[H][Draenor] Twelve Gates Guild

A fairly new (very new) guild that I’ve just created to have fun. I don’t wanna make this formal so here goes;

I started playing this game not too long ago, a couple of months before BfA ended so I’m enjoying the game the classic way! I have good progress in raids and decent progress on mythics but I prefer running around doing classic stuff like older content and professions.

Now that doesn’t mean that’s all I want to do! The Guild’s open to literally anyone who’d like to join! My one stipulation is; be nice! I’m of course hoping to start a raiding team (could use with a raid officer), progress some mythics and have some PvP enthusiasts in there as well! If you want to join just for the sake of socialising? Come on in too, you’re welcome!

So yeah, sign up and come enjoy the game the classic way! :smile: