Hard to do nothing at a bg as an alliance

After a long time I log in my old char and enter into the only bg that plays, warsong gulch but now it’s worst than before, we enter with an incomplete team 6/10 and be over destroyed against the full team horde and some people start to leave the bg, i dont know if they are going to make any solution to this but it’s unfair and I can’t be paying for this… I don’t know if I want to play fresh blizzard i prefer to stay at ps at least in critical situations they make solutions like mixed bgs but this is unplayable…

Join the horde and always have a full team!

If I like my char and my faction why I have to join the horde?.
Wait wrong site I want to put my post on wow classic forum not in tbc, sorry.

They must make a response of this rubbish.

Fresh inc soon buddy