Healers need buffs, or prepare for DPS queues to go to 30-90 minutes at beginner MMR

Why? Simple - Healers are being nerfed in the following ways just by existing in arena:

  1. Dampening. Dampening ramps so fast and so early that your heals do nothing and CCing the healer isn’t even necessary after the 2 minute mark
  2. Mortal strike effects and the amplified ones like Sharpen, Shiv, Fel Fissure etc.
  3. Higher HP pools this season mean healers need to spend more mana just to top people
  4. The trinket bonus for DPS is higher (25% main stat) than healer’s (15% main stat)

This means that as the season goes on, this problem will only get worse - DPS will continue to scale better than healers. Keeping alive a bad DPS was already next to impossible, now its hard to keep alive good DPS who are using their abilities correctly.

All of the above assumes you’re also in max current gear. If you’re silly enough to queue a month from now when everyone is full conquest geared and you’re in half honour gear, you will be getting cooked even harder than you already are now.

You need to address at least 3 of these, possibly even all 4. Healing right now is not fun. I mostly play healers since Legion 7.1 and this is the first season where I just feel like not healing at all. I played resto shaman in 10.0 launch into demon kings and deathmark and right now feels worse than that.

The queues speak for themselves. If healers were fun, people would play them. People don’t play them, so they’re clearly not fun. You need to make it so healers feel like they have an impact on the game, outside of being a 1minute cooldown for your DPS that keeps them alive while they vibrate against the other DPS.

Every single list of hotfix changes we get, its 1 or more DPS getting 5-10% buffs across the board. When is the last time you saw raw healing from all spells get buffed by 10% across the board?

Fix please thank you.


Agree with all. One additional thing - most people do not see healers as fun, because of their playstyle. Blizzard made one step in a good direction last season - fistweaver monk (as dps playstyle, yet healer and impactful for the game). Of course, they already made two steps back burning him to the ground.

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Remove the 10% stat buff from trinkets that DPS get and it would be a lot better already. Literally everyone is doing too much damage right now.


shuffles are a bit longer than last season, every round now is average 2-3 mins for me, if you nerf dampening it will go to 4-5 per round, i dont want to spend 20-30 min per shuffle honestly and pretty sure alot people dont want that aswell, i think dampening it’s fine, when you can’t outheal the dmg, the enemy healer also can’t, maybe try to go for a offensive play to win the round instead of healing nothing xD
if you’re hard stuck just get better and dont blame the game, because tons of people with your spec can climb, why u cant?

Tons of people who are able to climb also complains that playing healer isn’t fun.
You’re missing the main concern of the thread.


I agree with the “make healers more fun” sentiment, but I think it’s too early to make predictions about game length and dampening. At least wait until we got full S2 gear+tier sets because rn we are playing a scuffed version of S2. I personally think the average game length is pretty good so far. I’ve only played a few shuffles yet, but managed to dampen quite a few games.

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I made a good call with getting my priest ready for this season.

Most games feel ok to me atm.
Though there are some high burst lobbies where games doesn’t go past a minute.
My personal theory is the fotm classes atm is very tanky on their own already, such as warlock. Which is everywhere right now too.

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I do not care at all about being hardstuck. I care about having fun. My only goal on healer is 1800 for the sets. I got it on 4 healers last season and I plan on doing that again this season.

I get the set then I dip and heal random BGs, or some 2s. The problem is not being stuck. I don’t care if I lose or if I can’t break 2k (i never tried) - i care that healing is not fun. It isn’t fun in arena, it isn’t fun in shuffle, it isn’t fun in bgs, it isn’t fun anywhere besides the open world, where dampening doesn’t exist, so you can counter DPS stat buffs somewhat.

I played Rsham all of 10.0 and didn’t whine about the state they were in. I played castweaver and didn’t whine about that either. I couldn’t care less if i am ‘stuck’ at 2k.

This is about how healer feels to play and it feels terrible right now.


as a healer i can say that it’s disgusting to heal this mongoblind apes first days
seems like the worst of the worst came to troll heals
just nothing to say more


it feels seriously impossible to heal people getting hit by 2 wizards. ive stood behind pillar next to my healer and watched him try to heal me and my hp not move through a bunch of boomkin/aff dots. also been the healer in that situation too.

dampening needs straight up removed if they are going to keep the 25% vs 15% disparity between dps and healers.

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How are the queues this season?

Maybe it was fun for the monk and their mates, but clearly not for their opponents!


I don’t agree with Fistweaver as “fun” one. Rather an abomination. Instead what I see as problem is that healers have way smaller carry potential than dps players. On top of that if you have a single pepega in your lobby you get 3:3 so it’s harder to push RSs.

I think healers should have more carry potential and it will be more fun for them. Regarding healers I feel that R Druid and H Paladin and H Priest need some buffs. R Druid and H Paladin actually have good healing but they go oom a bit too fast. R Shaman set bonuses are a joke.



By the time dampening is so high that I can’t heal it, I’d already be oom. Almost every single loss so far this season has been due to me going oom, long before dampening even becomes a problem or me being chain CCed. Haven’t met a single holy priest as the opposing healer. Most opposing healers have been resto shamans.

fistweaving ? A good step ? More like a fist in the nuts, the only fact I knew I wouls face fistweavers in 2s made me stop queuing as a healer in that bracket, and once I had my 1.8 in shuffle I was glad to never come back

Also have you tried facing ret fist war ?

It feels impossible to heal pretty much most players in solo shuffle because they’re completely pepega.

One game, there’s a rogue on my team. Other team is warrior and retri and a holy paladin as healer.

The rogue thinks he should run to me and try to stay on top of me instead of fighting them away from me. Lost every round with him because HE JUST DOESN’T GET TO STAY AWAY FROM ME. Don’t fight right next to the healer when there’s melee only, DON’T GIVE THEM EASY ACCESS TO STUN OR INTERRUIPT WERJOUTGHREDIJHGO

I swear, I spent most time of the game trying to get away from melee because the rogue constantly was running with them to me.

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when you and the enemy healer can’t outheal the damage why u dont try to do bash rake or good clones to stop the dmg or legit win the game? why hesitant on just healing when u know the healing is not good enough after few minutes, but this also apply for the enemy healer xD, 1 good clone at certain dampening and they cant recover anymore. But i guess this is too much thinking and its easier to blame the game


I’m not a druid. I play a holy priest.

yeah you are thinking way too hard. Running in to bash clone a destro lock is beyond dumb, you should be able to outheal damage if no one is CCing you. You can’t do that because DPS have 10% more stats than you and dampening is at like 60% 2 minutes into a round.

On my warrior my skullsplitter doesn’t suddenly do 60% less damage a few minutes into a round because lmao I took too long to kill someone. No reason why my healer should lose up to 100% effectiveness because I did too good of a job keeping someone alive through enemy CDs with superior stats attached to them.

Maybe they can add some strong dmg aoe spells and debuffs for healers that are actually game changing and can execute a kill. Like aoe thorns for whole team of druid with increased dmg reflection, or maybe some hearstopping aura for priest or maybe some burning light aura for paladin that emanates dmg from player 2,3% per second and costs mana per second