Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

you mispelled billion.

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It’s a meme…

This is crazy

You used 10 days to level 30 as a hunter lmao


Just had a wave of people die on Stitches due to lag-related deaths e.g. dying to lava in IF, falling from gryphons and fatigue.
Currently stuck in BRD, unable to leave the instance as I’m typing this due to Transfer Aborted: instance not found.

Omg stop literary taking every word said, some people lost their chars and they did invest 10 days in it. People are playing game as it should be played taking time and doing side things, he maybe was playing 1 hour a day for 10 days or he did 10 hours a day it doesnt matter at all to this subject.


it seems location related. Was playing fine in darkshore and gnomeregan. Super laggy in SW and literally unplayable in STV.
Right now tried to port to SW from darn, got stuck in loading screen and then got the message “transfer aborted: Instance not found”.
Hope they manage to fix this mess, like WTF?!

gg serverlag into Deadge

Let’s continue our discussion in this thread where it’s more likely to receive any official response from Blizzard:

Nek’rosh is just getting worse. Most geared mage just died due to it.

A LOT of people just died on Stitches realm.

Some of the worst lag I’ve seen so far. I’m one of the lucky ones.

I Just dead on 60 lvl mage
Just dissconnect under mobs and DIED LOL

People dying like flies Blizzard. Maybe take down the servers or communicate ingame so people log out? Haha this is hillarious! What is this support you giving your subscribers.

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I see they are making server restart tonight between 3 and 4 am
Another subject I would mention is whats with grace period for when we get DC for example im back in que instead of instantly logging on and maybe saving char

HC Stitches, approx 12:10am. I was steadily clearing a cave with my lvl 26 hunter - making sure my escape route was clear. Then, the game freezes for 10secs. Suddenly, all the cave re-spawned and started pummeling me. RIP

Mobs respawns could be actually a trigger for lag. I lost 37 when that pack with Forsaken Courier spawned right on top of me I think it is called Goshek farm or something like that in Arathi Highlands.

Blizzard have to do something with all the deads happening right now.
Lost my main 10 mins ago because I was teleported into nothingness, diying from fall dmg. 55h played, lost because the servers are broken.
We are not talking about players skill issue, we are talking about ppl who spent tons of hours to die right now because no one is trying to solve the server lag problems.
Hope the characters are back, at least the ones who died from fall dmg, drowning etc etc

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It’s so funny to see people asking for roll backs of characters that have died while the servers are being this way. It’s entirely on you for playing while knowing that the servers are unstable and can cause random lag spikes.

And you don’t need to read forums to realise something has been off with the servers since maintenance. It’s entirely your fault for staying on the servers and still playing.

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I got thrown off the gryphon in IF into the Lava on EU stitches so that was fun! Level 46. Great job from this incredible s**show off a company!! Dying from my own stupid mistakes is fine but dying to sht like this should not happend!


I kinda agree with you. We all have accepted that server lags can happen. But this has been up for more than 48 hours and they are doing 0 communcation within the game. Not everyone reading the forums and it took them 24 hours+ here to even say they investigate it. It just shows Blizzard totally gave up on customer support. Ofc they can’t revive all dead chars but they could shut down the servers and reduce the amount of people dying. Also give the people that they ruin so much at least one month free sub, that’s what a normal company does when they letting down their customers.