Happy 14th Anniversary WoW Europe!

Never played warcraft 1, but, saw a friend playing it,…got warcraft 2 and enjoyed the story since.

Fav moment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATHWmgOyegQ
The intro music to the game was epic, the cinematic ingame trailer was epic…
But god, the intro to each race…i remember been like (human was my starter btw), wow, i cant wait to join the armies fighting the horde…i bet i had the same thing once i entered AV for the first time…“wow, so this is the distance battle field they where talking about at the start, gonna be epic!”

And who can forget that oldschool installing screen, can still recreate it if i put my old CD into my PC and it load up “wanna install wow?” <3.

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Happy Birthday WoW EU!!

I remember going out on the launch evening to buy two copies, one for me, one for the daughter’s then boyfriend. Just to keep him occupied :wink:

My first toon is still sitting on his original server. He got as far as lvl 11 and out of the starter area before some friends from work decided to settle on another server. I’ve revisited him on every anniversary since (where I’ve remembered) and he’s now something like lvl 14… next year I’ll take him to 15, etc. :wink:

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Bladesong on Azune Orc shaman , then switched to Nordrassil similar name Hunter on first day when it came live. They were good times still are these days friend list still active as well 14 years a long time cheers all.

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Those disks broke my heart, soul and will.

I must’ve installed wow 7-10 times for them to finally work, best first game impression ever! best game ever! and best memories from a game ever!

Started playing maybe mid vanilla or abit earlier.

Most fond memories were from WoD cinematic and wrathgate.

An yes! I do!


I started to play at the end of LK era and beginning of Cataclysm :blush:
I remember how little i used to know back then and how game keep me occupied every single day… All day… :sweat_smile:
And now after so many years WOW is still my happy place and my chill zone. :sunglasses::ok_hand:t2:


Killing Ragnaros after almost handing the ID over to a top guild that just wanted “the kill for equip” by also getting help by a group of friends (from that guild) that decided to go against their lead.

August 9th 22 mins past midnight. Got the Spinal Reaper. Felt super lucky that moment.

And yes it was rather late during Vanilla, but this was a casual guild that basically raided MC with at least 8 of one class from time to time. Nothing high-end progression oriented.

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This day, 14 years ago, this character came into being (as a female orc hunter).
I technically started playing during the beta though.

That’s almost impossible to answer; there’s so many good ones.


I want classic to have this installer to start things off right! Make it happen? :star_struck:


I think i began in 2009/2010 my daughter gave it me , we had a lot fun then , not thinking of gearing up etc.
We live in rl 3 hours drive with the car from each other and that way we were a bit together , well thats my very fond memory of my beginning days in wow but i still have a lot to learn.


Started on release day after playing the open beta shortly prior. My first character was a priest that I played as a main throughout vanilla and early WotLK. I then switched to my druid.

My favorite memory … hmm, I have many, all related to people. The most intense are those months of wiping in BWL, particularly at Vaelastraz. I also have oddly fond memories of the old PvP system and the many nights with my premade team (made it to rank 12 before burning out). It was grueling, but the group was right-knit and we spent many long hours grinding out honor. Oh, and collecting sand in Silithus was noteworthy, though anything but fun. :slight_smile:

Happy birthday, WoW Europe! It’s not always been a smooth ride, but a memorable one! Here’s to many more years!


i remember making a character and not being able to log into the servers and the game being up and down like a yoyo :slight_smile: Running all the way to stormwind and dying repeatedly to meet up with Human and Dwarf friends (I wanted to play Nelf) just so we could pool our cash to make the Brotherhood Guild !

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30 June 2005 and you owe me a statue. I have never had a break in my subscription.

I still have my install CDs so I can find that screen easily.


July 2005, I moved over from Runescape back in the day and it’s been the only game I still play.

I used to absolutely love wasting time with friends in Mulgore fishing, making campfires and chatting. That zone felt like an expansive world at the time, let alone the rest of it.

Oh PS; Legion was the best expansion!

runs away


Happy birthday WoW Europe!

Do we get dazed removed on the 15th Anniversary?


It’s my birthday today too. Played on and off since beta (late 2004?). Favorite memories… probably progressing through MC, downing Rag and ganking Horde in BRM while waiting for the raid to start, listening to our drunk Romanian priest friend on Ventrillo/TS/Mumble or whatever it was we were using back then. Trying to play while checking Thottbot on my 17 inch monitor… Alexa, play Vangelis’ Blade Runner - Tears in Rain

edit: was my birthday, 11/02, posted after midnight :]

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March 21st 2006

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When did you start playing?
I started playing the open US beta

What’s your favourite memory of WoW?
The closing of the beta servers, anticipating the real WoW starting a few weeks later.

Do you remember this screen?
Oh yes, I remember the screen.

I have been a non-stop subscriber since the EU servers opened!

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Started playing in the US beta - early on. There were no hunters, no druids, and the talent system had just gotten revamped and only mages and warriors (iirc?) had trees at all, and they were super weird.

I remember getting very excited about it after visiting the old World of Warcraft town hall website, which had a lot of screenshots of the game. I was particularly excited because I’d spent half the summer of 2003 playing on Warcraft 3 RP maps, one of which had a map of all of Azeroth in it - although the Warcraft 3 engine’s limitations severely limited what could be displayed. 256x256 maps, 16 ground textures… good times. Anyway, the idea of exploring the whole of Azeroth was just delightful.

My favourite moment in this game was probably the opening of the dark portal. I remember coming home from the store after having bought it, and when I walked through the Dark Portal, which I was very excited to do because I thought it was such a cool place in Warcraft 3 and especially in Warcraft 2, I was completely blown away by how alive and crazy the whole thing was. I was on a medium pop realm, so while I did suffer some lag, it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was on the really big servers.

And yes, I remember that image. And yes, I still have the disks. And yes, they still work. And yes, I still have an optical drive and… oh, what the heck! Feast your eyes!




First memory: made a night elf warrior, fell off the starting area to the ocean. Did not know spirit healers had a use, jumped down several times to retrieve my corpse.
Deleted the elf and made an undead warlock and been loving it since

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I started one day before WotLK launched,I made a human warlock :slight_smile:

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