[H]<Cult of Gin> For people who enjoy vodka or gin - become part of our kin! LFM Raiders / M+ / Social

Recruiting gin-lovers (and other alcohol or non-alcohol enthusiasts, we don’t judge ;-)) for fun times in our social community and raiding guild (1/10M) on [H] Kazzak

Are you looking for a friendly community of experienced players fused with lots of fun? We are a group of mostly old school raiders (vanilla era) who love the game, especially the social aspect and the pushing of raiding and keys. We are looking for new and old raiders interested, or people just looking for a social place to enjoy the game.

Following a shift in our raiding priorities until Tier 2, we are looking for more people to add to our community of like-minded people.

We offer:

Tons of Fun in Game
Loads of (often inappropriate) Banter
An Organized Drinking Friday night raid with bingo / rules :wink:
Heroic (and eventual moving back into Mythic) raiding at 1 day/week on Thursday from 8-11pm ST (adding in Monday night when we go back into Mythic)
A Guild Discord
Guild special social events, lotteries, and friendly competitions

The guild is mainly a progression guild (pushing keys now and mythic raiding as soon as we have the roster for it), but you must have a sense of humor to be comfortable here. We have an active roster and love to be on discord 24/7 - also while playing other games together.

We are open to casuals as well, it’s a no pressure environment. We run mythics and keys often.

Our raiding goals with Tier 1 is first and foremost to have fun together while rebuilding a team of like-minded non-toxic mature players who like to have fun and progress into mythic kills (currently 1/10M). However, our aim with Tier 2 is to ensure we are back into mythic raiding as a progression guild.

P.S. Don’t drink alcohol? You are also welcome to join us too, we don’t judge :wink:

For more info ping us in game or on discord at:

GM GinaMarie (Bnet # Gina21853 Discord ginamarie#4018 )
Co-GM Mexicat (Bnet #HOCKSTER#2290 Discord Hock#6553 )
Officer Flyrat (Bnet #erisation21991 Discord Gazeem#1986 )

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