Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

Funny this is that Pshero did not die for once :slight_smile: DCdeadHero survived. That’s something to celebrate.

I fully accept that you can die due to server issues in an MMO, BUT, when the stability of the servers are only occurring after a scheduled maintenance, then that is different.

It would be good to know what got done during scheduled maintenance if any anything changed in relation to sharding, etc.
Some changes must have been made during the maintenance window, and very likely didn’t get tested under significant load which is seen within a production environment.

Let’s have some more transparency about what went on during the maintenance window, and what work got done yesterday evening along with the restarts

i dont fully accept what you claim tbh i can accept 3 4 sec lags or 10 sec lags but hell no a 10 min lag

This is not an occasional one time only lag, the servers have lags for 4th day in a row without a warning or taking down the servers. I think these massive lags warrant an exception from the no revival rule.

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Read what i said, as a server issue, but not as part of stability issues after maintenance. 10 sec lag falls into stability issues and not your run of the mill server issues

We demand blizzard’s response
[removed*] blizzard

At the moment they have nothing to say.

Yep. Finally a weekend where i can play my HC character i log in quest for 20min. i pull one mob. And then i DC. Servers is down for 30min my char is alive on login screen i press login and my char is dead. Thank you blizzard. That was the last chance for u. I will delete and unsub and i will start telling people around me not to play this game… Do rollback now or you are the biggest indy joke company ever


Unacceptable @Bushida

Hi all follow nerds

Yes the server is a s-hit show and it makes you mad.

There is no reason to be mad, try undestandign why this is happening in the first place.

It is all about money.

First of, Bilzzard saving costs on not having the needed server capasity, saving cost equials more profit.

2nd The issue may have come from some server updates that have not been coded correcty, but having interns code your server patches is saving costs, saving cost quials more profit.

3rd. Server roll back or having Blizzard staff revive your dead charter will never happen. As this will incress costs for Blizzard support, extra cost equels lover profit.

To make it clear, I love WoW classis and have payerd many thousend ours of it, but when you reaslise your are no longer a valued customer but a cashcow that is getting millked for every penny, it is time to move on sadly.

No one working af blizzard curretly made WoW(1-60) they are just leaching on others works and our love for a dead game.

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could be a DDoS attack to grief HC players.

in any case, there should be a rollback, this is totally unfair and cannot be defended

Maintenance on US was like any other 1 hour weekly…
After it was done players started reporting Issues like stuck on log in or seeing character select screen with no chars on it etc and all WoW was affected HC, ERA, WOTLK, Dragonflight.
When there was time to do regular weekly maintenance on EU it was announced as 8 hours and it lasted for like 6 hours or so, they were probably trying to prevent same thing happening as on US but after it we got this.
It is 4 days now and people still not aware of it but they refuse to put warning on launcher…
Idk what have they done in that maintenance but now I bet deaths from this can be in
tens of thousands and for those saying we agreed on ToS and other points that really have no sense in case this severe I would say stop it.
If Blizz dont get people back their chars I believe many will leave game and when people start leaving game in bulks it creates avalanche that eventually destroys game.
We have something nice here and idk what is going on but for me there are 2 reasons, either this is some kind of sabotage as it is strange that something like this never happened before but is happening now and it is something that can hurt this game mode the most or it is just Blizzard trying to kill this game mode as it dont bring them enough money…

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Was attacking a pack of murlocks at lvl 23 and then the lag/crash happend and when I came back online I was as dead as I could be

No, becuase if it was and Blizzard cared about you, there would have been an warning on the Battle.net app. There is not, because you dont matter to Blizzard.

For me it is quite idiotic to find excuses for them in anycase. Even rules or money they should explain themselves.

isnt that what i just said :smiley:

Subscribed 2 days ago to play HC, no I don’t thoroughly check the forums or reddit to see if it is safe to sub, and there was no warning message before logging in.

It’s very convenient to say in the rules before creating a character that there will be no compensation in any form when, among other things, “server outages” happen.

Yes, very convenient to let the servers run, with no warning, completely unstable, let them find out after they sub, when they die to a lag bomb or when they are lucky, reading the chat in a city. Oh excuse me, yes I will from now on read at least 2 pages of the multiple forums before I sub.

I am extremely disappointed by the reaction by Blizzard to these issues, and knowing that Bobby Kotick and his ilk are the masterminds behind ActiBlizz, you can be certain that there will be no compensation in game time either, like back then when they had massive technical problems and actual gamers and nerds were working in the company.

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We demand a rollback or rebirth


We demand a rollback or rebirth, or I will unsubscribe and not play and there are so many
of us because of your mistake


I hope in resurrection, too late for rollback is not realistic ppl still playng now

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