Hellscream Alliance Reconnections

oh yeah Killiaan was your warrior you’re right.

Yea, what was your name?

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Spellman, Mage , Einherjar :slight_smile:



Starkloid (Dwarf Priest) here. Played during Vanilla but only raided during TBC with End Game > Union > Chill Out > Clueless > Legion.

Have unfinished business with my Priest and will be choosing an Alliance PvE realm with RL friends Gip (Human Paladin) and Luex (Gnome Rogue).

Looking forward to it!

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Dempsey here Human Pally. Founded Heroes of Hellscream, which later changed to Vandalz when leadership changed. Hoping to get back on for launch :slight_smile:

I think you’re the only one I remember here.

Togashi, Long time! :slight_smile: Wayland here, old tank of Warders of the West and later Blood Inc. Returning with Classic too with some friends (though on the Horde side this time)


Mithras and Dark Knights Templar on Hellscream - Cohax or Dreadedpal

My main back in the day was Ony, in Sempher fi, Elysium, Save Haven iirc.
Also played Shambek, Croguette, Boompje and some other toons back then.

Raided with the guild LoKi during vanilla and TBC hoping to get another chance at getting them bindings!

Looking to find a friendly guild with casual raiding eventually


Hi there,
I vaguely remember my Vanilla guilds, but I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:
Used to play in both Einherjar and Mithras (and Elysium - if I remember correctly). Had a warrior named Chamz/Chamei and a warlock named Booz. Hope to see any of the old faces arounds.

Hey there!
I remember some of the names here, nostalgia overload.
I used to play a dwarf paladin called Hadhanur in a guild called Brave Heart.
A few of us have already reconnected.

Looking forward to stalking you all in IF!


I played a NE Rogue - Aneroz - and been in Ely aswell, cant remember if i was in Einherjar aswell. do remember getting into a guild called Awoken in Vanilla up untill like WotLK

You mean Sempher Fi ? they are actually still around in retail right now on Hellscream, which is where i still play aswell… :stuck_out_tongue: used to play NE rogue called Aneroz, and a Draenei shammy in TBC called Anerox

Hi the I played mainly on my warrior StPaulus in Cassuels and Phoenix Rising. Wonder if some of those players are still active

Ultiman - Feral Druid - Cheese n Cracker Co. Mainly played during TBC, but did play for the end part of Vanilla. Played alongside my brother Sabbathius!

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Yo! Brave Heart! Hahaha. Damn. This is gonna be good. Ricendithas. Nelf warrior tank. My RL friend and I was doing some maintanking back in those days. Icequeen was THE MT tho and Mallakhar was GM. You remember some more names dude? I remember Swoopg! He gave me the skullflame shield BOE. Allmost fell a tear then. :rofl:

I remember you! I sent Drâxina an in game mail if you wanna get in contact.

And we’re all reforming to batter classic , you’re welcome to come along!

Hi Togashi, Blood Inc was my first ever proper guild in WoW. Funnily enough I don’t remember my char name back then, haha. Think it was a hunter though. Maybe. I do remember you, Erfwyll and a cool italian guy called Arzach (I think it was) though. Having a lot of weird flashbacks looking through these threads. Fun! Hope you’re all doing well.