Happy 14th Anniversary WoW Europe!

Late quarter of WoD.

Leveling my first ever undead fury warrior in Arahi. Got jumped on by rogue and priest and still managed to kill the priest and force rogue to tactically stealth-away.

Yeah was fun till lvl 93 when Legion launched and I looked with despise of what did you Blizz do to fury warrior.

Nope I do not.

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Started when it was released in EU.

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August 2008, if I remember correctly. Didn’t really get much time to actually get into the game until the later parts of Wrath though. I do remember the opening of Icecrown Citadel, so I must have had my first level 80 character (BElf Rogue) up and running by then. Been mostly playing since then, only taking a few long breaks for different reasons.

My favorite moment so far though, must have been the reopening of the Dark Portal into Draenor, the first actual pre-launch and launch event I was able to be around for. Fun times. Lots of crashes, though I didn’t really see that many of them, other than that first time going through to Tanaan.

And yes, I do actually remember that screen very well. Despite the fact I didn’t get to start playing until 2008, I did have the CDs for 2 or 3 years before that, and did try to install it on my family’s computer, but at the time I had no idea it was an MMO or what a subscripton was, so they were really just collecting dust on the shelf… Great times. Used to look over the game manual and fantasising about what characters I would make x)

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2001 - saw a brief mention in a german game magazine that Blizzard is developing a mmo.
2004 - an article in the same magazine caught my eye again. It was very detailed (10 pages) but i was not too excited because of the graphics.
2004 - Games Convention Leipzig (Germany) At the Blizzard booth i could try out WoW for the first time for a few minutes.
2005 - Invitation for the final stage of the beta.

February 11th, 2005 - it was a rainy day when i purchased my two Classic CE’s (one still originally sealed) and installed the game. My first character was this female dwarf hunter (because of the intro cinematic). And i play ever since.

I have lot of memories but the first one i had goosebumps was being for the first time in Molten Core and seeing Ragnaros emerge from the lava. I thought: “how can we defeat something this huge”

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Started playing in TBC.
Most fun memory is when my husband started playing and got his horde to hellfire. Swears were flying across the living room because he did not understand why his tauren was changing into a sheep all the time.
My human mage was hiding…rest of the story may be clear :wink:
And yes, i remember that screen also.


Hehe good old times! I was a complete noob during wow classic did not even manage to level to 60. TBC was my thing so is this character!

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Whoaaa. Started 3 months b4 TBC release. No idea what was playin. I was a skilled Bg2 player and i said: ill be an hardcore one! useless to say… i never reached 60 b4 TBC was released…

I was still in army when I saw the first images of WoW in gaming magazine. I remember hating it all when the first info came out, just the whole MMO thing was so off putting because the previous MMO games I had played were all just horrible. I tested this game on my friends account, on Beta1 and I was hooked, I wasnt blown away, but it had that “oh thats nice, I remember this from WC2/3” feel to it all the time. I played on and off during Vanilla, it was fun but never got into raiding, only UBRS, and thats it. Still, after 14 years later, here I am, logging on to same world and still enjoying myself. Thank you Blizzard for making a game that is just so goddam good!

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Grats I would say to us.

I began to play my Paladin on 23th December 2007, it was more a family thing because my brother moved to another City far away and had begun to play the Game it is was a good thing to play with him.

In these days he is back and left WoW behind, but now I leave for my reallife and WoW family because have found my personal luck in WoW.

Our plans for this Year is moving together marriage and offspring (it’s on the way)

in these days I have a logistic challenge to manage my personal move.

Next month a new job.

It’s a long time we play together now.

I hope it will have more funny momements in WoW anyway :slight_smile:

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First time I ever saw or heard from WoW was when I playing on the Gamecube next to my cousin who was playing the game on his PC. He tried explaining it to me and I was intrigued but it would be a while before I’d actually play the game.

Fast forward a few years later: TBC came out. The game had become so popular that it was known by people who even didn’t play video games. It didn’t really had a positive image, with some people saying WoW had broken many families apart etc. I was still intrigued but I was laughing at the game with the rest of the clueless people who didn’t play.

One day a few weeks later I was bored and thought to myself “that game looks super immersive so I bet I could lose myself there for a few hours”. I went to the website and started the download for the 10 day trial. It took at least 6 hours to download and patch before I could even make a character, but in the evening the time had come.

