[H/A] Resto Druid looking for a home for Ny'alotha


I’m a Resto Druid looking for a weekend raiding guild (HEROIC) for 8.3. Got plenty of experience from previous expansions. Mostly been doing RBG/arenas since WoD. Haven’t managed to find a guild who fits my schedule due to me working nightshift 4 days a week. Got back to wow 3 weeks ago after a break. Currently close to 440 ilvl and 70 lvl neck.

I’m a very laidback and chill dude who does not mind wiping for hours aslong as we’re progressing and having a laugh. If you wanna know more about me as a person dont hesitate to contact me.

I dont mind swapping realm and faction if needed. I could actually need a change of scenery (kinda miss playing night elf!)


Hi :slight_smile: Im one of the council members from a guild called Revolution (we are an EU alliance guild on the quel’thalas/ azjol-nerub servers) & we’re looking for members to expand our guild raiding team so that after we clear Ny’alotha Heroic we can then progress onto Mythic!

Our raid days/ times:

Friday/ Saturday 8:45pm - Midnight (gametime)
Wednesdays - 7:45pm onwards (gametime)

I have posted our guild advertisement here - Lf mythic raiders for 8.3 alliance

Feel free to message me if you would like more information/ would like to join us :slight_smile:

My battlenet: Mortemxdraco#2845
My discord: Ilneth the Kobold#2684

I’ve sent you a friend request on battlenet :slight_smile:

Hi I’m one of the Guild Masters for Dungeons and Flagons and we’re currently looking for members on the EU Silvermoon server.

If you’re interested in joining feel free to contact me through my battletag: drunkendwarf#2918