Healer looking for HC/Mythic and M+ guild


Looking for a guild that raids at least Heroic but wants to push into Mythic with a more relaxed approach. Really would like the guild to be really active at pushing Mythic plus too. Maybe a little PVP on the side. I’m aiming to heal so please consider me as MW, not the other 2 specs, though I’d be willing to swap now and again :smiley:

Love the monk class, despite the opinions of many about it. As it’s one of the few classes that can use all 3 roles, I want to use it for all 3. WW and MW I’m fine with but Brewmaster will take some time for me to learn.

I’m 9/10 Heroic on one of my other chars as DPS. Raider io is low at the minute as I’ve only been back to the game for a few weeks but I’m willing to put the time in to get it higher. I’m a dedicated player that will put the effort in to get better for progression.

I have a multitude of alts at 60 so may work on them every now and again but monk will be what I’ll be really focusing on

Hey there were not a raiding guild as of yet but we are currently recruiting for m+, we are actually looking for more healers as well :grin: we do most of our activity late night during the week but can also do stuff during the day at weekends.

Here is our recruitment post if you’d like to give us a read! (Were also on Draenor)

Hi, we are currently recruiting a 4th healer ready for mythic, here is our forum post:

Hey there we are currently looking for a healer to join we are 10/10 HC and looking at setting up our mythic team :slight_smile: feel free to add me on battlenet Allyssi#2111

Good luck!

Ally x


If you fancy a chat would be a great asset to a strong team

Hey there Give us a look

Feel free to reach out

Hi Fall,

Would love to speak with you more.

Please have a read of our guild post and let us know if it interests you.
My battletag is Psykick06#2401


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