Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

Try logging in, I was a ghost on logging screen but once I logged in i was at the graveyard with 1% hp and mana.

The cost would be high. Investigating and handling the appeals of denied appeals. And the "you fixed my friend, why not me"s

They’re just not going to do it.


Man sucks to be you right now.


You can affirme that about 300+ level 60s died. Even more below that.

Hell no bro, Appealcore is omega cringe.

The game is not being ruined by players who use 20 days of game time to reach level 10, but by players who consider the competition of rushing to reach the current maximum level to be the measure of all things. And of course they are always under the illusion that their own playing style is simply the best and absolutely admirable.

After the DC I found my character alive at the GY but it has the “Tarnished Soul” debuff on it. Dose that make my character valid still or do I need to make a new one?

That’s exactly the one and only reason they will never do this. It is impossible to differentiate between justified and not justified requests. It would lead to more bitterness than the very bitter rule “If you die because we are stupid - it’s your problem.”

so that means allways?

i did not loose high level character but for a server to enter 15 min lag state is unaccaptable that totally removes the hardcore experience from the game which means there is no need to even try again i could understand admins to say things as no ressurection but for a server to enter 15 minute offline state and they still dont do anything means they dont give a damn about it so i dont want to play a game by thinking if i gonna die again for 10 min lags again after i engage a combat i only returned for hardcore 4 days ago and not gonna start a character again if they dont gonna solve the issue

im pretty sure that their servers being on fire is justified request

noone asks to do appeals, just roll back edited by moderationserver to pre crash, its that simple

In cases like this you dont go one by one appeal… There are ways to deal with it in mass but that would mean to resurrect some that died in normal way but in this case I believe that would be acceptable

Sad enough that i consider the probability that Blizzard is actually not fixing the servers on purpose to gain another months of subscriptions from all those who “go agane”… Very unfortunate, that we are not being treated as “players” anymore but as “customers” but I think it’s ok.

It was my last journey to Azeroth anyways, I was only reliving a memory and now it’s…

…time to move on.

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at the moment blizzard is no different than griefer who tries to kill players for fun if they not gonna do a rollback or smth to fix this issue thousands of ppl claim that the server was unplayable for at least 10 to 15 min and they still not gonna do anything means they dont even care

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4 days ago lags started, dude maybe it is you that brought it :smiley:
Just joking. I still believe they will come to their senses and give players back their chars, I believe people would be ok with it that way since this things can happen…

That would be the worst way of running a game ever. Piss off your players by ending their game unfairly, and make them start over from level 1 expecting them to just start over and get another month of game time. Players are pissed off. I have seen dozens of 50+ die in a couple of seconds. Do you really think they just shrug it off and start again?

Even you say that you quit.

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hell no i even loose a low level character and if they not gonna do anything to fix the issue that will be my signal that i can loose a lwl 60 character to a boar in goldshire

Our supporting standards as player/customer went so downhill that we are reduced to accept this level of unbearable services from this company, we were use to in game support to accepting unfaire rules, what a progress people.
This is really outrageous and my charactere isnt even dead but all I see are people not as lucky as me which I wont be able to play with, people who spent their valuable time in that game because they like it so much.
And these guys is what this Activision Blizzard is doing to us…

yep you are lucky for now but are you gonna be lucky enough to not die in the next 10 min server lag? im still waiting for a bluepost to that says there is no turnback or we gonna fix the issue so i can delete the character and leave or keep playing