Hasn't anyone here had enough?


I been playing since BC. I wouldn’t say I was a hardcore player ever, but always had fun in the game. I mainly do casual pvp, the odd dungeon and raid if i get in. There have always been ways to gear and have fun while playing the aspect of the game you enjoy.

It’s sad to say that now in WoW it seems you have to do everything but have fun. It really hit home today while I was doing a mythic 9, that I didn’t even want to do the dungeon, but had to if I wanted to up the ilvl on my leg or wep, that have been 415 for almost a month. However at the end of the dungeon I rolled my wartorn seal and opened chest and got… Azerite and more azerite from the chest with no gear. I think it was here I realized I was simply fed up with the forced rat race.

I was lucky to get in the mythic group being a SV hunter in the first place, so it was more disheartening I got nothing. I mean, I can understand from a business perspective why they would want to drag out your playing time and make the stats look good. But mate, this grind is a bit much. In order to keep up with the jones’ I have to do:

Raid (Hero/Normal)
Rep Grinds
Exploration (like really)

All this in order to get essences and a chance within a chance within a chance within a chance of getting an upgraded gear piece with desirable stats or warforged/titanforged. Inception has nothing on WoW, neither does the lottery tbh.

It wasn’t that long ago where I could do what I enjoyed and gear through what I enjoyed without ever looking at other content. Never stepped foot in a dungeon or raid in WoD (Very, VERY few times if i’m being honest) and solely geared through pvp, because of Ashran and vendors. I could enjoy the game the way I wanted, I had a choice to play how I wanted and progress in the game how I wanted. Even better most people that put the time in with pvp had the same gear. They say pvp is a seperate thing and made it as such. No drama.

Fast forward to what we have today, and it is depressing as hell. I would love to just pvp, just do the content I want, but I simply cannot. If i want to get some gear and just spam bgs all day then I should be able to do so. I was able to do that just two expansions ago so why not now?

People always argue and say, but this is an mmo you have to do all content and pvp is a side game. Well a lot of PvErs whined about the Blood of the Enemy grind, when they had to PvP to get that one essence. How do you think pvprs feel, when we have to grind pve for everything. Do remember that although maybe PvP is a bit of a side chick, but the game never stifled pvprs as much as it does today. Not ever.

Lets try to not even talk about alts. When 8.2 dropped we pretty much assumed it was all good. Alts have a chance to be geared. And after a few days we realized that the game has never been so cruel to alts. I have 4 sitting ~400-410 and they are going to stay there until the next xpac. Do you think i have time to grind the gear and essences for even one alt, HELL even sometimes my main. Let alone a couple alts. They are parked.

Blizzard chasing of the stats and trying to keep people playing has imo simply broken the game. They have actively neglected proper class design and just thrown stuff at us to divert us from the fact the gameplay is actually a lot worse than it was a few years ago. I mean we literally lost abilities, baseline or otherwise just to get a handful back as stripped down versions in talents. That is baffling decision making to me.

If you enjoy what this game has become then good for you tbh. There will always be players that like things others don’t. I just imply miss how it used to be and don’t feel there is any real justification for how it has ended up like this.

Anyways TLDR:
WoW is now about doing everything, but having fun.


If you feel like all the content except that which you don’t want to do has been exhausted to you, then I think it’s time you move on. No game lasts forever, and there are a lot of things out there you would enjoy. Death is inevitable, and your time is invaluble. Don’t spend it on things that doesn’t feel like you want to do them.

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Found the issue.

Do I get a reward?


Hear that mate. To be frank, I was considering cancelling my sub until the next xpac and see if anything has changed. But tbh the 10 pounds isn’t really a cost. So if i was going to cancel it would be to make a statement, so will consider it.


Aside from the essence that is not always BiS for every class I see literally no reason why would you want to do arenas or bgs to get gear, doing pvp is like literally the worst way to gear up …

You say you are playing since TBC, do you remember you could do HC dungeons only once per day? I cant even count how many times I got absolutely no loot, hell I remember it was month before I got first item from Karazhan (and it was enchanting formula because I was main ench in our guild) …

And you had to do all those stupid attunement quests for raids even if you were PvP player who didnt care that much about PvE …

I am not saying BFA is flawless but you are saying that stuff which is here the whole time somehow didnt exist “back then


I don’t what game you were playing, but I remember not having to do pve for gear in PvP before legion. Maybe yes if you was going for bis gear, but not otherwise.
Please try and keep in mind not everyone chased bis gear. And PvP gear before legion was actually valuable in pvp in most cases.

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The loot system of Legion and BfA is horrible, and I totally understand how that makes you not want to play.


If it’s been non-stop it’s and issue.
I’ve been playing since vanilla, with two accounts during Wotlk-Cata (Tried to multi-box). Played on and off mostly. Skipped the entirety of WoD.
Now I play every other month. And generally pay once every 3 months for game time. The other I buy with could I accumulate naturally over 2 months of game time.
It keeps the game a bit more lively

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I get bored and play something else, then I come back and have fun. You can’t expect one thing to be entertaining 24/7 for 15 years.


