Dungeons and Flagons - Silvermoon

We are happy to announce our new guild on Silvermoon, and we hope you will join us! The TL:DR version is that we are a new guild that wants to raid every Thursday, aiming for that sweet curve achievement for each raid tier! We want to have a strong focus on community building, having fun, and getting somewhere. You can find the long version below.

We strive to provide a guild that combines meaningful progression with a strong emphasis on the social aspect of the game. Our focus is to create a team of open-minded and dedicated players that wants to contribute to a positive environment where everyone can look forward to returning to every day.

We wish to found the greatest guild, and this is how we want to do it!

  • Encourage interaction, by providing fun events, social platforms and a welcoming environment
  • Plan challenging content, to give our members a sense of meaningful progression
  • Focus on what matters, avoiding dusty procedures and rules for something that should be simple

We like to keep things as simple as possible, which influences various aspects of our guild’s organisation. We want to keep our guild small enough to make sure everybody knows your name, but large enough to be able to fill events with members every week. We place a strong focus on recruiting the right members and the right time, and every new recruit is interviewed before joining the guild to make sure they are a good match for the existing team.

Our ranks are kept to a minimum;

  • The Guild Leaders are responsible for administration, communication, recruitment and planning of key events, such as raiding or guild gatherings.
  • The Members are players that have lived up to the guilds ideals by being active, social and helpful while playing the game. A player can have only one character with this rank in the guild.
  • The Alts are alternative characters belonging to a player that already have a character with the Member rank, as mentioned above.
  • The Initiates are new guild members still on trial. They can join any events they wish to but have limited access to the resources of the guild.

We aim to provide a selection of events every week for our members. Raids are hosted by the Guild Leaders, and we encourage everyone to come up with additional ideas for events that might find support among the rest of the guild. If you got a great idea for a fun event, let us know, and we’ll try to make it happen!

The Guild Leaders plan and conduct raids every Thursday from 20:00-22:30 ST. Raid difficulty and requirements might vary, but we plan to work our way from Normal difficulty to Heroic difficulty, with the ultimate goal being the curve achievement for every raid tier for our raid team.

We aim to have a core of raiders that can raid reliably every Thursday, but we also invite guild members with more erratic schedules to join the raids they can, as long as the minimum requirements for the current progression are met. As a minimum, you must meet these requirements in order to join guild raids:

  • Your ilvl is equal to or higher than the raid item level minus 15
  • You can attend the full duration of the raid
  • You understand the basics of your class and spec
  • You can join and participate in voice chat
  • Your gear is enchanted and gemmed

As the difficulty of the raids increase, the requirements might increase as well, so the above points are subject to change. You are responsible for bringing flasks, potions and food yourself, unless otherwise noted by the raid leader.

All raids are logged to help calibrating our tactics and approach in case we struggle against some of the bosses. We see the logs as a valuable tool to get better as a team, not as a method to bash raiders that struggle in the setting.

The primary goal of our raids is to give our members something fun to do together. It is a team effort, where your group depends on you, much like playing sports in a team, or getting together with friends to play board games. When you sign up for raids, we therefore expect you to show up and do your best to make it a pleasant and fun experience for everyone. That includes abiding by the above rules and goals while adding to the great atmosphere of the guild in both voice and text chat channels.

We hope to find a lot of players that wants the same as us – a cozy, homely guild, where you can log in everyday and have a laugh together with friends, while working on meaningful progression in the game. If that sounds like fun, don’t hesitate to reach out!

battletag: drunkendwarf#2918