Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

Dude, don’t be that delusional.
Blizzard didn’t even try to give us a comunicate, the servers are being laggy for 2-3 days, should we then stop playing?
We are not talking about being greedy at hyperspawn zones when you know with all the lag something can go wrong, we are talking about ppl dying w/o sense at all.
So in my case, being tpd into void is my fault then? Please dude.

While flying the game suddenly decides to teleport me above the skies of Burning Steppes at level 42.

Clip here https://streamable.com/nd7263

It would be fantastic if this company had a modicum of respect for the player base of their most popular game right now, and spent a tiny bit of resources of it.


its like this for 20 years i mean…why think theres will “fix” it now? xD

Ey, at least you are alive

Glad to see someone for once survived it. Most people just end up dead in middle of nowhere. But ye, they keep letting this happen every single sec they let the server be up.

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is this a trend now? people open a thread because they died on the game?

isnt this considered a spam or offense in the new social contract?

is this normal?

like,does anyone even care why,or when you died on video game?

im unsubbed since season 2 start (bad game atm) but when i come check the news i only see numerous posts of people explaining how they died,in a somehow try to recover the character or what?

didnt this people know the character is deleted when they die?

why they come here trying to use a dc,or a lag to recover the deleted pixel?

seriously…whats is it?

When its a serverwide issue of epic proportions, maybe they need to fix it.
You get like 3 min of lag entering a zone, people litteraly dropping like flies from flight path. It is total madness atm.

My griffon just disappeared and I fall to death. Nice game Blizz. I’ll never play this game if they don’t reset all these deaths.
Nek-Rosh 37 lvl warrior…

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u think they give a damn?

Alright own up
Who at Blizzard left the VPN on?

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I died flying over wetlands. I spent all the day fishing without moving because the lag, and when i went to wetlands to change the fishing spot i die during the flight. thats not fair at all. thats not harcore. there was not a simple advice from blizzard for this.
Many people on my guild have die at the same time because they were on gryphon flight. My body is in a unreacheble place. * Theoretically players cant get of the gryphon. im pretty sure Blizzard could do a rollback with conditions.
Level 35 druid

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20 years of investinating lag, maybe you should investigate our subscriptions and lower the price since you guys cant deliver ?


Stop simping please! I lost char on first night after maintenance without any previous warning. People dont know many just log in to play without reading forums I my self dont have any of public chats in default chat window in game and it is not like lag come instantly it appears after some time in game

I died like this ye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYyAXhgcaW0

I don’t expect the recovery, but I would expect the fix of the 2 days issue which prevents customers from playing, so it doesn’t affect more players >:(

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Ye same, i was doing rfk and everything was fine inside instance, no lag or whatsoever. Dinged 32 and was happy to go do training and decided to take fp in tanaris first. Jumped off the elevator outside rfk and put slow fall first only to find out the slow fall spell was “pending” and falling down, after 20seconds or so the char teleported and died… I also made a support ticket about it but i dupt they will resurrect. Its kinda pointless to have a hardcore server if people cant trust the servers stability… Nobody wanna spend 100s of hours on building something only to loose it by servers fault.

EDIT: Oh and this was on stiches EU


I press Play in launcher, game launches but I get the message “you were disconnected”. It only works on second try. Also yesterday when I saw gryphon took 1 minute to land, I stopped playing. On Stitches EU.

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This is terrible, almost feels someone on the server trolling you. Blizzard, give this man at least 6 months free sub and rest of them that died between 00-03 as flies yday.

Good morning,

Work on this has continued throughout the night, including server restarts to pick up changes.

Needless to say, no one should be putting their hardcore characters at risk, but for those able to safely log in and check, how are things looking at the moment?

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Checked some minutes ago at least to be sure my character was ok since I had a lot of trouble going back inside an Inn after my mate died on just a pool of water (snapjaws river) due to a lag spike in front of me (just freezed on my point of view and after some seconds flashed dead in the same place)

Right now it looked better than yesterday but if I have to be honest I’m losing confidence on playing after this.

Are you going to amend things related to this death cases? Ending this journey like this was, at least, anticlimatic in all senses.

Why isn’t there any warning when logging in that states that the servers are not working correctly and no one should be putting their hc characters at risk? why is it hidden in a support post on the forums?