Healer lf a place for himelf


Hello everybody,
After short 4 months break caused by unsuccessful story with previous gild on low-pop realm, I’m returning to WoW for new raid tier and I’m looking for a place.

Who am I?
In real life, I’m 25-yo BI Engineer working a regular 8-16 job, playing WoW during the evenings, in general from WoD, on a different levels and classes. Since BfA I decided to main a healer, as I was maining healers in all other MMOs I’ve been playing in my life.

What I can offer?
This will be hard, since I don’t have lots of WoW experience (apart from pugs and some guild tryouts) & logs to support me, but for sure I can call myself dedicated to a cause, therefore if you give me a chance, I will give you my 120% not to waste it.
In terms of classes, I have every healer 120, with a different level of progression and iLvl. I made a mistake of leveling every class “in case guilds needs it” and trying to keep them on the same time, with small amount of time available daily, therefore everything I have is “somewhere in the middle” and might require some time, to become a viable in new patch.
With that being said, I decided to swap my “way of thinking” and decided I will put my best to keep up with 2 classes, out of 3 available:

  • ~360 MW monk
  • ~360 Holy Priest
  • ~370 RShaman

With that, I can also offer my free time on weekdays evenings (Mon-Fri 19-23/23.30).

I know what DBM, AA, EXRT etc. are. I’m able to analyze my logs by myself or using WoWAnalyzer in order to find my mistakes and potentials to improve and I don’t have any problem in accepting criticism :slight_smile:

What am I looking for?
A solid guild that plans to clear HC with ease and attempt on Mythic raiding. While I might not have enough experience to prove it, I believe I have all the things needed in me, to play on such level.

Let’s chat: Glaeran#2987

(Laorii) #2

Hey Novirae. This is my recruitment: [H-Draenor] DHX - Heroic and mythic raiding We raid 2 days a week at present, clearing through our farm mythic, progressing further and clearing heroic if there’s time. Best to read the post and if it interests you give me an add on battletag LAORII#2787, or one of the other officers listed in the post. Cheeeeeeers! :slight_smile:

(Libbi) #3

Hi Novirae

I have noticed that you were looking for a new home. I know you are on another server but If you read our recruitment post and wouldn’t mind changing, then we are currently looking for a healer and it sounds like you would be a perfect fit!

Here is the link to our recruitment post.

We will raid Heroic content, 2 nights a week (Monday and Wednesday) 8.30pm - 11.30pm Server time

Feel free to contact myself or one of the officers for a chat.

Libbi: Bnet - Pinky#2953 / Discord – tilleymint#7370
Zaphkiel: Bnet - Silverwillo#2290 / Discord – silverwillo#5715
Ashandarei: Bnet – Nyobe#2121 / Discord – Ash#3792

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hey there! I hope to have a chat with you, to see if we can mean something for each other! Ill leave my battletag and a link to our recruitment text behind, in the hope to talk to you soon!



Hi Novirae,

We are currently looking for a active healer for our HC and Mythic team
Remnants of Valhalla, we reside on Horde on Dragonmaw, i would love to have a chat without and see if we can match something

I know this requires you to faction change.

About us:
We did 2/8 Mythic on The first tier and will be attempting mythic again once HC is done

We consist of a friendly group of players, whom value our IRL and family life with wow on the side :).

I hope to hear from you and i’ve taken the liberty to add your btag.

(Feidreva) #7

Hello Novirae

The Burning Hammer

The Burning Hammer is a guild with a core of veteran players, most of us playing since the start of Vanilla. While our original guild was based on Bladefist and Outland, we’ve since transfered to Argent Dawn EU where we started this guild.

We’ve raided in Vanilla, TBC and WotLK, where we were a competitive guild in terms of realm-rankings. With Legion we started raiding again, and after clearing Emerald Nightmare, Trial of Valor and Nighthold, we’re looking forward to clearing the Tomb of Sargeras! So far we have been moving up every tier, and we’re aiming to keep improving.

What can we offer?

(note: we are a Heroic-only guild, we have no aspirations to raid Mythic)
Our raiding style is fairly casual: no fight goes perfectly from the start and we dont mind spending some time on a boss if that’s what it takes. We do try to use our limited raiding time well whenever new content is available.

We do normal raids, heroic raids and mythic+, and there are always people up for doing any of those. Alts and friends are more than welcome to join, even for normal raids.

We are currently bolstering our ranks to get ready for Tomb of Sargeras.

Your profile?

We dont expect you to be a hardcore player, but you should have the basics like have your gear enchanted and gemmed, be willing to learn and bring some buff-food + damage pots for heroic raids. If we’re still learning we wont ask you to use them, but if we get close to a kill we might ask that you put in that little bit of extra effort in terms of buff-food and damage pots.

For communication we use Discord, and we’d prefer it if you have a working microphone for easier feedback during raid encounters.

Current Recruitment Specifics:

At the moment we are looking for the following classes/specs:

- Any DPS (healer/tank OS is a big plus, but all specs are welcome)

Raiding Times

Thursday 7:30-10:30 PM server time
Sunday 7:30-10:30 PM server time

During periods of farm, these times are usually far shorter (and/or just one day).


8/8 Heroic Uldir

Progression in Legion:

7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare
3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor
10/10 Heroic Nighthold
9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras
11/11 Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne

Currently looking for:

demon hunter (dd) high
demon hunter (tank) high
druid (feral-tank) medium
mage medium
monk (dd) medium
monk (tank) high
paladin (protection) high
priest (dd) high
rogue high
shaman (elemental) high
shaman (enhancement) high
warlock high
warrior (dd) high
warrior (protection) high

If you’re interested in joining and would like to have a chat, contact one of our officers on thefollowing battle.net ids: