Happy early Ramadan!

Are you sure English is your first language? Because it’s not hard not to contradict yourself within the span of a few hours.


Meaning it is against forum code of conduct.

It’s rather impressive how you managed to contradict yourself in one sentence LOL


English is my second language. Arabic is my first.

And yet even I can see I didn’t contradict myself. I said in both comments that “happy Ramadan” threads are perfectly allowed.

Christmas isn’t related to wow either, but it’s allowed.

Know the difference dear.


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The irony with you absolutely hilarious :joy: keep going please…

Yeah… People do… every major tournament… we even chat about rugby occasionally, which is arguably better than football with a much better behaved fan base :grin:

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I made a post over the WC and it got taken down in an hour.

Only reason this is still up is because they’ll scream ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA!!!’ The victim card has already been played:

Disciplined for actually breaking the rules? Impossible! You must have a problem with my religion!



If it’s not WoW related, then it’s not allowed. Read below.


Whataboutism is not a valid argument. This is not a Christians vs Muslims thread.

Learn what the definition of irony means.


Strange, I remember WC and Euro threads staying up for days :woman_shrugging: perhaps yours was a second or third thread or devolved into arguments or derailed to the point it had to be 404’d/hidden.

The fact is, we have many “off topic” threads and even over on the US forums they have a dedicated off topic lounge which we were denied because we aren’t well enough behaved for one, however they do allow us a certain amount of off topic discussion provided we are respectful about it hence the “do not delete” foodie thread and the “GD lounge” and “music” threads.

We are, after all, human beings and it is in our nature to chat and wonder off topic a little, try it and enjoy. You might even make some new wow friends.

Not that “masked” orc though :joy: he is too edgy and ironic but doesn’t seem to see his own irony which just makes it even more hilarious to watch.


Sigh…… My Autistic self has better things to do than repeat myself a 1000 times to people who can’t understand what is and what isn’t allowed.

Again: speak to the Mods! But you don’t want to do that, instead you want to derail this thread.

So my hands are tied. Can’t deal with people like that.

Have a wonderful month and may you prosper in your life and find success. I have no hate towards you, but I have no patience to make you understand forum rules either.

Good day


You can throw your insults all day, but that is all you can do, isn’t it? Because you couldn’t form an argument even if it depended on your life, so it would seem.


Ah. That explains a lot.

Make sure you understand them yourself first.


Urgak, classic alt, just go talk to the managers already. No one here really has the time.

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You have 1870 forum posts, stop acting like you do anything productive :clown_face:


You seem to have the time to keep responding with the same sentence.

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Explains my intelligence? We are known for our high IQ and thinking outside the box.

By the way attacking someone based on ethnicity, religion, or disability is also against the rules. The irony.


Yes level 53, 14 post “masked” orc rogue…

All 14 of your posts are calling people who support international women’s days “terfs” :roll_eyes: and having a go at Anizah and Islam…

:joy: I’ve really met my match with you haven’t I…


You are literally refuting a factual piece of information that says this post is inherently against the code of conduct. There’s ‘thinking outside the box’ and then there’s being straight up silly.

Lose the victim mentality, it’s embarrassing. I haven’t ‘attacked’ you on any of those things.

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Level 66, 2157 posts. That’s a lot of posts! I wouldn’t say I’m your match just yet with that many posts!


Exactly. I just saw his first post and it was on the “Happy Women’s day” thread. :rofl:

So many trolls in this thread.

Post on your main if you have the guts!


Is your main a level 12 Rogue?

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And you are ignoring the facts that the post was reinstated by the moderators… too bad, so sad.

You are however consistently (along with the “masked” ironic orc) derailing the thread for no other reason than “Muh game, muh forums don’t need real life stuff” even though you freely admit to having created football threads in the past so either you are a hypocrite or just Islamophobic.

The “masked” orc is both and ironically mogged which is hilarious because they don’t even have the self awareness to see it but you? there might be some hope for you :wink: