Have you guys seen the Drums of Battle change?

So everything in it is the same as it was 2.4.3 right? Except with some minor changes…

More or less. A lot of things on “current know bugs” list is where the modern WoW doesn’t understand old hardcoded stuff and they have to manually fix it. After that they will content-progress some of the stuff so that so some things from 2.4.3 are not available at launch - similar to what they did in Classic.

Disagree - the coolest and maddest members of any band are the drummers. They’re nuts!

I don’t know, I’ve always assumed Lars Ulrich was a beta male.

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Maybe they are unique?

That will be so much worse. Crafting DoW before every fight. Lewl.

I usually agree with you on most things Miylee, but drums are completly untested yet, in a beta with plenty of tooltip errors.

Should have some patience and wait for some LW’s to get the rep to make them for some actual testing.

Im guessing the greater drums will be raidwide, reducing the need for LW’s to 4 per raid, instead of 4 per group.
The normal drums being more of a solo/5man drum and greater one as a raid drum.

There is no drum change yet. The only thing that has been datamined is the item tooltip template and you should know that item tooltip template does not show how many charges the item has because the item tooltip shows how many charges left remaining on that item in your inventory. It has been datamined as 1 because that just means the item has charges, it has nothing to do with the number of charges when the item is made.

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But I think they will. They explicitly said they will.

Yeah I think I jumped the gun with the screencap. But honestly why make greater drums when adding a sated debuff to them really isn’t difficult. That makes them still good and worth having, but not chainable so leatherworking isn’t mandatory.

They cant focus on ingame mechanics, they have alot of work with online shop and others money making things.

My guess is greater will be raid wide and cause a debuff so it can be used once each fight. The regular ones would be solo/party use maybe with a different debuff duration, but I hope not because that would just cause the same issue as they want to solve. It’s the first itteration of the beta, there are no significant changes in yet.

Yes, every datamined part leans towards them being raidwide.

Higher cost + the name “greater” means that they are more powerfull than just normal drums, if not it would be pointless in changing it to begin with.

And i highly doubt they will increase the power of the actual item, so the improvement would either be a increased duration(highly unlikely) or them buffing more targets than the previous version of the drums.

And a sated buff is no good, cause you dont want to make the drums bad, their reasoning for changing it was to not have leatherworking as a “mandatory” proffession for the entire raid.

Now we get the same buffs as if there was no change, but the amount of LW’s needed are reduced from 20 to 4.

Why didn’t they just go with the damn tinnitus debuff?
Day ruined.

I won’t QQ, until I see some footage of the drums in beta.

Remove the LW requirement and add the debuff and you don’t need any LW in your raid, and amount of drums needed/raid night is under control

The debuff would be nice, as if the drums get drummed too often… then we’ll have a leather shortage in the higher pop pvp realms.

Does anyone remember devilsaur mafia?

Because they didnt want to make LW useless. Sated debuff and they would reduce the power of the drums, and thats not want they wanted to.

Removing the lw requirement is also a decent way to handle it, but would still require all of the raid to use it as a consumable.

Just making it raidwide make LW still a good proffession to have, but you remove the part of tbc where every raidmember needs to have LW.

Raidwide or remove lw requirements are the best way to fix the drum issue without impacting the power the drums give

What are you on about? LW gives hunters their BiS set & many other useful crafts for others. LW wont be useless, even with the tinnitus debuff. If they wanna make LW more useful, then add LW requirement perhaps?

Leatherworking drums have been a hot topic since we first started working on Burning Crusade, since they would make Leatherworking feel mandatory.

In the first few patches of original Burning Crusade, the drums had a cast time and smaller radius, which limited their effective use. Leatherworking was an unattractive profession at the time, so the drums were improved in patch 2.3. That led to the fond memories we all have of drum rotations as one of the added layers of teamwork in later Burning Crusade encounters.

Right now in the Burning Crusade Beta, all Leatherworking drums now have an Uncommon and Rare (i.e., “Greater”) version. Our current thinking is that the greater versions will be acquired via recipe drops from Zul’Aman.

While it’s true that we’re generally planning to implement items (and spells and maps and everything else) in their patch 2.4.3 state, this one stood out as something we should make an exception for. By default, we don’t want to change the behavior of items from patch to patch, so we think the right thing to do is to introduce the greater drums as a new item, so that the behavior of the original items doesn’t have to change.


Very interesting.
Will the rare version be BoP?