Have you guys seen the Drums of Battle change?

Basically, each drum only gets one charge. That’s Blizzard’s idea of changing the Drums meta, forcing people to carry more drums (yay, bagspace?) Forcing people to farm (or bot!) more clefthoofs.

They said they were looking at a change to switch up the LW meta abit and this was the best that they could come up with?

Seriously, Blizzard? Was it really that difficult to just add a sated debuff instead?

Edit: Reddit suggests that there’s more to the drums change than just this screencap. I’l just post a thread link incase people want to read it:

By the looks of it, the drums still get their usual 50 charges. Looks more like Blizzard basically haven’t done anything at all.

Edit again: Thank you Kaivax for confirming that Blizzard are in fact, doing nothing at all. I personally don’t mind the “everyone needs leatherworking” meta. At least it’s better than logging off for half of the week with world buffs.


So this is how they “balance” things in Classic. Look promising…


Big brains :slight_smile:

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Big oof.
Blizz, please add An exhaustion/tinitus debuff.


wait what, I get it right?

does it means they’re nerfing drums by making them more expensive to use? :joy:


Well hey at least Blizzard is being consistent at being greedy, incompetent and deceptive in seemingly everything.

Edit : Actually not sure about this, datamined information says that we’re getting normal drums and greater drums. Overall, it doesn’t fix anything.
Check the “Help make a list of confirmed things from TBC Beta” on the r/classicwowtbc.


Yes which means more gold buying will happen, which means more bots will buy boosts which means more money to Blizzard.
Just wait and see. Every single change they make will be geared towards selling more boosts to bots.


Not just that. More Clefthoof leather will be needed, so they’ll be botted too.

Approximately 5x more than the normal amount will be needed. Even more actually, given the amount of people that want to min/max these days.

What an absolute joke. April Fools is supposed to be next week.

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I’m actually wouldn’t even be surprised if its true.
The do it in Shadowlands by adding BOE’s each raiding cycle, that sell multiple tokens each for a long period of time. And with time gated ilvl progression, raiding guilds are pretty much obliged to P2W.

Which will lead to golds buying, then they’ll be “forced” to introduced WoW Token. Smart move…


Maybe they should remove it. Peolple
In classic abused world buffa
Meta, same people want to abuse drum fest.

People searching for shortcuts rin the game exp overall.

Wow man-look tbc! Lets find somth we can abuse and install a toxic meta once again.

“ im sure classic bosses” could never be done without world buffs!

Hope they interdict it, rly.

Cant they just give a unique debuff ? So they are still usable but once or twice in fight?

TBC is so screwed, GG blizzard

One theory is that the new “Greater drums” they’ve added will be raid-wide and essentially lower the amount of leatherworkers needed to maintain 100% uptime down to 4 players.


Just remove drums altogether.

Guitar and bass are way cooler anyway!


You are right. Agenda to introduce wow token in phase 2? Mmmmm…

OT: you either get drum meta or shaman rotate meta. The only solution is exhaustion debuff but if they refuse to implement it i will have to roll shaman if I want to be able to find a raiding spot somewhere. No way I bot / buy gold to sustain that many drums. MCP farming in early Classic as a feral was painful enough.

In before Blizzard fanbois and paid trolls come and turn your thread into a swamp.

Yes, if that datamining is true, it is completely ridicilous and they couldn’t have done it worse.
The reason they do it this way is probably so that their skinning bot friends in China make even more gold.

Big ripperinos.

Its amazing, next thing they will change will be removing the LW requirement from the drums as they did in Retail. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is the 2.4.3 client with minor changes, I’m sure that plenty of stuff will change over the course of the beta as it always does. I think it is safe to assume that major changes aren’t included in the first iteration. I dare to speculate that the greater drums will be raidwide and will cause a debuff so that it can only be used once every fight, just like bloodlust still needs to be changed.

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Data, not client. They took the old data, converted to modern schema and used modern client, just like with Classic.