Hats and hair at the same time yay

(Lothamir) #1

just now i was on the ptr and it was amazing.
some hats or atleast the one i have allows hair too. now you can have hair and a hat.

oke it doesn’t look perfect. but too me it’s an improvment, and i am happy about it.
just needed to share that.

Hair and hats !
(Cedrad) #2

Could you be so kind to share the names of those hats with others? I am only aware about the Kul Tiran heritage hat not hiding hair.

(Punyelf) #3

We need hair and hats!!!

This needs to be a thing!!!

(Aeula) #4

I vaguely remember them saying they’d allow more of this! Like supposedly they are with hats from seafarers doubloons. If that’s the case then this is amazing.

(Lothamir) #5

The hats with hair on the ptr are Tricorne hat, checked it, for now i believe those are the only hats so far.

And it looks amazing. Some hairstyles look weird because the hair is going through the hat. But alot also looks great.

(Shumensko) #6

Not a big issue. Elves had their ears and eyebrows stick through hats for eternity.


It’s hard to believe this game is 14 years old…

(Lothamir) #8

I agree with you i don’t mind if it looks weird. The fact that it is possible made me so happy

(Someoneelse) #9

It is when we dont have hat hair and coat type armor. We were told Allied races would have more customisation but there’s fewer options for them.

Fewer races and actual more customisation.


Now we need hoods that show hair on front.

(Hínáta) #12

If this is true then it’s time to main priest and get that whitemane tmog going!


Well, wouldn’t that be grand? I hope that I the older witch/pointy hats will allow it as well - if it’s ever going to happen.

(Basyxqt) #14

Yeah , the bald look thing with hats look awkward.

(Lothamir) #15

I think in time more hats will allow hair.
would be silly if not

(Aylish) #16

While at it I would want it as an option…

Otherwise one of my favourite mogs would be ruined. Sorry don’t have the mog on me atm, but it’s Aylish wearing her Dokebi hat. Said mog looks great without any hair showing.

(Punyelf) #17

Indeed a simple option would fix that

(Lothamir) #18

It is horrible they removed hats and hair on the ptr. Could this mean it was bugged before?

Or could these mean the are making it better?

(Someoneelse) #19

It was probably a bug. You need special hair for hats so it doesn’t clip through.


Hats and hair is like cutting edge. I can uninstall in peace now, completed the game.

(Lothamir) #21

Pity it hasn’t come back on the ptr it looked so awesome. have my hair and wearing a hat at the same time. i am affraid it was bugged and won’t return.