Has GDKP taken complety over now?

GDKP burnt my dinner today. Pls blizzard remove it.

Sadly i also have to agree. i literally hate loot council with a passion. GDKP is the way forward.

getting a guild is still vastly more raids every week than GDKPs.

SR/MS is just not good for all those people who have bis or near bis and only need 1 item. GDKP incentivices more players of an overall better ILVL and skill to get easy gold. It is a huge problem but it is no wonder that everyone does GDKP´s instead.

Yeah im havin a guild, they just havin summer break so I was left to the pug scene and was kinda shocked on how much meta RMT has become now :smiley: some of these GDKP organizers must be making sick bank IRL with pots of several hundred thousand gold being the norm many places.

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GDKP Is way forward ? You just hate the game and dont want to play it right, just admit it. Or mabye you’re one of these raid leaders that use the gold cut to sell for real life money because you dont have a job. GDKP Is cancer and should have been banned from blizzard long time ago. Pay to win is not the way forward.


Players hate to play the game. If Blizzard would sell items directly, the game would be dead in months.

Just saw a vid of a Wrath GDKP where some dude bought a ring for 3 mil gold.
I mean at this point why even try to hide the fact you’re buying gold from third party websites.


Gdkp is fair and removes rng. If you want an item you get it. If you dont have enough gold you can get gold. If youre unlucky and items you need dont drop you still get something. In guild runs i got 2 hc items in whole ulduar from guild runs while having almost 100% attendance and having 98 parses even in my trash budget gear. Like there was nothing more i could do yet i lost to rng every time. Also i needed items that were not bis for my spec for pvp so there was no way i could get those items cos others had prio. In gdkp i buy whatever i want. And yes i hate PvE and everything related to that and if i didnt have to i would never ever enter raid. Still even if you want to play pve for fun i dont see how is superior gdkp loot system holding you back.

Never have or will engage with this system, never seen it around my server.

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By itself GDKP is fine, but at this point people are literally begging Blizzard to do ANYTHING to stop RMT, and removing the biggest reason for RMT is definitely one of the lowest-effort solutions, because we know that Blizzard isn’t going to put any effort into this.

Not even Blizzard is dumb enough to kill the entire pug scene by banning gdkp despite the same clowns crying on the forum/reddit 24/7.

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GDKPs virtually don’t exist on smaller realms like Nethergarde Keep, almost every pug is either soft reserve or MS > OS.

It’s a very similar experience to 2010 wotlk.


the game is literally unplayable without gdkp

and blizz is watching
its just MEGA embarrassing


I’m not saying they will do it, just explaining what is happening.

Bruh you don’t get it man.
He just REALLY LOVES DM:E jump-runs okay?

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Thanks to GDKP it was raining today and I couldn’t go out. Thanks Blizz.

20% goes to the lead
80% gets splitted to 24 player
“Gdkp is fair”

Loot did not drop
“Rng is not existing”

Another gdkp lead joins the gdkp with his alt
“And removes rng”

Unless the other buyer spends more gold which you do not have as he gets 20% of his own gdkp raid

Or a player with 30 gdkp raiding alt joins the raid.

If so, you do not get the item of course.

Yes. But only x*0,8/25 of the pot which will never be enough to get the high value items.

And now you are done and ful bis? Do you stil prase for 98?

GDKP is a loot distribution system.
It only says “who get the items FIRST”

In GDKP its always the leader if he wants to
In LC its always the leader and his wife if he wants to
In SR runs its god who decides who will win an item.

I do not trust gdkp leads
I do not trust LC and his wife
I have trust in god.

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The problem is that, unlike actual DKP, you can obtain the currency used to buy gear outside the raid, and so your advancement towards getting gear is connected to actually participating in raids in a much more tenuous and unreliable way

Personally I still prefer SR and I’m glad that’s how it is on my server

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  1. No one forces you to join these. There are 10/90 groups from my experience.
  2. Try make your own raid and lead it in such way people will join your groups in the future - it’s easy to mess up your reputation.

Then you get more gold for future raids.

Also, on each realm there are still MS/OS and SR runs and they can join guilds with different loot systems. People have options and they complain smh.

This does not change the fact that gdkps are way more unfair as people want to it to be.
This does not change the fact that gdkp has still core RNG elements e.g. other buyer witha lot of gold

My point is that gdkp is worse or even on the same line as corrupted LC or rng based SR.

Items go to the leadership in GDKP and LC all time if they want to.
In SR raids it does not. It goes to whoever got kissed by god.

Rolling is the most fair to distribute loot.

So only every 10th item is locked for gdkp lead instead of 1 of 5?
Changes every aspect ok gdkp i guess

If you are fine withu gdkp enjoy it. But do not sell gdkp as a fair event without any rng while its even worse then LC.