Hellscream Alliance Reconnections

In this thread, please post if you played WoW on the Alliance side of Hellscream in 2004-2006.

For best results, post what you remember about yourself and your friends you used to play with:

• Your character’s name, race and class.
• The name of your original guild on this realm.
• The character names of other players you’re hoping to reconnect with.

Please stick with in-game info, and do not post IRL identifying information about yourself or others.

To quickly find if the friend or guild you’re looking for is listed here, use the Search function! Just select the magnifier icon on the top right – be sure to check “Search this topic” to limit your results to this thread.

Good luck finding your former mates!


Hey lads,

I guess I will kickstart this thread: It’s Dialop here. Used to play a Nelf rogue called Dialop in the vanilla/BC era. Although I must say I barely remember my vanilla times, I was wondering if anyone from the BC Elysium era (I believe most people from BC Elysium came from Einherjar’s 2nd raidgroup) will be hanging around in classic! Would be kinda cool to see some old faces.

I’m probably gonna alliance again casually on a PVP realm, because the plain sight of the barrens makes me want to punch a hole in my screen.


Played this same paladin I’m posting with. Played first in Shadow Alliance and then in Wanderers.
Gonna go Horde this time and play a shaman.

Hi all. My name is Togashi and I was GM of the guild Blood Inc during vanilla and TBC. Im looking to get as many of us back together again as possible for classic as well as new faces to adventure with. My battlenet tag is Togashi#21603 so add me, get in touch and ill give you our discord.

Togashi! I joined Blood Inc around Dead Mines. Would be happy to meet anyone who remembers /w me “healer?” :slight_smile:

Erfwyll! I remember you well old friend, in fact I have many screenshots of us questing together on the road to 60. Lets do it again ey? Im away until saturday but will make contact again then to have a proper chat. Really happy to hear from you!

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Serophia/Vythica Human Rogue - End Game Guild. Hope some of you all are still here!


I remember! I always looked up to you, and thanks for taking me along at the time even though I was an edgy teen.

Speaking of which, Metalj here, that Dutch dwarf warrior who had no idea what he was doing. I was wondering if anyone from Order of the Moon is still active on the forums.

Ahhhh I remember you!! That is SO AWESOME!!!

It was Valjean, Aazzdos, Saryn(Feryl?) Zenobia etc…Good to see you again! I was part of the Clueless Guild that merged with End Game. I really hope some others play! Was a pretty close guild.

Hah Yes! We chatted a few times! Good times man!

Xristodoylos - Human Priest guild Illusionz End


Oh man, Illusionz End was one of the better guilds on the server right? Like you guys used to do AQ40 if I remember correctly.

Speaking of which, does anyone remember the top guild of the server? If I remember correctly it was some sort of Latin name.

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The top guild was Purged (formerly Eternal Dawn), other top guilds were Semper Fi/The Guild, Symbiosis, Mithras…


used to play shadow priest and a rogue called Cigoshadow was in Agenda and Malfurions Hope

Palady/Killiaan here from Elysium.

I also used to be in The Forgotten Legends and Shadows Edge(pvp guild)

Look forward to it. BootLace#2164

:o Your brother played a warrior and you had a GF hunter? Dane too I think?

Well already a couple of people here i recognise from seeing them around :stuck_out_tongue:

Warbird(Druid) Sempher Fi

Twistedfury, Dwarf hunter here. Only played the last 7 weeks before The Burning Crusade on my own account, but before that had been very closely sharing the game with my real life friend. He was playing a human warlock, Zeroun.

My brother actually played a priest, Arcanumlady (Ladyarcanum).