Hardcore servers lag [20/09]

Having the same issues as everyone else on Stitches:
Disconnects when trying to login
Random lag spikes
Lag when flying

Would like an update from Blizz…

it´s not clear from the thread titel and your response if you´re only looking for feedback from HC realms or ALL affected realms.

However, on my non HC realm:

  • Loading the char list takes ages

  • Sometimes you´re disconnected while trying to select the realm

  • Loading the guild tabard still takes a long time until it´s visible

  • What i´ve heard is, that lags became much better but are still there (and it´s a really tiny realm)

  • I invited an Alt from one of our members today, and adding an officers note took several tries and closing/opening the windows to make the update visible

  • as someone already mentioned, moving items within the inventory has a delay of 2,3 seconds. Not TOO bad but noticable

  • Some random, short lag spikes

  • No loading screen of death anymore for me after switching continents

Our issue with thousand needles seems to be related to one player, i advices him to write a ticket and/or repair the installation

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Has there been any consideration about adding a 3rd hardcore server to EU? I wonder if this is caused by massive demand and hardcore seems more popular in EU than in other regions

I don’t have anymore the will to play during this situation, particularly since there’s a real possibility of getting killed by something randomly in all situations.

I imagine that Blizzard not only is aware of this but also knows that this is way different than saying “Hey I know that you lost some days of your sub, here, take a extra week”, we are talking about investments of a LOT of time (and trust), the only reasonable solution should be to address the reasons of the deaths and, at least, rollback the ones caused by drowning, fatigue or falling AND review the cases that are surely being submitted by ticket considering what happened. Having to lose time or something related to a DC, even on server side, outside of HC I think it’s something way different than doing it on this realm.

Hope that this issue gets solved in a way that can preserve the trust of the playerbase to further invest time into this, if not, this epic hardcore adventure has become all of a sudden in A LOT less epic.

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Players with characters on HC servers should be compensated with game time whenever something like this happens. I’m not one of them but is perfectly understandable why no one with half a functioning brain would want to log in under these conditions.

But then again, Servers not working for a day or two wont kill anybody. Just play something else, its 2023, best year of gaming.

payed to play this so, no, wont play anything else

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That sounds like a you problem to be fair. I think a huge Issue with the WoW Community is, and always has been, that they are too fanatically invested into one game. A Server Issue is basically a natural disaster, people will complain and whine and rage and ask for all kinds of stuff from Blizzard in return.

If you do not understand how Server Issues in an All Online Game can happen, maybe you should look for a different game to pay.

I get your point, and looks like you missed the point of my previous post, time can be refunded, the invested time until this point to die, for example, during a mere flight, can’t be refunded and should be addressed.

Edit: Look it this way, imagine that in normal realm suddenly during some server-side update your character gets obliterated into nothingness, your progress is deleted in an instant and you didn’t do anything, you just lost all your progress.

If you are doing something different than opening a request to know what happened and how can this be resolved I can’t understand you, the nature of this issue being different at many levels in hardcore than in softcore makes this way different than it was before.

Again sounds like you are just another simp. We are not asking much just to get our chars back that are hit by this disaster, and yes it is disaster as I c ant remember something like this happened ever before in almost 20 years. Simps like you saying we should go do other things and dont talk about this, what if no one talked about it you think blizzard would notice it at all? If people just leave game would die and we dont want that. And again if just few talk about it we wouldnt stand chance on getting our chars back so yeah more people talk about it higher are chances to get them resurrected.
If you want go play something else leave us alone and dont tell rest of u what to do.

The most important at stake here isn’t even the characters, is that Blizzard acknowledges this issue and regains the trust of the players, hardcore is (in the end) about trusting, we all know that there are countless things that can go wrong, but having your effort being taken out by just using the game correctly makes hardcore pointless, it isn’t anymore about making decisions or managing risks, just plain luck that the lag spike doesn’t catch you in a difficult situation or, in this scenario, let’s just wait some days since not playing the game currently is the “safe play”.

Also had a character die, level 51. “Transfer Aborted: instance not found”.

No notice or mention of server issues either ingame or on Battle.net launcher.

Definitely feels hardcore… I had renewed my sub as it expires in 3 days but I’ve cancelled it now. Not paying for something we get practically 0 support on.

Good luck out there guys!

No, you completely misunderstood me. I guess “nuance” isnt something you learned during those 20 years of your life wasted on a videogame.

Server Issues suck. Blizzard sucks - They suck for a long time now, going to Microsoft is basically just their final marsh to the Elephante Graveyard. However, if you are SO addicted that, even though you KNOW the servers suck right now, go in and play and die, man, sorry, thats on you buddy. I logged out after the first 10 second freeze thursday and havent played since.

Apparently this multi-billion dollar company can’t hire 1 dude to do appeals that’s too much I guess a bunch of unpaid randoms managed to do it with the addon but that’s too hard for blizzard

Well like no one else thought of thing like to play other game… pointless comment
20 years wasted on game? Rly? How do u imagine that happened? Like im sitting for 20 years doing nothing else or just having fun in free time and you call it waste?
I also like to read, is it wasting time on books? Watching movies is fun again is it waste of time? Guess I should just stay at work 24/7 not to waste some time ha?
If I didnt found fun in that game I wouldnt play it for all those years and yes I would go and come back from time to time

Madness Is the right answer, i died flyng to tb too many hour spend for nothing…and we cannot do a single tiket only a bug report that was not reaad at all.
And we pay for that…

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And again, you didnt understand what I said. classic WoW Andy.

But we payed to play… so thay give back the day we Lost for non playng… i think no

crazy after like 15 years of games having hardcore modes people still havent figured out how terrible of a mode it is because this kind of stuff happens on literally every single game and people still act shocked

You can still play. Go and play Softcore in the meantime. You didnt pay exclusively to play safely on Hardcore Servers. But to be really honest, you should maybe consider doing something else with your life from time to time - Will definitely help to reduce your stress.