale up! Surely, they got this in the bag!


… And they’ve actually gone and got it in the bag!

The Maldraxxus finale was an arduous endeavor but the Vagrants somehow pulled it off. While it certainly took a fair share of luck and help from some capable allies, it was also very much well-earned as they strategically joined their strengths and skills together. The Dame of the Tower met her demise and her foul machinations were successfully thwarted.

After gathering the needed information, some rather sentimental and disheartening farewells took place. Now a few members shorter, the mercenary band departed Maldraxxus and found its way back to where it all began - Revendreth.

It’s time to finish the job.

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A questionable ‘alliance’ with a snooping Observer enabled the Vagrants, after some rather sentimental farewells to our forsaken & Ebon Knight comrades, to head back to where their adventures in the Shadowlands began: Revendreth.

The Ember Ward has already proven an unforgiving place - pushing our fel and shadow users well beyond their grasps of sanity, while personal belongings have been pillaged by outcasts and bandits. Let’s not even mention the frequent ash ghoul attacks…

Not all is lost, however. The mercenary band were successful in befriending and ‘taming’ a quirky not-quite feral ghoul with the use of tea, Ardenweald dew and of course - liquid shadows. The ghoul guided the group to safety, where they have since been able to reacquaint themselves with Farstrider allies.

Now? They continue their search for a few friendly faces and on their way, scalping as many bald Nathrezim as they can!

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Well, while we didn’t find any Nathrezim to scalp yet, we sure have not been slacking! An intricate puzzle stumped us for a while, but at least we managed to solve it and are on the right path! With a Hopebreaker freed of his shackles, they’ve made a surprising ally in this place - if he holds true to his word. Who knows at this point really…


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