[H] [Twisting Nether] <Same Old Bull> Raiding Guild Looking for DPS


The guild Same Old Bull consists of a happy bunch of players from all over Europe who are returning to grazing the fields of Mulgore after a few years away. We are currently looking to increase our herd with a few more dedicated gamers to begin our milking of the BFA content.

Same Old Bull strives to field the same old bunch of raiders week after week. We want people who understands that raiding twice per week means just that - raiding twice per week on Wednesday and Sunday from 21:00 - 00:00 GT. By raiding with the same people every week you will quickly get to know each other and each member becomes an important gear in the raiding machine.

As a member of Same Old Bull we offer you the five F’s:

• Friendship
• Fairness
• Fun
• Fidelity
• Free hats (subject to availability)

As a member of Same Old Bull we require you to be cows:

• Competence
• Organization
• Winning attitude
• Social skills

So are you interested in long sunset walks in the under rot?? Have you ever wondered if the grass is greener on the other side? Trust us, it is.

Currently seeking Geared DPS (ilvl375+) capable of moving forward in HC content while we prepare for mythic raiding in BFD of both ranged and Melee variety

For more information Please Contact

Shenglong, - Jefusrlord#5306 (discord)
Necromoo - Noms#6186 (discord)
Big knife

While we are intrested in any players who share our values we are very interested in any of the following DPS classes;

WW Monk
DPS Warrior
Ret Pally

LF Guild - Raiding & M+

hey im a 380 ilvl dps dh im a returning player to retail been playing on private server for the last few years keen too raid. im currently on doomhammer but im happy to change server add my battletag if you’re interested its deadkiller#21657


Sounds great m8 i have added you will give you a yell when i see you online


now full for rogues looking for more DPS and heals


Still Looking for all classes to join us on out two weekly raid nights.


Still need some lovely peeps


Recruitment open for 2 DPS and 2 Healers.


Still seeking 1 more healer and a Couple more DPS geared and ready to begin clearing Heroic


Thank you for the invite :slight_smile:


As a prot warrior(former dps) [Fenafil] and Havoc Demon Hunter[Thebdaylight] looking for an english speaking guild.If u interest want to join your community!



Hi Fenafil one of our guys should be in touch, i have added you but feel free to give me a shout whenever your ready


Still Looking for Reliable DPS to fill the roster.


Hi Shenglong
i just move my main ( Prot. Pala / DPS ) on this server and i’m looking for reliable guild for raiding weekly give a shout if you guys are still looking.
JTBobo is my main name look me up .


(H)Tarren Mill Dk Dps 401 itlv looking for guild (can transfer)

Hey there,

We can have a talk today,
Hit me up on


Need more DPS that are HC ready

Resto shaman lfg

We still need more DPS. We are running HC atm


Looking for more to join us in HC we are very interested in most DPS classes


Still Looking for dps to as we go in Crucible Of Storms next week


Hello, new rogue here 378ilvl looking for a guild to do mythic dungeons and to raid with.


Looking for Melee DPS to complete our roster we are now 5/9hc 2/2nm and ready to climb the final hill.