I think you have just outgrown some of the feelings that wow has to offer which is perfectly normal .
The game core is exactly the same , do activities for rewards ( pets ,mounts , fame , etc. )

As an individual u will get bored by doing the same stuff which is obvious and normal .


Well, if you started to play a game called World of WarCraft thinking it would be like the rest of the franchise and its name implied (virtual world game about warfare between Factions where Professions matter) and at least for a bunch of iterations you could at least get decent Gear to engage in PvP from solely playing in said PvP, the (essentially) removal of said Gearing option with Legion was rather disappointing.

At the risk of sounding rude, OP, I am more surprised you lasted this long under the new gearing regime than anything else. I for one didn’t.

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I think the more time they want us to spend in the game the more flexible the game has to be. Diversifying the sources of essences or gear is not a positive thing when you force people to do content they are not interested in.

They should make sure players can progress doing the content they like. That will keep the players engaged. Doing other content for fun and still getting progress towards your goals, be them pve or PvP is great, but it has to be optional.

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This is no different from valor shoulders NOT dropping in UBRS for the 4th week in a row. Or that other item from that other raid that also refused to drop, or when it did, it went to that other guy and not you.

My point being, not getting what you wanted, while doing something you’ve done X amounts of time and are tired of is nothing new.

If you’ve been playing the game non-stop since TBC, eventually you’ll be fatigued out. That’s normal. I take occasional breaks from the game doing something else. Sometimes days, sometimes weeks and sometimes months. Helps to keep it fresh - at least that’s how I feel.


Good people pretending his problem is burnout : I’ve been playing since TBC as well and I still very much love WoW. That does not mean that I agree with the terrible gear acquisition we had the last 2 expacs. Disagreeing with aspects of the game doesn’t mean you hate the game, very much the opposite, I disagree because I care about WoW and I don’t think it’s healthy long-term what the dev team is turning this game into currently.

I very much agree with OP, I never felt pressed to do all kinds of content I don’t enjoy to be able to stay up to date, I did stuff I had fun with, usually focusing on one thing, and never felt I’m letting chances go by. In todays WoW I often find myself having way too many chores if I want to keep up with others, I can no longer sit down at opportune times and grind out what I’m behind on cause most things are timegated and you either do it every day/week or your opportunity is gone. That used to be only dailies but almost everything is so now, except extreme RNG in M+ loot acquisition which doesn’t appeal to me to begin with.

Either way, stop with the take a break comments please, its not about that, it’s about the game heading down a path OP (and myself) disagree with. You don’t need to feel the same way, but saying we can’t evaluate if we should play the game is just a very weak dismissal of valid points.

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I’m enjoying BfA since returning in October. Of course I’ve found my fun in slowly hitting higher keys (S1 I didn’t time a single +10), so who knows, at some stage that will grow stale too. When I stop enjoying WoW I’ll take a break, permanent or temporary.

One thing I DO like about WoW these days is how fast you gear up should you so want. Yeah, you won’t get the best ever gear in a week, but you can get very competently geared in little over an afternoon, with gear over 430 iLvl average achievable in the span of 10/12 keys.

If you’re not in a Mythic raiding guild that’s plenty for just about any activity

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I find it hilarious that a casual who claims to have played for fun since BC is sitting here crying about his +9 dungeon not giving him an upgrade for one of his 3 non Heroic Raid ilvl slots.

Mate what is stopping you from doing what you enjoy? Who in gods name are you having to keep up with that you force yourself to grind out 430 gear in every slot?

If you followed what you claim you did in previous expansions, you’d be sitting around at 400 ilvl Benthic gear and slowly getting upgrades through it, yet for some godforsaken reason you are pushing for an ilvl Heroic Guilds would want for Azshara kills.(and you clearly don’t care for that or you’d have raid loot to boot). You could easily gear through PvP, if all you wanted was that, but your mindset is you’d rather ruin the fun, just to climb faster.

What we have is not an attitude of a veteran player who can’t find his fun anymore, it is a veteran who comes in demanding to be handed over everything they deserve because they are too old to work for it, despite not even being able to point at anything they’d use it for.

As far as loot problems, the only real thing is that m+ is way too rewarding for the difficulty of a +10. Only high rating PvPers and people who can easily clear Heroic EP and are progressing into Mythic can match something that most casuals can easily do(after all you need to get a 440 weekly is to on time do a 9, and suffer through the 10 slowly.) If m+ was more in line it’d not be a joke getting far better loot than most can earn from the other two, nor would it be as mandatory to do m+ on the side.


This is what I hate. People who post the standard nonsense without paying attention to anything said.

Let me make it clear for you, in bold and caps so you don’t miss a damn thing:


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Yes it was, quite frequently.


i agree. u might want to consider playing on a private server until 9.0 hits? and see how 9.0 feels? But to be honest I think WoW is done for me and expectances are low for 9.0. I dont think 9.0 will be much better than bfa


Exactly the same here. In my opinion wow isnt designed anymore for playing long term. Its there to get peoples attention for a while and then lure them back with each new expansion and major patch before they stop again for a time.

Back then it was more about the adventure while leveling, meeting people and messing around in the world with them, while rewards felt more rewarding when you did get an item to drop