I made my first character, this one, and logged in. The first time I saw Nothshire was amazing. People were running all over and realizing this were actual players from around the world was mind-blowing to me. It didn’t take long to group up with other players who were really friendly and helped me kill that Princess- hog, the Defias coin collector, and eventually Hogger.

Sadly I wasn’t a very good player and I got lost a lot. It took me over 6 months to reach lvl 58, but at last the moment I had looked forward to was at hand. Ever since my first time logging in I had fantasised about going to Outland, joining my friends and guildies. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t look at that blank map of Outland, guessing where I’d end up when I went through that portal, either in Hellfire or where Black temple was (was the most logical place to me in term of geography). So when I finally dinged 58 in Winterspring I hightailed it to Blasted Lands and stepped through.

It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and better. My jaw dropped when I first went through and gazed over Hellfire, with that awesome music and daunting atmosphere. Sadly it still took over a few months for me to get to 70, but when I did I was so happy. I did realize that I couldn’t stay Ret so when I got an offspec healing mace from Kara I rolled Holy and never looked back since. To this day TBC remains my favorite expansion in WoW, though WotLK came close.

Logging in the first time, killing Edwin Van Cleef in original DM, Farming Zul-Farrak for the epic 2h sword, going through the Dark Portal, Karazhan and Gruuls lair, Being there for the pre-wotlk event and killing the Lich king…

Though the game is not what it used to be, Azeroth still remains a home away from home. Thank you for giving me those awesome memories that will stay with me for life.

Started in late 2006 with a mage, I still have the blizz email of billing cancellation when i stopped my subs in 2007.
Then i spent a few yrs on private servers (poor student got no money) until cata, then stopped again and came back for a while in legion and now in bfa.

Best memories are from the early expansion: the community was so much better, chatting with people for grouping was great and i loved the old talent system, made my character feel much more mine than today.

I Started in TBC when actually class identity and “Gameplay first” philosophy was a thing. I Actually had Button to press and not 1234 Random procs from random passives all over the place.

Ah and a stupid shop next to the monthly subscription wasnt there either… fix ur slotmashine game blizz

Killing Ragnaros after almost handing the ID over to a top guild that just wanted “the kill for equip” by also getting help by a group of friends (from that guild) that decided to go against their lead.

August 9th 22 mins past midnight. Got the Spinal Reaper. Felt super lucky that moment.

And yes it was rather late during Vanilla, but this was a casual guild that basically raided MC with at least 8 of one class from time to time. Nothing high-end progression oriented.

I have been playing wow since release day. never unsubbed.

Best memories are pre-cataclysm … everything after that is weird and confusing.

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One of my fondest memories is that i played my neighbors character while he was eating dinner, i was tanking UBRS then :stuck_out_tongue: then a few months later for my birthday i bought WoW myself, and been playing ever since 2005 :slight_smile:

Started during public beta and then bought WoW-classic on launch day after i wrote my last exam for the comming weeks during my chemistry studies on that day. Had a week of holidays then which I used to play WoW a lot :slight_smile:
But the best time in WoW for me was BC when I started or extended a lot on raiding and had a very nice group for kara and ZA and also started to offer PUGs to hyjal and sunwell ah memories.
Thanks Blizzard I’m looking forward to playing more again when my RL gets better again, stayed supped all the time even when not really playing due to RL because this way I always could jump back in to WoW.

PS: So my account is running for 14 years now although I expected to play a month or 2 since WoW was not in my normal genres hehe.

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I started on this day 14 years ago. I have never been so hyped about a games release since.

While some games have taken my attention for a month or two at a time, no games has ever taken me away for all these 14 years.

Games that have come and gone or played little
Swtor - this one I thought would, but got the max level and thought … er ok what now
GTA Online - i play every now and then, spoiled by hackers
Neverwinter Online - Same as WoW, was looking forward to this as I played Neverwinter alot previously, but it seemed basic and didn’t have the magic. Still randomly play.
Elder Scrolls - Not ESO, really didn’t get into it. Not sure why.
Sim City - Another game I’ve played all through my youth, the online version is fun in bursts - still play randomly if I’m in a building mood.
Championship Manager - As I can only play as my local team and they suck in EFL League 1 my time spent here is always short lived.