Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

I think we need to create a petition

I’ve now seen multiple of characters being brought to life, one even with the Soul of Iron DEBUFF that he died and yet he is still alive and well. This is ridiculous that some lucky chaps got a free pass from the massacre caused by blizz poorly maintenanced servers and others are left in the ditch

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Some 1 know how many ppl die in this event?

Skill issue, server will be safer without you

the only skill issue i see is your presence here


you accepted death by any means, dont go cry about getting a server rollback because you died. dont be a sore loser, you tried, you died, you go agene,

Plenty of posts already explaining why that is not valid point in this case. Stop trolling people already angry enough


he is not troll, just regular shill


By agreeing to play on these realms, you accept that your character’s death is permanent for whatever the reason. This includes disconnections, lag, server outages, gameplay bugs, or any other reason.

You press accept. server outages,

You accepted this still you want rollback

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Again plenty of posts stating why it cant be applied in this case…

Why wont it apply? it says whatever reason. stop saying yes if you actually mean no

but this goes beyond

The sad life of a pathetic blizzard shill.

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stop it, im just reporting her posts for trolling at this point

Sad life of people without reading comprehension just pressing yes then complaining its not in their favour. You say yes, death is permenant for whatever reason >> any reason happens >> this is unfair, roll back

Thankfully, very few agree with your perspective when it come to this kind of events

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My character died on Stiches at around 10:37ish when first big lag spike occurred. I was in STV on mount (bought mount recently, like 1h b4 death) when i got in combat with stealth panther. I used everything i had (vanish, dummy etc) but nothing was reaching servers, few minutes later (at 10:25) i saw my dead character near Gurubashi arena.
I do not know what was it like for Nek’rosh, if they had any issues etc but at the time of Stiches lag spike, in STV, i saw 10 people above level 40 in graveyard. Apparently, some say 2k+ people died total.
Only reasonable request is to do server rollback. This wasn’t case of people dying to doing dumb stuff, skill issues, but literally someone at Blizzard saying f you and pulling the cord.
Some people are ‘‘confirming’’ resurrections (not sure if this is true or not), apparently logging in with 1hp etc…

I am ready for unfortunate death due to DC or some lags. In fact I saved a few people who I saw struggle with it (e.g. running in one spot while mob was killing them), however we are talking about incompetence of a huge company for fails in maintenance server as stable as it is possible and also lack of communication between customers and the Blizzard. We pay for the product and we have a right to requre that the issues like we experience in past days will be fixed as soon as it is possible.


Lag is hardcore, It’s a part of the experience. I love the thrill of it and it makes things more fun and thrilling, also its not gonna last forever and I know Blizzard is working hard on resolving the issues. I bet a lot of us love the game and would go agane even if we hit 60!!
#IPlaySSF #betterthaneveryone #IAmHim

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I am not saying blizz is without blame here. But asking for rollbacks that punish players who didnt persih whilst you have agreed to terms that state though luck if this happens.

I respect it if people cancel over this, but dont go call for things you opted out of by agreeing to their terms

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