Happy 14th Anniversary WoW Europe!

On this day, 14 years ago, World of Warcraft released in Europe! :cake:

14 years is a heck of a long time, and I’m sure many of you have some fond memories of friendships made, raids not going according to plan, epic PvP victories (or defeats), and maybe even finding a rare mount or two!

When did you start playing?

What’s your favourite memory of WoW?

Do you remember this screen?

Most of all, THANK YOU for choosing to spend your time in this world (and some short stays on other worlds) over the years! :blush:


Started playing in 2007 on a Druid, which is now parked somewhere because I have this main made in tbc.

The most fun I had in WotLK.

Of course I remember the screen!

Looking forward to an authentic vanilla experience in classic!


I started in BFA so i’m massively late to the party, but cheers! :smile:


Still in love with you after all this time.

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I remember that screen, it was back when we had PvP vendors, those were the days.


Started in Vanilla few months after launch, continuous sub ever since. Not a penny wasted on that money. Best memory is launch of TBC walking to Hellfire Peninsula trough dark portal and seeing all the demons at stairs, massive lands and that music… Good times! And yes ofc i remember that screen. It looks so… old… now!

Now to celebrate this anniversary how about someone nudges that droprate of the love rocket up a bit on EU servers starting tomorrow, eh? :pleading_face:


No I don’t remember that loading screen, I was actually one of those who said
“This game will be an epic fail - look at the graphics. The entire design idea is pure crap!” :face_with_monocle:
And was in a lot of forum discussions were I was aguing against this game :rofl: :blush:

I think I started playing in WOTLK, but I’m a bit unsure about it :thinking:

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bring back hellfire, summon doomguard & summon infernal please thanks


I started in TBC

My favourite memory was actually me derping. We were on a break, the timer ran out and it counts down like a pull timer. I was kind of not paying attention and as soon as the timer counted down I pulled the boss. Half the raid joined in, the other half were like WT… We all fell about laughing and everyone thought it was comical.

I am hoping to see that screen in Summer, if they keep it the same.


Started playing with the launch of TBC :slight_smile:


I started playing during the closed EU beta. I think this was the beta before the open beta and later final beta.

Still have the DVD that you got for the final beta sign up (see pics)
imgur. com/ZUwJnoK.jpg
imgur. com/gfVNADs.jpg

My favourite memory was winning a 1v1 against another warrior to decide which faction will get to kill azuregos back in vanilla. Both raids picked a player and the winner of the 1v1 would get to kill azuregos without the other faction engaging. Having 80 players surround and watch you as you fight in a 1v1 was quite nerve-racking but winning and having 40 people cheer in voicechat was worth it.

and ofcourse I do remember that screen :slight_smile:


Grats on one more year of WoW! It’s been a long journey since starting in The Burning Crusade :slight_smile:

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Congratulations on the anniversary… I think not a lot of games make it to this many anniversaries. :blush:

I only started playing at the end of Cataclysm just before MoP launched. I wish I had been here from the start though. :heart:


Started the very same day it was launched.
My favourite memory, probably, is the opening of the gates of Ahn’Quiraj.
Of course I remember that screen, and the 4 discs (that I still keep like a treasure) that followed that screen.


I started playing at the end of TBC, week or two before Wrath pre-launch events and still the only game I play :heart_eyes:

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I started in 2006 and I think my favourite memory is the very first time i logged in, I was a female gnome mage and I was stunned by the graphics and casting frostbolts was amazing.

I vaguely do remember that screen!

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Played the final beta, didn’t play classic though. Started again in BC.

Favourite memories of these times were the customer service. You know, getting answers in a useful matter of time and seeming to come from actual people. Unlike today, where it takes 2 days to get a response that could’ve come from a bot mindlessly checking for words matching its predefined text blocks. Or even getting to chat with a GM now and then.

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That really must been epic m8!
As a Warrior I must say I am really jealous!
Gratz for such amazing moment!

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Oh, that was indeed really fun! Everything was lagging so hard, trying to run around between those huge anubisath giants, one second doing fine next second being stomped dead :joy: Then run back to corpse and continue. (i realize this post sounds sarcastic talking about lag and fun in same context but it’s not, lag was sort of making it even more crazy event)


Started in 2006 and I can’t remember yesterday but I do remember getting divorced around then so damn you Blizzard :smile: